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Maxi Cosi Priori Convertible Car Seat 2010 Tan Tech

This item is discontinued.
  • 5 - 35 lbs. Rear facing
  • 22 - 40 lbs. Forward facing
  • 4 position independent recline in forward facing mode
  • EPP Foam
  • 5 harness heights
  • Removable car seat pad
  • Padded seat fabric, buckle pad and harness covers
  • 5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • LATCH equipped
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Covington, LA
Verified Buyer
Wish I had gone this route for MY car
August 6, 2012
Got this as a less expensive, lesser used car seat for my husband's truck. We are the grandparents, but very involved. Our Grandson (8 months) likes the seat, it's easier to get him in and out of (than say, a Britax or Recaro) because the sides are lower and the way it sits is not as high, and installation was easy - the rear facing strap system works the same as my more expensive Recaro, which I had some difficulty figuring out, but knew exactly how to do when we got this seat. Will have to 'manually' adjust the straps as he grows, but this is not a big deal. LOVE that the base flips for rear or forward facing, making the angle a no-brainer - towels or noodles not necessary. There is a 'notch' to get the straps out of the way when you put the child in. And best - he doesn't seem to get too hot. We're in Louisiana. Highly recommend this seat.
  • seat latches, ease of installation, ease of getting the child in the seat, base flips for rear or forward facing, baby is comfortable in the seat.
  • nothing
Verified Buyer
Good transition carseat
August 6, 2012
I purchased this carseat because my 5 month old son was getting uncomfortable in his infant seat. Like other reviews said, it is a little tricky to install. Nothing too complicated, just a lot of steps and the instructions are less than clear. I am a highly educated woman and it took me nearly 30 minutes from opening the box to getting it tight enough in the car. I also have the Graco MyRide 65 carseat for my 3 year old that we got when she was 7 months old, which is a lot easier to install. I had to sit in the carseat while my husband pulled it tight. The carseat is super comfortable for my little man, who is now 8 months old and 23 lbs. The seat is very cushioned and has a good recline; his head doesn't fall forward like in the infant seat. One thing is that you MUST use the seat fully reclined for rear facing, which RFing is now recommended for two years. I don't think my son will fit in this seat past 2 years given his size and therefore the recline feature is useless to us. But, for this price and comfort and safety for the my son, it is a great transition seat from the infant seat to a larger carseat. We also needed a carseat to go behind the driver's side (since my daughter is behind the passenger). My husband is tall (6'4") and the MyRide carseat (RFing) did not enable him to scoot far back enough to drive. This carseat does not take up a whole lot of room rearfacing because it is not that tall.
  • Comfortable for my son
  • LATCH connectors make for easy latch
  • Doesn't take up a lot of room in the car
  • Difficult to install and get tight enough
  • Must use full recline for rear-facing
Elgin, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Great car seat
July 24, 2012
Maxi Cosi never desapoint us. We own the stroller and the portable car seat and all of them are light and easy to install.This car seat is sooo easy to install and remove that I was impressed!!!!Great product. And the price!
New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
Maxi Cosi
July 12, 2012
I just recently purchased this car seat after reviewing several of them, i found this car seat suitable for my car easy, to put in and assemble, very soft and comfy also, our son loves it. I would purchase another one for our other car real soon. I would recommend the maxi Cosi to all my friends.
  • everything
Verified Buyer
maxi cosi
June 10, 2012
Love this car seat! My older daughter has a Britax, which I like but I wanted to try something else for the next baby. This car seat has been great! The seat is so comfy and easy to wash and I LOVE the way it reclines! So easy to do with one hand! The airport broke my car seat and I got to choose any new one I wanted and I stuck with this! BTW my friend has the black one which is great as well but isn't as comfortable and shows a lot of dirt!
Tulsa, OK
Verified Buyer
Beautiful car seat!
April 26, 2012
Love this car seat. Considering buying another one for the price for our second car. Beautiful colors and great material. Love the piece that covers crotch area to prevent burning. All around great value!
Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Great car seat, great deal
April 18, 2012
This car seat was recalled due to some lubricant issue with the latch. For us it is our second car seat for my mom's car and since we don't use it every day I am not concerned with the latch potentially sticking (which is the issue I guess). Compared to other similarly priced car seats this one is much more comfortable and luxurious and safe. If it is your main car seat just order the recall lubricant for free and you are all set.
Pittsburgh, PA
Verified Buyer
Great seat for the price
April 9, 2012
Well it was time to graduate from the Chicco Keyfit 22 travel system. I have a smaller sedan, Suziki Kizashi, and this Priori fits in with no problem at all, the front seats can go all the way back and can even recline with the carseat in the back-middle. And you can also have two adults sitting one on either side of it. Our daughter is 19lbs and 10 months, so I'm sure she'll be in this seat for some time. It was actually pretty easy to install. I used the LATCH system. My only gripe is that the tether storage location doesn't work as slick when the seat is rear facing as when forward facing (which is weird because forward facing is when you would actually be able to use the tether to attach to your vehicle and not need to store it). So with the bad out of the way, let's look at the positives! Big plus for the leveling foot which changes the angle for rear vs. forward installations, so no towel or pool noodle was needed!. I don't think there is anything quite as depressing as paying $200+ for a car seat and then finding out the safety of your child actually rests on the old towel you found in the bottom of your closet. I haven't seen any seats that come with a qualified pool noodle, they just all seem to assume we all have these laying around and suggest we use them. Looks like Maxi-Cosi just decided to make a carseat that fits an automobile. Fantastic! (Maybe I was spoiled by the Chicco self-adjusting carseat bases, but doesn't seem like alot to ask)There are little hooks on the outside of the seat for putting the shoulder straps into when not in use to keep them out of the way when putting the kid back into the seat. These are 1000 times better than the velcro things on our Britax Roundabout 55 which are supposed to serve the same purpose, but fall way short of these awesome hooks. By far my favorite feature! The recline on this seat is also really cool. Our Britax has a recline, but you have to reinstall the seat to change the recline angle because the whole seat needs to move. On the Priori, the seat can stay attached to the car by the base and the seat can recline in such a way where the seat just rotates on the base. Other positives, it looks nice, blends black, gray, and tan to go with almost any interior. It must be pretty comfortable, my daughter sleeps well in it and her head doesn't flop around at all. The shoulder strap pads are really nice, soft and not absorbant (easy to clean). Easy to thread straps and get the seat setup. I ordered this on clearance, so the one we got was already a year old, a year closer to the expiration date than a new one. At less than half the price though you can't go wrong! I would certainly pay $200 for this seat, it is well worth it. Rated very good for crashes by a certain consumer magazine. Still not sure how these poundage, height limits are going to work out. If my kid is 5, but 39lbs. would I have needed a new seat for her already anyway? If I had one that went up to 70lbs. won't it expire/wearout before my 1 year old get's that big? All things considered, I kind of wish this seat went up to 55lbs, but I bought it knowing it only goes up to 40, so can't deduct stars for an enhancement request. If not for this fact, we would have bought two of these and not hedged our baby's growth bets with a Britax 55. Extremely happy with this purchase and a nod to AlbeeBaby for quick, free shipping and providing excellent products at great prices.
  • 'Stay open' shoulder strap hooks on sides,
  • Leveling foot swings for forward or rear facing positions,
  • Compact size,
  • Recline without reinstallation,
  • Looks good, gender neutral and contemporary (no flowers or cartoons),
  • Comes with a cupholder
  • Tether storage in rear-facing config is odd, but functional
Tallahassee, FL
Verified Buyer
Baby Seat
March 29, 2012
I love the car seat and it was an exceptional value!!!
Pylesville, MD
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
March 5, 2012
This car seat is GREAT!!! I purchased this after our daughter out grew her infant carrier and we needed/wanted a car seat where our daughter could sit backwards until she was atleast 2 yrs old, as recommended. We had a hard time trying to find one that would fit in our 2012 Chevy I'mpala and this fits PERFECT! Our daughter loves this too, she always seems comfortable in the seat.
  • Fits great in our car rear facing. Our daughter is very comfortable in the seat.
Sterling, VA
Verified Buyer
Very good car seat !
March 4, 2012
The car seat came as expected and the reclining function works perfectly. It helps my son falls to sleep easier and the cup holder is also a plus.
  • Good price ... good seat ... the color is nice also.
  • Have nothing to complain about.
Tucson, AZ
Verified Buyer
Good buy for the Quality and Price!
March 1, 2012
My daugther loves it since the first time; the reclining positions are very comfortable for travelI defenitely recommended easy to install and easy to use
  • easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
Verified Buyer
Fabulous!!! A+++ (from a VERY picky mama)
February 29, 2012
I looooove this car seat! We had the Maxi Cosi infant seat (with Quinny stroller) and have loved everything about it. Specifically with this seat, I love the recline feature and memory foam seat, which is super cozy for the babe. Price was amazing given the normal retail price and I would pay full price for this! The color is gender neutral and hides dirt well. I also love that it was be rear facing for up to 30 lbs! Much safer for the babe. Thanks Albee for the great price and great quality gear!!
Becky K.
Olathe, KS
Verified Buyer
Totally Worth It!
February 28, 2012
Love this carseat, I bought it for my 6month old. He still sits rear facing which works fine since it reclines somewhat. It was easy to adjust and install. I would definitely recommend this carseat. I searched the internet and read review after review and checked in stores before making my final decision. Its worth the money. It seems comfortable and is well made!
  • Reclines
  • Cost
  • Well made
  • Comfortable
  • Cup holder
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • I just wish it could recline a little more than it currently does, but still would buy another one!
Verified Buyer
Love, love , love
February 25, 2012
So great we got a second one too! Easy to install if you have the latch, I was able to get our seat in crazy tight (shorten the straps before you install it), and he's super comfortable in it. Couldn't be happier! And the price on Albee couldn't be matched. Bottom line: great seat and great price.
  • Size, price, safety
  • Nothing
Atlanta, GA
Verified Buyer
Great carseat - great retailer
February 19, 2012
I would recommend this carseat for an infant or young toddler. It seems plush and comfortable, it is easy to recline, and is durable and safe. Albee baby is a great retailer - fast shipping and reasonable prices :)
Verified Buyer
Perfectly comfortable, easy to install
February 12, 2012
My 14 month old son loves this car seat. It is easy to install, comfortable, has handy strap holders for easy in and out, great recline feature, and was a great price. I love how it fits into my husband's compact car, most other brands of car seats do not fit. My son likes this car seat better than the Britax Marathon in my car. He falls asleep so easily and doesn't get sweaty on his back like other car seats. Perfect car seat, I just wish it would last longer than 40 pounds.
  • easy to install, great recline feature, comfortable
Pleased M.
Verified Buyer
Great Comfy Seat
February 8, 2012
I bought this seat for my baby as her first forward facing seat and so far I have no complaints. The feature that allows it to recline with a simple squeeze of a button is great! Saves some stress on my little ones neck when she droops down during a nap. Snacks are easy to brush out since the material is a little slick. Great seat...especially if you get it on sale as I did. GREAT buy for the price!!! Highly recommended.
  • Recline feature
  • Plush padded seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn't snap in and out of a base
Rockford, IL
Verified Buyer
loosey goosey car seat
January 24, 2012
I bought this as a second car seat for my husband's car. It is impossible to get in tight. I have tried almost everything. It's nice looking and I'm sure the recline feature is nice, but if I don't feel it's safe, I won't use it. I'm sticking with Brittax.
Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer
I'm a fan!
January 19, 2012
We used the Maxi-Cosi infant carrier and decided to go with this brand again. It is by far the lightest we've seen. It was easy for us to install using the latch system, we are still using it rear facing. I would have given it 5 stars but like the Mico it is difficult to tighten the straps when strapping our child in form the front (using the pull strap). We have to reach in back to get it tight. Doesn't bother us enough to switch brands. This particualr color works with our tan interior vehicle and our gray one.
  • Light weight. Stylish. Compact. Comfortable (or so it seems).
  • Restraint adjustment in front.
Verified Buyer
Love it!!!!
January 3, 2012
This car seat is great easy to install and small enough to fit in a small car. so easy to move from on car to the other. I just love this car seat! :-)
Great car seat for small cars
January 2, 2012
This car seat fits great in my husband's Audi A4. We couldn't find a car seat that could fit rear facing until I saw this one. Unfortunately my husband's Audi is a 2002 and doesn't have the latch. However, it wasn't too difficult to install using the seat belt forward facing. I love the recline and so does my son!
Charleston, SC
Verified Buyer
Love this seat!
December 20, 2011
My baby loves this seat. She naps beautifully whenever we are on the road, and she never complains when I snap her in (as she did in her infant carrier). It is very attractive and well made also, and it complements my vehicle's taupe interior perfectly. I couldn't be happier with this seat, especially at this price.
Madison, NH
Verified Buyer
Best Combination of Safety, Comfort and Value!
December 18, 2011
We bought a Maxi Cosi Priori for our daughter in 2009 at $199.99. She loved it! It reclines and was incredibly durable for the two years she used it. When our son outgrew his infant car seat, we knew that this was the only choice for us. He is very comfortable and we were pleased to find this at such an incredible value on Albee Baby.
  • Reclines; Comfort; Value; Safety Features
  • Bulky
Middlebury, VT
Verified Buyer
Lovely seat!
July 1, 2011
This seat is great! It has a small footprint, fits beautifully behind the passenger seat without affecting the leg room (I've never owned a car seat that let me sit comfortably in the front before!) and seems very comfortable for the baby. My only worry is that his legs are already touching the back seat and he is only 22lbs, so we probably won't be able to use it rear-facing for the recommended two years.... but we'll see. The recline is also nice and easy to do, and I'm sure we'll use it a lot when the baby is forward-facing. What a great seat for an awesome price!
  • compact, comfortable, attractive, the recline is great
  • installation was tricky because the instructions were very complicated.
East M.
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
5 stars for the carseat, 4 for this color
January 12, 2011
This carseat is a great size (i.e. doesn't look like a lazy boy) and my child has been very comfortable in it. We've had it for about a year and I probably don't wash it as much as I should so there are some stains on the seat, but it's seen many road trips! I also love the recline feature as you just have to pull the lever and let it recline. I would absolutely recommend the Maxi Cosi Priori.
Great car seat
November 15, 2009
This is the best car seat I've ever used! I have 4 kids so I've used my fair share of seats. I love the padding on this seat. It reminds me of those really squishy pillows with the small foam beads inside. My daughter falls asleep in this seat nearly everytime she's in it. It fits in my small sedan behind the passenger seat and still leaves leg room for someone to sit in that seat. I love the tan tech color. At first I thought it would stain, but I've been able to get it clean every time I've washed it. I've had this seat for 2 years now and it still looks new!My favorite thing about this seat is the recline feature. When my daughter is awake she can sit up and look out the window. When she falls asleep I can just reach back and pull the recline lever on the front of the seat and her head isn't falling forward everytime I stop.This is a great seat and I would absolutly buy it again. I'll never go back to Britax!
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