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Joolz Aer Lightweight Compact Stroller - Ocean Blue

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Joolz Aer/Aer+ footmuff - Refined Black
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Introducing the ultimate lightweight luxury stroller – the Joolz Aer. This compact travel stroller has a one-handed quick fold, patent pending comfort seat and only weighs 13.4 lbs. With our effortless fold, you can easily close the Joolz Aer and throw it over your shoulder in a matter of seconds. A comfortable elastic carry strap makes transporting the Joolz Aer easy, while its compact size fits in the overhead bins for most popular airlines* and in the trunk of the smallest cars. It’s patented seat provides superior support to your child’s neck and back in all positions, including a five-point safety harness, an extended seat back, and an adjustable recline that gives kids 6 months or older a comfortable ride. Available in 6 stylish colors with rain cover and travel bag included, the Joolz Aer is ready for all family adventures.

* We recommend checking with airlines prior to departure

  • Design conforms to your child's body as they relax into the seat
  • Seat provides optimal support, safety and comfort
  • Adjustable multi-position recline
  • Tall seat back (21.7") ensures children a comfortable ride
  • Ventilation in both canopy and seat


  • DIMENSIONS: 32.6” L x17.7” W x 41.5” H
  • FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 21” L x17.7” W x 8.5” H
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 13.4 lbs
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 6 months to 50 lbs (From birth with bassinet)
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San Francisco, California
Verified Buyer
Great lightweight Stroller
September 22, 2023
Definitely recommend. Very agile and easy to maneuver. Folds up easily. Can put over shoulder with the shoulder strap. Comes with a travel bag and rain cover. Wish the shoulder straps adjusted higher.
  • Light weight. Fold and open easily. Easy to take apart and wash. Turning radius is great.
Best Uses
  • Used daily in a busy city. Also great for travel. Folds up easily abd has a good shoulder strap.
  • Wish the shoulder straps adjusted higher.
Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
Fantastic for young kids
July 3, 2023
This stroller has a really easy push, and the one-handed fold and unfold is amazing. I would prefer to only have to click 2 pieces into the buckle instead of the 4 here, but the small, lightweight, travel-friendly fold makes up for that shortcoming. My only disappointment is the recline. The whole seat doesn’t recline, just an inside portion when you unzip to lay it back. My kid was confined in that small space for a nap. It’s only suitable for up to age 2. Other than that, the stroller is everything I hoped for!
Saint Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Great for Travel!
February 27, 2023
Love this stroller! The best part about this stroller is obviously it’s footprint. I don’t need to worry about trunk space and we recently took it on trip and it was so convenient! We were able to load it in the overhead and didn’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the cargo area of the plane. Maneuvering is also really easy and lightweight.
Milford, New Hampshire
Verified Buyer
Great travel stroller
February 6, 2023
God for what it’s intended to be — a travel stroller
  • Must purchase so many accessories separately
Marysville, Washington
Verified Buyer
November 9, 2022
This stroller is amazing! It’s super light weight, petite, just what I was looking for for a daily outing/ camping/ walks/ traveling kind of stroller. I saw it in person and knew I had to have it. It’s perfect. I’ve looked at many traveling strollers and this one just stood out. It’s definitely worth the money. It’s perfect!!
  • Small. Light weight.
Los Angeles, CA
Verified Buyer
Don’t look any further! This Joolz Aer Lightweight Stroller tops them all!
November 2, 2022
Best stroller ever! I purchased this for my daughter and would not consider any other stroller after using it. It is lightweight, maneuvers seamlessly through anything, and the accessories are perfect, functional, and reasonably priced. I only wish this were available when I had my four, who are now young adults!
Detroit, MI
Great Travel Stroller
October 28, 2022
Recently took this stroller on our vacation. My son was only 5 weeks old so I had to buy the Nuna adapter and use his car seat. It worked out so well for us in the airport although we never got to put it in overhead bin due to a full flight. The travel bag it came with was helpful for gate check. It is was convenient to take along with us on Uber rides and into restaurants due to its small size. I have the uppababy vista but I now prefer to take this stroller while running errands since it is so much lighter and easier for me load and unload from car. I really recommend this for anyone who is looked for a good travel stroller.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push and smooth
  • Easy to fold
  • Great for city life
Best Uses
  • Travel, city life
  • Sometimes if you are walking fast and you hit a little crack in the road the stroller tips. This doesn
St. Louis, Missouri
Verified Buyer
Super light and easy but bland colors
August 24, 2022
My "main stroller" is a Cybex e-Priam (with the battery). It's luxurious but it's so heavy. So I got this to keep in the car. The lightweight Cybex had not yet come out. This one is super lightweight and folds extremely easily. You can fold it while holding a baby. My only complaint is that (unlike Cybex) the color choices leave something to be desired. I also wish it came with a cup holder and the foot rest. Both of which I ordered but they are on backorder.
Verified Buyer
Light and easy
July 31, 2022
I got this for travel but also quick errands, I looked at bugaboo butterfly, baby jogger city ultra and this. Bugaboo was out cuz weight alone although I'm sure the push is amazing. This stroller is very easy to collapse and assemble. I like the stride as it feels like it's still touching ground opposed to the gb pockit which for me felt flimsy. Baby was happy in it and comfortable. You can attach the buggy board but I do wish the calf rest was on stroller itself, it could be better. Mostly I like the weight and ease of collapse. The fabric seems nice and comfy. I do look forward to traveling with this stroller
Lauren o.
Rochester, Ny
Verified Buyer
Essential when traveling solo with my toddler
June 30, 2022
My 2 year old and I traveled via airplane last weekend. We were on a smaller plane and so the stroller did not fit overhead but it did fit under the seAt in front of me no problem so no waiting on the jet bridge for us. And I could easy fold, unfold and carry with 1 hand while holding my toddler. And it’s so light weight, glides smoothly when pushing and my toddler never complained of being uncomfortable. We traveled to a city with lots of brick sidewalks and the stroller performed well. The under basket is able the size you would expect for a compact stroller- suited our needs just fine. So happy we purchased this!
New York, New York
Verified Buyer
Great overall stroller
May 27, 2022
Hadn't heard of the Joolz stroller and had gone into Albee's to look into the yo-yo stroller but they were so helpful and introduced us to the Joolz and we are so glad we got it! It is slightly bigger than the yoyo but still folds up well in our nyc apartment. The stroller is pretty sturdy and easy to open and close with one hand. We got adapters to put our carseat on it for our infant and can't wait to use the stroller without it. It comes with a rain cover and nylon bag to store the stroller away.
Jess G.
Verified Buyer
Great travel stroller!
March 25, 2022
I love this stroller! I have 3 kids (5, 3, & 7 months). I bought this for my 7 month old and the two biggest selling features was that it had enough room for my tall kiddos (I want to be able to use it for a while) and that I could attach a riding board in case my 3yo wanted/needed to ride. It's SO easy to fold, beautiful quality, extra comfy, and super light/compact when folded.
California, CA
Verified Buyer
Perfect for travel in style
March 23, 2022
I have been debating between the Yoyo stroller and this one, and come down the conclusion that this stroller fits my needs and my daughter the most.
My girl is quite tall, so I want the travel stroller that is light, easy to folder and allow my daughter to be able to sleep comfortably. Yoyo doesn’t give the head rest support like this one because the back seat only goes up to her neck and totally empty around her head area.
Unlike Joolz, the back seat is attached all the way up, so if my girl fall asleep, she can just rest her head or lay back almost completely flat. One hand fold is always one of the feature I’m looking for when it comes down to travel stroller.
Verified Buyer
Perfect Stroller for Public Transportation
March 22, 2022
I commute on bus and subway with my baby and resisted getting a stroller because I did not want to have to deal with being a nuisance for other riders during busy times of day. My commute also has a fair bit of walking so I knew I wanted a one-handed stroller and needed one that was fairly sturdy. This stroller is so compact and sturdy, it's perfect! I can nestle it into a crowded bus or train no problem and it even fits through normal sized fare gates because it is very narrow. It seems like quite a comfortable ride for my 10 month old. Also the basket fits two small bags which is great! Very pleased.
  • Narrow and compact - can fit into crowded buses/trains
  • one-handed and smooth ride
  • stylish
Best Uses
  • city living
Verified Buyer
Perfect Compact Stroller
March 19, 2022
We needed a travel stroller that was compact and could come with us on the plane. This fits the bill perfectly! It was between this and the Yoyo2, but for the money this was definitely the better buy. It includes a rain cover and travel bag, accessories that would need to purchased with the Yoyo2. The Joolz is definitely the winner!
Verified Buyer
Best compact travel stroller
February 13, 2022
One hand fold and open. The easiest on the market.
Stroller is lightweight and accommodates to taller toddlers and the seat height is taller than its competitors.
Bay area, CA
Verified Buyer
Love this travel stroller
December 27, 2021
When I was pregnant I swore I was never going to have more than 1 stroller. Well, here I am, with a travel stroller as a second stroller and honestly it's great. It's so light, comes with a bag already and so easy to fold. The seat does sit a little more redlined than I would like (and compared to our full size stroller) but definitely not a deal breaker. Does fairly well on gravel (took it to a botanical gardens) but definitely does not compare to our regular full size stroller. This stroller does what it's supposed to do!
Tampa, Florida
Verified Buyer
love it!!
November 8, 2021
I researched for weeks to find the right lightweight stroller for my and my baby. This is a newer brand so I was a little worried, and I had never purchased from Albee Baby before, but I can say the JOOLZ AER stroller and ALBEE BABY are GREAT! Beyond Satisfied.
  • Albee Baby - quick and pleasant customer service, very fast shipping.
  • Joolz Aer - sleek, lightweight, comfy for baby, works for everyday and for travel, obsessed!
Best Uses
  • Everyday use and travel
  • I so far have experience zero cons
Verified Buyer
Plush compact stroller
October 26, 2021
We love this stroller- we had a yoyo and hated that the wheels would constantly get hung up while folding it and the canopy on the Aer is huge and has vents. This one also folds easily without multiple steps (previously had the bugaboo ant, in which the handle bar broke in the first two weeks of use). The carry strap is easy to get to and handy for carrying when needed. The seat is well padded and quite tall, especially compared to other strollers in this category, so it works well for both our 2 and 4yo children. It pushes very well on most surfaces, we recently took it with us to the pumpkin patch and surprisingly it didn’t do too bad on dirt and gravel, but I did have to lock the front wheels to push through it, and it did get caught somewhat where the dirt was more sandy and deep. I’ve also liked that the basket is easy to get things in and out of, as it’s more open compared to other compact travel strollers.
Yonkers, New York
A premium stroller
September 26, 2021
Absolutely love this stroller. I went to the store looking for a different models. My 2 year old love this stroller more than Yoyo. One thing about this stroller is that the basket is easier access and seat is wider and taller.

I am so satisfied the stroller which is a premium quality and easy to use. Highly recommended, Peter and team members thank you.
Verified Buyer
Great stroller
September 6, 2021
Folds easy and light weight
Verified Buyer
Companion for Travel
February 24, 2021
My son is 19months old baby, and he really likes to seeking the world. He prefers to run around and explore the world rather than sit in a stroller when he is awake.
Joolz Aer is easy to fold and open, lightweight, seems like comfortable and looks gorgeous. This points are suitable for my active little one. On the contrary, 2 things are slightly dissapoint me. First thing is can't fold with bumper bar. That means always carry a bumper bar or didn't fold it all the time. Second things is material of wheels. The EVA is light and soft but it has not outstand durablity than other materials. (Compare with PU) I think they will decrease to strollers weight but it was not best choice for me(I had many of strollers so I don't like EVA tires. That is slippery, easy to damaged).
Overall, Joolz Aer is best for travel stroller. More than yoyo, minu.
Verified Buyer
Better than Uppababy Minu
November 11, 2020
Tall seat back and canopy height. Seat sits upright and super easy to fold. Storage basket fits a good size diaper bag. Canopy provides lots of sun coverage
  • Great for tall kids
  • Sun coverage
  • Storage
  • Easy one handed fold
  • Smooth push
  • Luxury feel
Best Uses
  • If you have a tall child this is by far better than the Uppababy Minu
  • Suspension is not the best.
Verified Buyer
Sleek and Light
September 12, 2020
Love the lightweight ease of the stroller! Love the simplicity of folding and unfolding the stroller! And finally love the whisper quiet way you can recline my grandson when he is falling asleep!
Wanette, Oklahoma
Verified Buyer
Nice quality travel stroller
September 5, 2020
We’ve been looking for a good quality travel stroller for a while. Finally decided on the Aer and we couldn’t be happier. The fold is so easy. We love that the seat accommodates comfortably all 3 of the ir kids. Our 9 month old, our 3 year old and even our 6 year old if he needed a rest. The fabrics and luxury accents on this stroller make it worth the price for sure.
Lisa M.
New York City
Verified Buyer
Best travel stroller we have found
March 28, 2020
We love this stroller and prefer it to both that babyzen and uppababy travel strollers. It’s very easy to dismantle with one hand and same for the set up. I’ve been able to close down the stroller while holding my 16 month old.
The materials are quite nice while still felkng lightweight and the seat seems much more comfortable for my son than the seat on the babyZen.
The only improvement I wish I could make to it is to add a small pocket for cellphone/keys, then it would be perfect.
Pflugerville, TX
Verified Buyer
Joolz aer
March 28, 2020
The best lightweight stroller ever! The materials and details on this stroller is very luxurious. Love everything about it and especially how easy it folds and opens. So happy with my purchase.
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