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Fisher-Price Laugh 'n Learn Jumperoo

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The Lil Laugh n' Learn Jumperoo delivers plenty of entertainment with fun lights and music, while introducing baby to soft experiential learning. The baby is surrounded by lots of farm themed toys all around them. Use in two ways Music mode provides baby with fun music and sound effects while playing around the farm. In Learning mode, baby is introduced to different objects and animals. The learning mode includes object identification, colors, counting, animal sounds. There are also three songs that are sung to baby that help reinforce the experiential learning. Modes can be activated by child or parent to offer 10 minutes of music while baby plays. There are also 3 convenient position height adjustments. Batteries: 3 AA.
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June 24, 2013
This thing worked great and survived my twins and it had already been used by a baby previously. It was in perfect condition so we passed it along to someone else. It helps up great!
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Awesome... But what's with the cat???
January 8, 2012
First of all, my son LOVES his jumperoo. However, after spending hours watching him squeal with delight in this toy I've become obsessed over the strange inclusion of the weird purple cat rattler. All of the animals in the songs that play on this jumperoo are represented in toy form EXCEPT the lamb. The rooster, cow, ducks, horse and pigs are all there but instead of a lamb we get some strange purple cat. Even stranger, the purple cat is paired with the cow and the rooster on top of the jumperoo. However, the cow, rooster and THE LAMB are all featured together in the pages of the musical flip book - no cat! Stranger still: the cow rattle is attached directly under a sticker with picture of the cow. The cat rattle is attached under a sticker of... You guessed it: THE LAMB! I don't know what Fisher Price did to this poor lamb, but the strangely out of place cat isn't talking. Clearly my son loves this toy because I've had hours to brood over this lamb conspiracy. Buy this for your child, they'll love it... and now the cat will haunt your dreams too - you're welcome!
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Mukwonago, WI
LOVE LOVE This product!
December 7, 2011
I have had the Laugh and Learn Jumperoo since my son was 5 months old - in 2009. He used it until he was about 13 months. NEVER had one problem with it. I am a single mom and assembled it in 15 mins. My son LOVED this so much! I now have a 9 month old daughter who is 24.9 lbs and the jumperoo is still in full function mode! My daughter is a wild machine in the jumper, I still have no worries about her safety at all! I cant imagine my life with out this jumper! I am so glad I purchased this! Not only has it lasted for both of my children, it has helped me SO much over the years! I can clean my house, go to the bathroom, and let the dog out quick with out fear my child will crawl away, and get into something she shouldn't! I am sad to have to pack it up and put it away for either rummage, or the next baby! I swear up and down the makers of Fisher Price are out to save any stay at home parents sanity.... the swing, high chair, bouncer, and even the baby monitors are the BEST I have ever had. Other makers just don't have the quality and durability that Fisher Price has. I am a neat freak and washed the covers of the seats a billion times since I have owned them, and have NEVER had one problem! HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend!
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Greenville, NC
Life Saver!!!
November 30, 2011
This toy has gotten us through pretty much every meal since we purchased it. Before, we would take turns eating while one of us held the baby. We purchased it when he was about 4 months and he is still enjoying it at nearly 8 months, even though he is crawling now. It's also nice to put him in it while I make dinner, fold laundry or take care of other things around the house. It keeps him safely in sight, gives me free hands and keeps him entertained without chasing him all over the house. WARNING: you will know every word to these songs eventually and sometimes even sing them when you're away from home!!
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kalamazoo, Mi
kinda on the fence
September 12, 2011
we bought this product in may 2011. when we put it together it was not level. even with my son in it and all the ropes on 1 he sits lop sided. I had a new leg sent to me within the first month and that did not help. i went and checked out the store models after that and found that all of them sit like this even other fisher price jumpers besides this one. I figured since this was for my kid it would be durable and straight level but its not. This is my second fisher price item I've had issues with I don't understand. EverY time I take it up a level its more uneven. Im really disappointed with the quality of the product for the amount of money it cost.
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Lots of fun but not for long.
May 13, 2011
My son has been using this jumper since he was 6 months old. He is now 8 1/2 months and the spring is broken. Have to call customer service tommorow. Hopefully they will just send me a new one.
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Happy with my choice!
April 4, 2011
I initially ordered another product online prior to seeing the Laugh and Learn Jumperoo assembled in the store. When my shipment arrived I loaded into the car and exchanged it for the Jumperoo and could not be happier with my choice. Assembly was super easy, under 15 minutes to assemble and wipe down for use. I wasn't sure if my 3 1/2 month old son was ready for this but I found out the second I put him in it. He jumped from the start and by day two was spinning the seat. The attractive colors and lights kept his attention. The music and songs are pleasant to the ear. The toys are attachted so I don't have to worry about chasing after tossed pieces. The only negative is that the plastic wall/fence by the horse and pigs are easily pulled out, which is not a big deal. I'm not sure who was more surprised my son or me that he had it in his hand. It is super sturdy. We love this product.
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New Jersey
Best Buy for our Baby
January 16, 2011
We love this product. We bought it for our daughter, who is now 7 months old, and we've been using it for about 3 months now. She LOVES it. She just jumps and jumps and we love that it doesn't have to hang from a doorway. She especially likes flipping the pages of the book.
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So. California
Too Wide to fit through door.
December 18, 2010
We bought this jumper for our Grandson to keep at our home. The jumper has to be taken apart to put it away when our Grandson leaves. The unit will not fit through a standard size door.
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Thorsby, AL
Wonderful Investment!
December 8, 2010
My son loves this jumperoo! It has been his favorite toy ever! He laughs and giggles and jumps jumps jumps. We've had it several months and depsite the milage it still looks like new! Great value too!
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Needs more entertainment
September 22, 2010
Hi, I saw this jumperoo and quickly added it to my baby registry. When I got it as a gift I was so happy, and we assembled it when she became able to hold her head up. She was entertained briefly but loves more lights and things that she can pull and have move around so I had to change to another entertainer. May work for others but my little one likes light and music all-around not just limited to a few things. Looks nice, but that's about it.
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fresno, CA
Sad to see him grow out of
August 26, 2010
My son got this when he was around 3 months old and was first able to hold his head up. At first he was a little intimidated by it, but once he figured out all it could do this quickly became his favorite. He would play in this for hours he loved hitting the cow and cat and flipping the pages in the book. Sadly hes going to be 11 months now and he's getting too tall for this, but I will always have the videos of his jumping like crazy to remember it. A totally great toy I would recommend to anyone.
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north GA
Love this jumper!
August 5, 2010
We looked at tons of jumpers before settling on this one. I love that it doesn't just play mindless muic or flash lights - it sings songs and teaches while the baby plays. My 5 mo old loves this. He's always wanting to stand and this lets him push around on his toes/feet as much as he wants. His favorite part is the duck roller in the front. He starts slapping at it before I get him all the way in the seat. My only issue is that the storage option is pretty much nil. It's either fully assembled and awkward to move or store or you have to take it totally apart. Other than that, it's the perfect past time for him to give me time to get a few things done!
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Owls Head, ME
July 28, 2010
My son started using the jumperoo when he was 3 1/2 months old. It is the only thing that keeps him contempt for a while seeing how all he wants to do is stand. His favorite part about the jumperoo is the vegetables that he can grab hold of and the fact that it lights up and plays music.
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Antioch, TN
A Jumping Good Time
February 18, 2010
This has been the best purchase I have made so far for my 7 month old baby. She thoroughly enjoys this jumperoo, she gets so excited now that she has figured out all of the toys and that her movement can make the music play. I encourage everyone to make this purchase. My baby jumps so much in it, she has fallen asleep standing up in it from too much excitement.
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Laurel, MD
Best Investment Yet
January 5, 2010
My son absolutely loves this. I cannot possibly recommend a product more. It is very entertaining to him and is the only thing he will play with solo.
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Best Purchase Ever...Seriously
December 13, 2009
My little boy loves this. He is a big boy and has just about outgrown it, which makes me a little sad, because he has so much fun playing in it, and it allows me to get my house work done knowing that he is happy and safe. Only draw back, it doesn't fit through our bedroom doors unless I really want to jam it through. (Which I don't) The vegetables seemed a little strange at first, but that and the book are my sons favorite features. The pigs don't do much, but they are cute. With that being said, I checked in to many different jumpers and I'd buy this one again 10 out of 10 times again.
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LOVE it!!
August 2, 2009
My 5 month old daughter already had another exersaucer type toy but she was just too tiny to make it move. We went shopping and came across this jumperoo. We put her in the model and she was instantly enthralled! She loves all the toys and sounds and it is so easy for her to make it bounce! One problem is that she is so very tiny that even on the lowest setting she cannot reach the floor so we have to put something for her to stand on.
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Awesome Purchase
June 30, 2009
This product is a life saver!!!!! My son LOVES this toy. The minute I put him in it he started jumping!!!!! He loves the lights and sounds plays and laughs really hard. This toy has allowed me to get laundry done in the basement because I can hear his feet hitting the floor and hear him laughing. He jumps so much that he actually wears himself out and falls asleep in it!! I have tons of pictures that I can't wait to share when he is older!!!! I highly recommend this product. It does keep your baby entertained and is a great teaching tool. The only dislike I have with this toy is storage. It does not collapse for storage so it is always in the way no matter where you have it.
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Bronx, NY
Great Product
June 12, 2009
I purchased this producty about 3 days ago for my almost 4 month old son. My son loves this toy just as much as I do. It's great for learning. The product has different songs which include the alphabets. It teaches children colors and different types of vegetables. I absolutely love this toy. I wish it came in my size!!!
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Customer Q&A
2 Questions & 2 Answers
Vicki Brown
from Sykesville, MD asked:
November 8, 2016
What is the weight limit?
the maximum weight capacity is 25 lbs.
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 8, 2016

from Philadelphia, pa asked:
July 5, 2016
What are the dimensions on this product once assembled?
26.100 H x 26.500 W x 8.400 D
Submitted by: Customer Service on July 5, 2016