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Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock N' Play Sleeper - Sugar Plum

This item is discontinued.
Sugar Plum Deluxe Rock n' Play Sleeper combines the benefits of the Deluxe Rock n' Play Sleeper with the cute, plush design of the Sugar Plum fashion.

The Sugar Plum Deluxe Rock n' Play Sleeper has breathable, cozy fabrics with beautiful, embroidered flowers. The inclined position of the seat is perfect for babies and a gentle push from mom rocks and soothes baby. A deluxe insert for comfort accompanies (and accentuates) the pretty fashion. A pocket at the end adds convenience and, for storage and portability, the soother folds. A soft kitty is attached to a link for your baby girl's entertainment.

The pad is removable and machine washable.

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Perfect fit
December 20, 2013
Our baby girl was born weighing 1 lb 12 oz and spent 142 days in the NICU. The rock 'n' play was recommended by one of the NICU nurses. We have been very happy with our purchase. The rock 'n' play has been our daughter's favorite seat and bed since coming home. The angle the sleeper keeps her in is perfect. It is very portable. We take it from the bedroom to the living room and back again throughout the day. We keep the sleeper right next to our bed at night to be able to keep a close eye on her. We do wish it came with an attached mobile or had a way to attach one. Overall, we are very pleased!
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Got what i asked for
March 25, 2015
Love it... Simple and cute... Easy to put together
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This is a must have for newborns
June 14, 2014
Both of my daughters have a sleeper & love it. The incline is a perfect slope & the babies sleep well in it. The only downfall in this model is there is no vibration feature. I did purchase a separate vibration & music box that I can slide into the pocket on the sleeper. The color is very pretty with a kitty toy you can attach to keep from losing it.The babies prefer to sleep in this over being in the swing. It folds easy to be moved into different rooms.
  • Soft, comfortable.very sturdy. Easy to assemble.
  • No vibration on this model.
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Not as plush at it appears & caused my baby's head to shape horribly
March 15, 2014
My pediatrician wanted my 3 month old baby to wear a helmet 24-7 for cosmetic reasons after sleeping in a similar gender-neutral version of this for 3 months. Under the plush looking pillow is a extremely hard flat plastic. I didn't realize this until my babies head started becoming deformed and I started inspecting his things. My baby also had unexplained bruises on his bottom and I'm wondering if it may be from the very hard flat plastic under his bottom. I feel so bad but this item looks so comfy! My baby did love it and it is good for acid reflux so I would recommend maybe buying a Summer brand infant snuzzler (which I now have) for extra support all over from head to legs to go with it. The Fisher Price swing we bought has hard plastic underneath the cover also-BEWARE.
  • Baby feels secure and good for acid reflux
  • Causes deformed head shape and is very hard plastic underneath the decieving cover. YOU MUST BUY A SUMMER BRAND INFANT SNUZZLER or something similar for full body cusioning if you buy this.
Marina, California
Verified Buyer
Fisher Price Deluxe Rock N Play Sleeper
January 14, 2014
My baby is 7 weeks and I refuse to have my baby sleep in her crib as of yet. She has been sleeping in the rocker and she loves it. I used a bouncer since birth but was recommended the rocker and I fell in love with it ever since. I like the fact that the rocker sits higher off the ground so I can put it next to my bed or couch and I have easier access to my baby. It takes little effort to get the rocking motion.
  • Elevation for baby's with Colic. Belt to latch the baby in. Little kitty toy was a bonus! Easy to assemble.
Best Uses
  • I use it both as a rocker to soothes baby as well as a sleeper for naps!
rachel b.
United States
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very useful
December 28, 2013
great place to have baby safely when my hands are full.
My most essential baby gear for newborn
December 6, 2013
I love having this cradle near my bed, and take it around with me in the house during the day so I can see my baby while she sleeps. The high angle for the head helped my baby during the first month or so when reflux and spitting up during sleep were a real problem. The rocking does help keep my baby asleep when she starts to fuss a little in her sleep on occasion. I've had seven babies, and this time around I chose only this cradle and a car seat as my baby gear. I purchased another cheaper cradle for use in the kitchen, but I don't like it as well because the angle is lower and it doesn't rock. Those two features really are helpful.
  • The high angle for the head, the curved sides, and the rocking legs make this sleeper-cradle better than others I've tried. Keeps baby nearby, prevents spitting up/gagging during sleep, baby sleeps well in it
Best Uses
  • Baby sleeps in it next to my bed, and near me in the living area during the day.
  • The back is slightly too hard for baby's back. This cradle has a cushion for the head, but not the lower back. I use a folded soft blanket for my newborns, but the belt became more important to use as the babies gained the ability to wiggle and turn. Since the blanket blocked the belt the babies had to sleep on the harder back.
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