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Evenflo Sonus Lightweight Convertible Car Seat - Sound Wave

This item is discontinued.
The Sonus Convertible Car Seat offers the ideal fit for both child AND car, at an affordable price. The compact size fits 3 seats across in most mid-size vehicles, while the wider seat base fits a broader range of children. With a weight rating of 50 lbs, and a rear-facing weight rating of 40 lbs, your child can stay rear-facing longer!

Rear-facing for infants and when ready, converts to forward-facing to keep your growing child traveling safely and comfortably. Evenflo's Sonus Essential Convertible Car Seat offers a rear-facing weight rating of up to 40 pounds and a forward-facing weight rating of up to 50 pounds. The Sonus 65 features a reinforced frame that allows an extended weight limit of up to 65 pounds so your child can remain harnessed longer! For added comfort, both seats offer a built-in ventilation system that provides traveling comfort for your child through all seasons. Try this seat for a top notch extended-use option at an affordable price.

  • 2 Seats in 1: Two Modes of Harness use ? Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing
  • Compact Size: Fits 3 across in most mid-size vehicles
  • Wider Seat Base: Ergonomically designed to fit a broader range of children
  • Air-Flow Vents: Built-in ventilation provides airflow to your child, keeping them comfortable during every ride
  • Up-Front Harness Adjust: Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an accurate, snug fit
  • Rollover Tested- Evenflo is leading the industry with the development of a dynamic rollover test
  • Air Flow Ventilation System - Offers built-in ventilation system that provides a comfortable seat for your child through all seasons
  • Extended Use- Accommodates your growing child longer with the broadest range of harness adjustments
  • Up-Front Adjust - Easy access harness tension system
  • 5 shoulder strap positions ensure proper fit always

Child Specs (5-65lbs)


  • Weight: 5-40 lbs (2.3-18 kg)
  • Height: 19-40 in. (48-102 cm)
  • Fit: Top of head is at least 25 mm (1 inch) below the top of the child restraint seat back.


  • Weight: 22-65 lbs (10-29.4 kg)
  • Height: 28-50 in. (71-127 cm)
  • Age: At least 2 years old
  • Fit: The tops of the child’s ears are at or below the top of child restraint seat back.


  • Dimensions: 29.0 x 19.0 x 19.0
  • Product Weight: 11.28 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:
  • Package Width: 19.13 in.
  • Package Depth: 19.13 in.
  • Package Height: 29.63 in.
  • Package Weight: 14.9 lbs.
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No good
February 5, 2023
I got this for my son and the buckle is no good. He has gotten pinched a few times now that he is scared and pulls his leg back. I would not recommend and I don't believe it can fit up to 65 lbs. my son is 35 lbs and already out grew it.
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Barrington, IL
Awful car seat
November 4, 2022
Save your money! This car seat is awful. I bought it for travel and to use occasionally in a relative's car. It's next to impossible to tighten the straps evenly, so often one is tight and the other is loose. This defeats the purpose of a car seat! There is a head support pillow that uses one small piece of Velcro to hold it on so it is always flopping around and falling off. I don't feel that my child is safely secure in this seat and wish I had saved my money and purchased something else. I will be replacing this seat.
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Elgin, IL
Best car seat, made in the USA
July 27, 2022
Late review: Best car seat, best price and made in the USA!. I bought this car seat in 2018 for our grandson's first visit. He was 10 months old at that time. He was very comfortable in it. It was not hard to install in our SUV. Our grandson is now 4 and a half years old and has a sister who will be a year and 10 months when they come visit this fall. This car set expires in July 2023 according to the label, in very good shape because it was only used briefly, 2 weeks at a time, twice 2 years when they came to visit, pre covid in 2019. Material easy to clean, well padded, harnesses snug and easy to use. Now this will be his sister's car seat so I need to look for another Evenflo car seat that transitions to booster seat for my grandson that will last for my granddaughter.
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July 14, 2022
I love everything about this car seat! Can't go wrong with evenflo! Get yourself one, won't be disappointed! But I understand everyone has the difference on carseats
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West Palm Beach, FL
Not a happy camper
July 1, 2022
Thought this was a good purchase but it has not been a good experience for my grandson. The buckle in the center is too low and he has gotten pinched a few times while trying to buckle him in. He is actually scared of it. Not a happy camper to say the least. It also makes a lot of noise with the styrofoam.
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Bismarck, ND
We've been having...
June 2, 2022
We've been having issues with tighten the straps since we bought it. You have to pull down behind the carseat before you can pull the strap to tighten it. We hoped turning it forward facing would help the issue but it didn't and it's really hard to reach your hand back there to help tighten the straps. I love this carseat except for the horrible strap tightening issue.
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Los Angeles, CA
Extremely difficult to install
March 25, 2022
Extremely difficult to install in our 2020 Lexus ES. Moves too much side-to-side no matter what we do.
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Miami, FL
Verified Buyer
Comfortable and Soft to travel
June 12, 2020
This seat it really comfortable to my little boy, He is 9 months old and sleep really happy and relax, this seat look safe and easy to install and clean.
The reason why I don't give it 5 stars is because it doesn't include Straps Covers (you can buy them anywhere for $ 5) and the material is not the best quality compared to my other two Cybex baby seats but in general condition and for the price it is really an excellent seat in fact it is my son's favorite seat

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Diana D.
Leesburg, VA
Wobbly and uncomfortable
June 12, 2020
Wobbly and uncomfortable. We were looking for a backup carseat for a second car, but we are disappointed. Even with the help of the video conference with an Evenflo installation rep (who was very nice), the car seat is still wobbly.
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this is a sturdy car...
May 26, 2020
this is a sturdy car seat but in comparison to other brands, it is not quite as high quality. it was cheap htough.
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Muskegon, MI, USA
Amazing budget friendly car seat!!
May 14, 2020
First of all the materials are soft!! And comfy, you are not sacrificing your baby's comfort, awesome car seat!!! durable, safe, easy to put in. Its bigger than I expected but it's very strong and safe.The color is perfect also! ❤ Very gender neutral and good with stains, they wipe off very easily.
You will not spend a lot of time installing as it is super easy to do wether forward or rear facing and adjusting the buckle in either position is a breeze...
Overall if you are in a budget I really recommend it! You will not see much of a difference in quality and safety than with other more pricey car seats, highly recommend it.
PS I installed it in a compact car and there was plenty of room left.
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Awesome car seat great...
May 13, 2020
Awesome car seat great price fits my son perfect and fits in our car perfect he loves it we love it its a win for all its also rollover tested so you know your getting the vest product for your child
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Verified Buyer
I Love this car seat
December 10, 2019
Not only do I love the safety features of this car seat but the color options are wonderful. This car seat has saved my nerves on long trips. It has the reclining feature as well as 5 point harness safety. I can drive peacefully knowing my child is safe in his car seat.
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Lakewood, Wa
Verified Buyer
Great Car Seat
November 20, 2019
I had bought this seat for my son a few months ago, I have not had any issues with it at all. In fact he loves it. It was really easy to install and he is always comfortable when ever he is in it. The car seat is made very well and sturdy, The material also is made strong that I am positive it will last a very long time, and it seems like it will be easy to clean also. It is easy to take out and transfer to another car, no issues at all with doing that. My child sits nice and comfortable inside the seat, the straps tighten well like they are supposed to. It is a very nice car seat, I really like it.
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Verified Buyer
Easy setup
September 25, 2019
Really easy to install and directions are clear. Easy to,clean ans remove poeces if necessary. The straps are comfortable for our little guy.
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Staten Island
Verified Buyer
Just ok
September 21, 2019
I bought this seat and I am having a problem with the crotch buckle it doesn't go In
I less you push it real hard
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Jacksonville IL
Verified Buyer
Great seat
September 20, 2019
I got this awhile back and it's been an amazing seat. Very easy to install and my kiddo loves it.
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San Antonio Texas
Verified Buyer
August 22, 2019
This car seat does not work for us at all, it's too big for our car and when trying to install it rear facing the anchor belt is to short to reach the hooks, so we can't even install the car seat
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Verified Buyer
Saveds my son's life
July 27, 2019
We were Tboned by a semi truck going 45 miles an hour. The car was absolutely totaled. We all had injuries except the babies who were both in Evenflo seats! My son had this one and he did great. Forever grateful for Evenflo.
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Verified Buyer
June 29, 2019
I am actually on here to upgrade from this seat to a booster, but am still so in love with this! I bought this for my 8-month old (never used the headrest that came with it) and now he is a happy forward-facing boy. However, with number three on the way, I figured I could get ahead of the game and purchase a booster and then move the kids around accordingly. BUT I love (and my son loves [I asked him if he wants a new car seat and he said "No! Mine blue car seat!"]) this seat SO much that I am debating just buying another one for my daughter. But then I'll STILL have to buy a booster...but then I'll have TWO seats I love...and they would both have so much life left in them...aaahhhh! Adulting!!!
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Suzi Q.
Lewisville, NC
Easy to Install and Adjust
February 20, 2019
After reading the instructions, I found this very easy to install and adjust. Other seats I have tried felt like you needed an engineering degree for follow the instructions. Our local police department offers car seat inspections to make sure they are installed and adjusted correctly. I utilized this service and it passed with flying colors!

It is very easy to adjust the seat angle and straps to fit the child and as the child grows. My grandson is very tall for his age and this seat allows me to keep him rear facing even with his height and him to be comfortable while in this position. Overally I would highly recommend this car seat, it has quickly become a very valued necessity. I love products that provide the function, advertised features and ease of use.
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Dearing, GA
It could be better !
February 19, 2019
I Loved this Seat And It Came Just In Time Because my Daughter REALLY Needed It . I just wish that it had a better head rest. My daughter's head hangs a terrible bit when in this seat
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Vale, OR
Definitely worth checking out!
February 13, 2019
Versatile, easy to use and adjust. The compact size is nice when you are limited with space but yet the car seat itself is very spacious and comfortable for the little one. It's nice that it has the option to use a seatbelt or the belt with clips to secure seat in vehicle. However, I really wish it had the self tightening and self latching latch system instead of just the belt with clips that you have to pull to tighten and fight to get clipped in and unclipped. Also,worried about losing a cup holder since they aren't actually securely attached to the car seat. But love the fact that they are a nice, full sided, solid cup holder. All in all, a great car seat regardless!
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Canton, Ohio
Perfect for my little one
February 12, 2019
This is a great seat . Very easy to install and my son looks comfortable in it . I love how easy it is for me to tighten his straps after I buckle him in . Cup holders are a great addition to this seat. I have 3 carseats in the back of my truck and this is a great addition since it is very slim and sturdy .
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Peoria, AZ, USA
Great convertible seat
February 12, 2019
My son is 2 1/2 and still rear facing, the sonus convertible car seat works well for that. The blue color is very pretty, everything worked as it should, my son seemed comfortable. The only part I didn't love is the install. It was a bit time consuming, but I have another evenflo seat that I purchased that has one click latch install so I'm use to that. Compaired to other seats I've had in the past it was similar for the install. Great seat overall. I recieved the seat to review, my thoughts are my own, I wasn't asked to say anything about the seat.
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Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Comfy seat for a comfy price!
February 10, 2019
Lightweight with a slim profile and very easy to install. Extra removable padding is perfect for petite children!! Straps are easy to adjust (crotch strap location too). The dual drink holders are a plus.
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Concord, NC
Fantastic Car Seat
February 10, 2019
This carseat was easy to install after we looked at the manual. It is roomy and allows room for my little gal to stretch without compromising her safety. The buckles are a little hard to unclasp but I suspect, like most car seats, they will become easier to unclasp as we use it more. We had a friend and her small infant son visiting us and he was able to use the seat with the infant insert. We are pleased with the way it fits inside of our 4 door pickup. The transition from the infant carrier seat to this seat was seamless and we couldn't be happier with this seat.
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Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Great carseat
February 9, 2019
Great carseat, very easy to install. Fabric is really nice and cleans up easy. Little big but my son is very comfy.
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Klamath Falls, OR
Nice Carseat
February 8, 2019
This is a nice simple car seat. Easy installation and use. I really like the color scheme used. Comfortable for baby and not to big and bulky. Would definitely recommend.
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Slippery Rock, PA, United States
Great convertible car seat
February 7, 2019
Easy to install using the LATCH system, easy to adjust recline, roomy without being huge, and very lightweight. I've only tried it rear-facing so far and it fits nicely in my tiny little hatchback car. The only drawbacks are the removable cupholders (my kids can't resist pulling them out and they just end up on the floor) and the ease of adjusting the shoulder straps as baby grows (but I suppose I am spoiled by my Graco car seats with the easy height adjustments at the push of a button). Overall, definitely happy with the seat and glad I can get plenty of use out of it until my kids pass the weight limit.
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Arizona, USA
Great forward facing car seat but...
February 6, 2019
This car seat looks great for a little boy. It is a solid car seat and well put together.
However, when installed as a rear-facing car seat (using the safety straps and seatbelt correctly) the entire car seat moves more than it should. When installed as forward facing there is no movement so it is secure.

1. Look at a redesign for rear-facing install, maybe even a base for it to lock into.
2. Add the ability for the cup holders to click into the car seat vs just sitting in the slot. Kids like to keep pulling them out and toss them around the car, which can create a hazard.

Due to the car seat not being stable in rear-facing mode I would currently not recommend this product to a friend with a younger child who is still in that position.
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February 6, 2019
I received this Evenflo Sonus Car Seat to try in exchange for my review. This car seat is so easy to assemble right out of the box! It is so light weight. My daughter is 12 months so I love that she can rear face until she is 40 pounds. Then, she can forward face until 65 lbs! Another feature this car seat has is the built in ventilation to help her from getting so hot. Evenflo went above and beyond to safety test/ roll over test this seat. This seat has a good amount of padding to make it comfortable for my daughter. She is happy everytime she rides in it. I would definitely recommend this car seat.
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Jennifer G.
Bridgeport Connecticut
My experience with car seat!
February 5, 2019
I am rather impressed with the quality of the car seat. The cushion is removable and can be clean also very soft. The colors are vibrant and the seat is very lightweight. One of the best feature for me was the removable cup holder and how easy it is ro move from cars to cars. I do have one complaint with the buckle. I find it really hard to undo and to get my child out of car seat also the cushion moves. Overall I enjoy the seat and so does my 4 year old!
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Louisville, KY, United States
A Great Car Seat @ Affordable Price
February 5, 2019
This is a great car seat for an affordable price that can be used from infancy through toddler stage. My kiddos are 2 and 3 years old and both fit comfortably in the seat. It can be used forward and rear facing and can go up to 65lbs. This alleviates having to buy new car seats as the kids grow. For me, this is great car seat, however, I do like my Evenflo SafeMax better. They have the seatbelt alert as to alert you when your child unbuckles the seat while driving and alerts the driver of a child in the seat upon turning the car off. This is particularly a great feature when nannies are transporting my children. I also like that the SafeMax seat belt doesn't have to be rethreaded for shoulder width. You can adjust the seatbelt harness from the from by pulling up or down on the harness. With two kiddos of young age, this is more helpful for me. But if needed, the Sonus is a wonderful option for safety and affordability.
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Love it!!
February 3, 2019
I always try to make sure I know how to use a car seat before I place it in my car. It easy to buckle in the car. Easy to recline. Great color. And comfortable. My 10 month old seems to love his big boy seat.
Customer Images
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Winter Park, Fl
Love this car seat!!!
February 3, 2019
This car seat is absolutely perfect for my daughter, she looks so comfortable and I love the color it's so bright and beautiful!! I love even more that It is also very safe 2 times the federal crash standard. It can be used rear facing as well for smaller children and is adjustable to reclined position too. The only thing that bothers me a little is that the cup holders are removable and my daughter keeps taking them off but other than that I love this car seat!
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Youngstown, OH
Great size but difficult to secure
February 3, 2019
Out of the box this item is great, no plastic or styrofoam to fight with. The size is great, not too heavy but definitely seems sturdy.
The big negative is the installation for the rear facing configuration. You have to feed the latches through the seat and then use a kickstand that is difficult to lock into place to get the seat to incline. Despite our best efforts we could not get the seat in to a point we were comfortable to use it.
We were curious so we flipped it to use it as front facing, just to see if it sat any better, and it did. It was much more stable.
For now we will continue to use our infant Evenflo carseat and then use this when our baby gets older.
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Haines City
Great Economic car seat!
February 2, 2019
I spend a lot of time back and forth traveling with my toddler, and this car seat is easy to move and install when switching over to grandmas car. Great fit with my larger evenflo DLX both in the backseat.

It is Practical and keeps safety as a priority. Very easy maneuvering. On a 3 hour road trip my toddler slept comfortably and her neck were well positioned. Comfort and safety are my top priorities and this seat at such an economic price exceeds those needs.
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Houston, TX, United States
Great convertible car seat!
February 2, 2019
I got this car seat to replace my daughter's very well loved Evenflo car seat that has been beat up by the airlines for 5 years. We have been very pleased with this upgrade. My daughter loves the cup holders and the blue color! I love it because it was easy to put together (all we had to do when we took it out of the box was put in the cup holders and adjust it) is easily converted as the child grows. You are able to use it with either the safety latches in the car or with the car's seatbelt. The only thing I liked better about her old evenflo seat was that one had the clips that attached to the safety latches with a button and self tightened. These ones have clips (which I feel are harder to hook on and off) and you have to pull it right rather than it tightening itself. My daughters think it is a great seat and very comfortable. My 2 daughters fight over who gets to sit in it! overall I would recommend this seat to anyone.
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Mommieof J.
Phoenix, AZ, USA
February 1, 2019
The is not heavy ay all very light weight easy install my son loves it very padded lots of air flow for this summer heat. Cup holders do come off tho. Has extended height and weight limits for bigger size kids.
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Super Comfy!
January 29, 2019
This came in right on time, my husband and i were in the process of searching for a bigger car seat for our daughter when we were offered this car seat in exchange for an honest review.
Apart from safety our biggest concern in a new car seat was comfort. We take a lot of road trips and want to make sure our daughter is as comfortable as can be. As soon as we pulled the car seat out of the box we noticed the cushion feel and softness of the fabric. Plus it included an adjustable head pillow. Right away we sat her in the car seat in order to adjust the straps and pillow and she loved it, started to doze off.
At a first glance loved the idea of the removable cup holders but as soon as we got in the car she removed them with ease. Wish they were a way to lock them in.
Setting it up in our 2015 Dodge Journey was very simple. I probably could have done it myself but it was good to have my husbands help. While I applied as much weight on the car seat as I could, he adjusted the anchor straps and tightened it as much as possible. Worked perfectly.
I don't think it takes up anymore room/space than any other car seat does. We placed it behind the passenger seat and there is still enough legroom for the passenger. And 2 additional people fit snugly in the back seat.
My one concern is that it is very difficult to adjust the harness straps rear facing. With the different clothing our daughter wears, we are always adjusting the straps and making sure she is secure but once the straps are loosened it is almost impossible to get them tightened back up. Not sure if there is a "trick" to it, but I will be looking for more information.
Overall, I think it is a good budget friendly car seat. Super comfortable, our daughter loves it.
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Miami, FL, United States
Long term use
January 27, 2019
Because my children are always off the charts in height and weight at every stage, our family needs products which can accommodate bigger babies. My son will be able to use this car seat for years because it fits children up to 65lbs, which is my favorite feature of all. The seat is also well-cushioned and a lovely color.
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Las Vegas, NV
Great carseat!!
January 24, 2019
I absolutely love this product. It's an evenflo sonus 65. I have a ford explorer and it fits perfect in the back with my other 2 carseats back there for my other kids. When my daughter sits in it she looks so comfortable. I definitely recommend this product.
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Columbia, MD, USA
Great Durable Car Seat!!!
January 24, 2019
5 star quality car seat. Great cushions in car seat. Very easy install. My baby enjoyed riding all over town in this awesomeness. And also napped comfortably a few times.
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Augusta, Ga
Wonderful Car seat!
January 24, 2019
We love this car seat! Evenflo has been our brand since we got pregnant, and this convertible car seat has not disappointed. Easy install for rear or front facing. It's lightweight but still very sturdy and durable. The material is so soft and provides cushion that makes it comfortable enough for my one year old daughter to enjoy being in her seat haha and the added air flow vents on this model are amazing because my daughter is hot natured so it keeps her cool in the car. Overall I would highly recommend the Evenflo Sonus 65 convertible car seat!
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Albuquerque, NM
Verified Buyer
Good size
September 26, 2018
Expected it to be a lil better than my last one. I have to removed the whole bealt to recline it. Not so good !
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Ashford, AL, United States
Sturdy with great eye appeal!!
August 13, 2017
After shopping all day we decided to go with the blue/black car seat for our LO! I believe the color is what caught my eye at first, and even though it's not a typical color for a little girl, we loved it. its very sturdy and very well made, plus the price was unbeatable!! My husband will be getting the red/black to match his car very soon!!
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