Cybex OPEN BOX 2017 / 2018 Mios Frame - Chrome

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  • Light Aluminum Frame: Stable, light and easy to use
  • Height-Adjustable Handlebar in premium leather look material
  • One-hand fold transforms it into a compact stand alone package
  • Easy to use foot brake
  • Easy access storage basket holds up to 11 lbs worth of goods
  • Soft suspension on front and back wheels
  • Puncture-proof wheels: Profiled wheels for more grip
  • Front-swivel wheels: Can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces

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Absolutely in love
By Megan825
from Calgary, Alberta Canada
on April 30, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought this stroller for my first born after doing months of research comparing with other popular models on market. After reading about many articles and comparing specifications, watching youtube videos, I feel in love with the this stroller. Went into the store to look and it was absolutely gorgeous. Here some features that I love with my mios:
1. Lightweight - this stroller is so lightweight compared to other models on market. I am very petite and I have no issue loading this into my car.
2. Compact size - once folded, this stroller is SO compact. In addition to stroller I can fit groceries and suitcases in my back trunk no problem.
3.Beautiful design - I bought the rose gold frame with indigo blue seat pack and it is just gorgeous. I get lots of compliments from friends when I take it to gatherings and people always ask which brand this is. Not only it is beautiful, the functionality is exceptional. Mesh seat is great for hot summer days, extra large sun canopy with sun protection is great for long sunny days here in Calgary. The extra padding provides warmth and extra comfort for my baby during long winter months.
4. Easy to push - I have been using the stroller mostly in my neighborhood, during shopping, and at parks. There are lots of bumps here in Calgary and with mios I have had no issue pushing the stroller around. The great suspension absorbs shock so my baby seems very comfortable while seated as well. It's compact size allows the stroller to go through gates with no issue. I would love to try the Priam stroller in the future to see how it compares to mio when going outside city limits as there are lots of rough terrain mountain here in Alberta.
5. Great travel system with my Aton 2 car seat - I also own a aton 2 car seat and together they make a great travel system. Car seat adaptor came with the stroller and with a simple click, I can easily use the car seat with stroller frame.

This was a great purchase that I would never regret. I would recommend mios to all my friends and family for their future babies!
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Amazing car seat!
By Megan825
from Calgary, Alberta Canada
on April 30, 2021
Verified Buyer
I bought this car seat for my first born after doing months of research comparing with other models. After extensive research, we decided to go with aton 2 for the following reasons:

1. Light weight compared to other models on market - this car seat is truly portable with just over 9lbs of weight. I am very petite and I have no trouble carrying this car seat with baby on it.
2. Amazing performance on crash test - in the end, car seat is all about safety and it really reassured me and my husband to see the amazing scores it received compared to some popular models on market.
3. Luxurious look - This car seat is a beauty. It's beautiful design and also comfort allows my baby to sleep so well during drives.

We have been using it for several months now and I am happy to say this was one of the best purchase I made. I also bought Cybex Mios stroller to go along with this car seat to make it into a travel system and am SO happy to have such a convenient, well designed system to accompany us on both short and long trips. The car seat fits easily and perfectly with included adaptor that came with the mios stroller. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reliable, comfortable, and luxurious car seat.
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By Mia
from Chicago
on April 13, 2021
Bought it for my baby he loves it Best stroller ever
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Float like a butterfly
By hipo
from Miami, Florida
on March 1, 2021
Having purchased other Cybex products in the past, We were eager to try the Aton 2 with SensorSafe. The item was arrived pretty fast even though we did not get a tracking # (Love tracking my products online). We were pleasantly surprised how light the box was and how it could pretty much fit any car regardless of size. The product was very well packed and the box unsealed. We got the Lavastone Black and as you can see from the picture it is beautiful. The design is simple yet modern which is a big plus for us as it could be used for our future kids. The carseat itself is very light (9.5 lbs) which is a BIG PLUS for us (wife loves it) and compared to other carseats, does not occupy that much space. The installation was very easy and probably took us less than 10 minutes as the instructions were easy to follow. The car seat secures very tightly (you can feel the click) and feels secure from the get go. At first we did run into some small issues with the canopy as at first we struggle to move it but after after some use we got the hand of it. The padding is comfortable and baby seems to love it! The Sensorsafe technology as always is the icing on the cake on this one, having that peace of mind with the essential alerts is priceless.

During these challenging times, where many new protocols are in place, from masks, shields and hand sanitizers, having a lighter car seat with Sensorsafe technology comes in handy as it's one less thing to worry about!
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Baby loves the stroller!
By NDCMiller2020
from Cincinnati, OH
on January 4, 2021
Verified Buyer
My little boy loves taking walks in his stroller! He either sleeps or just looks around at everything. So glad we go this one!
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Amazing Carseat
By Mterr
from Chicago
on July 13, 2020
I been using this for my newborn and I have to say I love it. My husband said it was the easiest car seat install he ever done. It's our 4th child so that says a lot. My baby is nice comfortable in it and gives him great head support
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Amazing features
By yessie88
from Altoona, PA
on May 15, 2020
Great baby car seat.
Its easy to put the seat in and out of the car. The straps on the seat are easy to use and adjust. The whole set up time was amazingly short and assuring. the design and features give assurance that my son is safe in his car seat.
I have recommended it to all my friends.
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Best Infant Car Seat
By Dianisb04
from Miami, FL
on May 14, 2020
We have been using this car seat for over two months. This car is very great in the space it occupies in my car. Since I have 3 kids it leaves plenty of space for my other 2 kids to seat confortable. I am very gave it a try.


Enjoy the extra safety foot base option
Very compact and space saving while in the car
Very easy to install. The straps are very convenient and the instructions are very self explanatory. The car seat secures very tightly in the base and a was feels the car seat is tight and secure.
The padding is very confortable and soft. My baby looks snuggle and comfortable.
It is not super heavy and it is easy to carry
Enjoy the canopy it really extends to protect from the sun.

wish the car seat could last longer to support forward facing
The fabric could be a get a little hot and babies head sweat a lot
The bottom bucket can be tight making it a bit tighter and easy to grow out of it.
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Safe and Comfortable
By Lexie
from Hillside, NJ
on April 13, 2020
This seat is exquisite! My baby's head isn't salling over to one side while sleeping! The cloth feels luxurious and all of the padding makes me feel like my baby is safe and secure. The seat is incomparable to any other on the market.The seat was easy to install and I was able to utilize it with my Cybex stroller with the adapters easily. My baby is truly traveling in style.
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This gives me peace of mind
By Anniemoooo
from undisclosed
on April 9, 2020
I trust myself driving, and I trust my friends and family that we may ride with as well, but accidents are just that. An accident, something unforeseeable that very may well be out of whomever is driving's control. I like to know that my child is safe when riding around in thousands of pounds of metal, and this car seat gives me that certain comfort.
The base is super easy to install, and the 5-point harness is easy to adjust to my child and has pads on the shoulders and buckle. This system is super lightweight, yet the shell itself is designed to absorb shocks so my baby will be safe. This car seat is even easy to use without the base, in case we're traveling with family or friends. The canopy protects my sensitive skinned baby from the sunlight too. Absolutely love this car seat all around.
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Couldn't Get More Perfect!
By happy m.
from Brooklyn, NY
on April 1, 2020
First, the installation process was extremely smooth! I knew I would like this from as soon as I began following the instructions on how to begin. The manual, was very organized and simple to follow. There we're lots of images to clarify anything that may seem confusing. I really liked that there were a few different options of how to install the car seat into your car, to fit your own personal needs.
I choose to install it with the base, using the car's seat belt. Once completed, it is tightly secured, and very simple to click the seat in and out, which is perfect, for families who are constantly on the go! It is pretty light weight when carrying. This seat fits perfectly on lots of strollers that can have adapters. I personally have the cybex priam, and the car seat is an excellent addition.
In regard to it's looks, it is a very neat and simple looking seat. It does not have a clumsy appearance at all, especially because of it's hood. The hood is made in a narrow fashion, that open and folds very neatly. (see image)
Last, but not least is the comfort. My son is four months old and absolutely loves the position! There is something very cozy about it, and at the same time it is not too narrow. As soon as I put him in he is quite. So far all our drives have a quite little peaceful baby in his seat! It is a real treat!
Customer Images
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By Jamziez
from NY
on March 31, 2020
This car seat is amazing! My daughter is a newborn and she fits comfortably in it. I love that it'll be able to grow with her as well. The smart alert is a great feature. I'm not sure it's anything I'll need to use, but I love the security of it. I love all the features and the safety of this seat!
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Safety Features Galore
By LoveMary
from Alameda, CA
on March 26, 2020
Verified Buyer
The infant car seat is definitely one of the baby items that my husband and I spent the most time researching while we waited for our son. When it comes to safety Cybex goes above and beyond and gave us the peace of mind we were looking for.
The base uses a belt tension plate device that makes for an easy and tight installation but of course be sure to read the manual and visit a Certified CPST (Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician) to have your install and fit checked. The level indicators make it easy to know you have it in correctly. We loved the load leg and the extra peace of mind it gave us though it would have been nice if it locked into the closed position when the base isn't in use, not a huge issue since we don't uninstall the base often but just a small bother to have it flopping about. We choose to install the car seat in the middle so we did not use the Linear Side-impact Protection but I imagine this feature would be really great for situations where the car seat can't be in the middle (such as having multiple car seats installed). The one handed harness adjustment is a total must have to make getting baby in and out easily though you have to be sure to pull the straps evenly or they will get uneven which is an easy fix (google no-rethread harness uneven) but still not fun to have to do.
When traveling with our car seat the ability to install it with the shoulder strap without the base made it so much easier not having the lug the base around too. Plus it is certified for airplane use which was important for us as well. At 9.5 pounds it is among the lighter infant car seats on the market but once you add a baby in there it does get heavy fast but it's not bad at all for quick trips in and out of the house. Over all we love Cybex for their safety features, ease of use, and comfortable fit for our son and the sleek design is definitely the cherry on top.
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Safety, Comfort, and Peace of Mind
By DrewAL
from Los Angeles, CA
on March 24, 2020
The Aton 2 is an incredible carseat that provides top of the line safety features and great comfort for my little one. When I took it out of the box, I immediately noticed how soft the fabric was, and the newborn insert is very supportive. It is relatively light weight and very easy to carry around and adapts well to other strollers (We have the Uppa Baby Cruz). My baby fits well, and was very comfortable- she's fallen asleep on all of our car rides!

The base was easy to install and has a load leg which provides added stability in the car. The carseat has a side impact protection bar on the handle which is easy to both pull out and put away. The straps need to be rethreaded as the baby gets bigger, but it's simple to do and only takes a couple minutes.

The clasp is a sensor safe clasp which comes with an application you can download and a plug in for your car that allows you to see the temperature in the car, and it beeps if I wander too far from my baby while she's buckled into the seat. It's a feature that has come in handy when I'm comfortable with the temperature while driving, but I don't realize that it's too warm in the backseat. I've definitely adjusted the temperature a few times because of this! This feature alone is a major selling point for me.

The only reason I'm giving this product four stars in design is because the sun shade is very small. I wish it would have been just a little bigger, but there are work arounds when out and about and it seemed not to bother my little one. The detail and design of the seat itself is very streamlined and stylish.

All in all, this is a great car seat and I highly recommend it to anyone that is considering this car seat.
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Great producy
By LyndaB
from Crawfordville, Fl
on March 22, 2020
I received this product and was super excited to try it. It was easy to put in my car and the instructions only needed to be read twice for my to understand. I was able to synch to my Ford Explorer without any issues. I'm not the type to have ever forgotten my child but this makes me feel a little better.
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Love the Safety Features!
By jdn100718
from Amarillo, TX
on March 21, 2020
We are so excited about the amazing safety features of the Aton 2! We got this carrier and base to use with our new baby, and it has so many more safety features than our previous seat, giving me a lot more peace of mind: the load leg, the linear side impact device, the steel chassis, and best of all the sensor safe buckle! I believe this seat will keep our baby much safer than our other seat in the event of a wreck, and the sensor safe system is genius! The app is easy to use, and lets you know if it is too hot or cold, if baby unbuckles, or if the nightmare of forgetting your child in the car occurs. As a bonus, the seat is also very attractive, with soft and high-quality materials and multiple inserts to ensure baby's comfort. I highly recommend this system!
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By Kappa1
from Boston MA
on March 21, 2020
We've Been using the Aton 2 SensorSafe for about two weeks now and it has been awesome. From the safety feature attached to it to the quality of the product, I can say that there's no regret for owning one. It fits well in the car and the installation was pretty easy. Another thing I love about it is that our son hardly ever want to get out of the car seat each time we go out, so I can say it's pretty comfortable as well.
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Great, lightweight careseat
By Anese
from Reston, VA
on March 21, 2020
Overall this is a great car seat. I previously owned the cybex cloud q which was a gift when my son was born. The major differences between the cloud q and Aton2 is that the cloud q is REALLY heavy while the anton is very light. The first thing I did was compare the heaviness of my 19lb boy and I was shocked by how easy it was to tot him around and walk around with the Aton2 on my arms. The Aton2 material is not as heavy duty in appearance but does appear to offer the safety of cybex products. The light weight feeling of the Aton2 makes it the winner for me, in fact it makes it the preferred carseat for me since I am often taking my son in and out of the car.

I think the sensorsafe feature is really cool. I can see it be helpful in the summer months to notify parents if they the car becomes to hot. I especially like that it will alert you if the child loosens the straps. When my son is a little bigger, I can see him being the child to unbuckle himself so I can see getting great use of this feature.

My child has been just as comfortable as he was in the cloud q and in his ballios s stroller. I'd say overall, cybex products are very comfortable and I get a lot of comments from mom who notice how relaxed and comfortable my son is when using these products, as well as how luxurious the material is.

Initially, set up is difficult as you have to press down on the bars that hold it down with significant pressure. After you get used to it, it's actually fairly easy to set up the base. Also, once the base is in it is really easy to snap in the carseat and to get it out. You can use the latch system or classic seatbelt method.

I only gave this product a 4 because I have owned the Cloud q, which is superior in material quality and design.
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My son feels very comfortable in it.
By CSaltos
from Brooklyn, NY
on March 21, 2020
As soon as we received it, we switched out our old car seat that has been passed on from our 2 kids. My son is very comfortable in this car seat. He usually falls asleep during the car rides and with this car seat he falls asleep in a safe position with the constant car movement. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family.
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Brilliant Car Seat!
By Letpflyy
from San Francisco
on March 21, 2020
This car seat was exactly what I needed at the right time. I love the fact that I can adjust the protective head piece perfectly as my son grows. I also appreciate the little things built into this car seat like the little alarm beeper. It alerts me when necessary. The little wings on the side are a nice touch to prevent shock. I feel like Cybex thought of every safety feature that I would worry about when it comes to my child. The leveler on the car seat base also comes in so handy when I'm switching from a 2 door coup, to a 4 door SUV. This car seat is great. Upgrade to the Cybex Cloud Q though if you just want your baby to be able to lay down and relax (out of the car).
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Great features
By Shellyjo
from Holt Mi
on March 20, 2020
I absolutely love this car seat with the app and temp control it's the best car seat I've ever seen in so happy with it. I highly recommend for everyone having a baby. This is the home run of car seats. Best new technology. I love it
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Amazing car seat!!!
By ArdenLayne
from Spokane, Wa
on March 19, 2020
This car seat is everything I could've ever wanted and more. Putting my baby into this seat helps me feel so reassured that she's safe thanks to the Sensor Safe feature. The headrest is so padded and I love the neutral black color. I am so lucky to have been chosen to test this car seat as part of the Savvy Parents Reviews.
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Lightweight, Safe, Quality Carseat
By Bree
from Minneapolis, MN
on March 18, 2020
We have been using this carseat for the last few weeks and love it! The quality is excellent, it is sturdy yet lightweight. The inside is comfortable, the size is just right. I have not used the safety feature (you can connect it to your car and it alerts if you leave your baby in the car) and don't think I would need it but some might find it helpful. In comparison to my previous carseat, this exceeds it by far. I would recommend this to any new parent!
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Great seat!
By Kristen1010
from New Hampshire
on March 16, 2020
I have used other seats that are difficult to install and don't feel secure. This seat quickly and easily installs in the car and has a nice design that makes the baby safe and secure. The fabric is soft and the cover is easy to remove and clean.
Customer Images
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Really nice car seat
By Matt
from Sterling, VA
on March 16, 2020
The Aton 2 Sensor Safe is a great car seat! We love how easy it is to get our son in and out of the seat itself, as well as how easy it is to get the seat out of the base. We also were impressed with how light the seat was. We had the Aton M and the Aton 2 is noticeably lighter. Our little guy also seems to enjoy being in the seat and falls asleep rather quickly while in the car.

The only downside we had with the seat is that the cover doesn't extend over our son as far as we'd like it to. It doesn't do a great job with blocking out the sun when we're walking with him. Other than that, it's a great seat!
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Great Safety Features!
By JeremiahL
from Antioch, CA
on March 16, 2020
I received this product over a week ago and I love all of the features it has for safety. One of my cars has shallow seats, so the added stability bar came in handy. I also really like the SensorSafe option, knowing that my child is safe a secure. Another feature I found to be great, but hope I never need is the LSP (Linear Side-impact Protection) Device. I have not seen this previously and it gives me piece of mind knowing it is there. The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is that my child of average height and weight hard a hard time getting their shoulders in do to the limited width. This was even with the newborn insert removed.
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Cybex Proves Itself Again!
By Jay46
from Brookly, NY
on March 15, 2020
As a proud mommy of the Cybex Priam stroller, I value a high quality and well designed product. When my youngest son was born, in a momentary lapse in judgement I purchased a car seat from a different brand, and have been dealing with it for months. It wasn't aweful, but it was clunky and just inconvenient. And then my Aton 2 arrived!

Having transitioned to the Aton 2 completely for several weeks now, my family may get rid of me for talking too much about it. Getting the car seat in and out is SO easy with the seperate base that remains strapped in while the seat itself comes out. My little guy can keep sleeping while I carefully bring him in without ever undoing a single strap or buckle. This really is life changing.

The seat is high quality. The materials feel sturdy and are easy to clean, and the whole thing just feels SAFE! I couldnt ask for more in a car seat.
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Jaw Dropping
By Roozay
from Oxnard
on March 13, 2020
The Aton 2 SensorSafe has so many security features. My entire family and I were amazed with the sensor that starts beeping when I turn off the car to alert me I still have the baby in the back. Then theres the base it's a bit heavy but it's not a big issue because the steel chassis keeps the infant car seat secure and absorbs any crash impact from the leg. Lastly, there's the carry handle that has a linear side-impact protection which absorbs forces away from the baby.
The car seat looks very comfortable. It was easy to install, what made it easy to install was the locking lever, easy to twist open or close while tightening the car seat straps, oh and latch connectors are easy to latch on to the vehicle anchors. I can honestly say I would recommend this to everyone I know because I know that when I'm driving around running errands with the baby I know he's secure and after long stressful days full of appointments
Sensor safe will alert me that the baby is there. I'm inlove with the look of the car seat to the safety features.
Customer Images
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Lightweight and functional
By Meg77
from New York, NY
on March 11, 2020
This car seat is great. Very light and easy to carry. With twins that matters having one in each arm! Definitely lighter than our uppababy seats. I really like the color options too! Wish it didn't need an adapter for the uppababy stroller but that's to be expected
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By MarcinChiTown
from Chicago, IL
on March 11, 2020
When choosing a car seat for our baby, the safety of the child during a car ride was our number one priority. However we also looked at the child's comfort, weight of the unit and the overall esthetics. We absolutely fell in love with the Cybex Anton 2 SensorSafe car seat. It looks so luxurious, stylish and the added SensorSafe technology is very unique and not yet found on other competitors' car seats. It's a monitoring system that is attached to the seat belt and is connected to the phone app via Bluetooth. The installation is simple and the chest clip super easy to use. When on a road trip, we received a notification that the child was left in the car for a longer period of time so we immediately decided to stop and take a break. The safety function exceeded our expectation and we recommend the car seat to all our expecting friends.
Even though our baby was born 2 months prematurely and was very tiny, we felt very calm carrying/driving him in it from the first day he came home. The car seat comes with a comfy removable infant insert. It's very lightweight, weighting only a little over 9 lbs. My petite wife carries it comfortably. Overall it's an excellent car seat that is very well made and snaps into the base and stroller with ease!
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Very light weight
By Whitney w.
from Washington DC
on March 11, 2020
I received the cyber Aton 2 three days ago and could not wait to install and put it to use. Since we absolutely loved using the cloud q with our first child I wanted to compare the two

Pros: the car seat is light weight. Easy to assemble, has great safety features with the Side impact lever in case of an accident and safe sensor alert system which alerts you even if you leave the baby in the car! Frat safety net! The car seat is well designed, spacious for baby but still compact which was needed to save space since we now have multiple car seats in our backseat. Most of all baby seems comfy while riding.

Cons: the canopy cover does not come down far enough to cover baby to my liking. It does shade from the sun but it provides very little privacy or protection while baby is sleeping. On the cloud q the canopy cover comes down further I wish they would have done the same with the aton 2
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By kinspc
from florida
on March 10, 2020
there's a lot of things i love about this car seat, overall it seems a lot safer then the last car seat i had, the base is a bit more complicated to install which is alright if your not moving it to different vehicles. my kid seems a lot more comfortable in it, although when i first got it out the box i wasn't sure she would fit, it looked so small, but she did and still has room to grow, the one thing i don't like about it, is the headrest behind her seems to make her head sweat a lot so she gets a lot warmer in it then her previous car seat, that's honestly the only thing i don't like. the sensorsafe feature is really cool and it was fairly easy to set up, it alerts me if she's unbuckled and if her temperature gets to high or low, i really like that. i would definitely buy another one.
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Broken Handle
By Kyledandre8683
from New York
on March 10, 2020
The handle bar broke in half after normal usage.
Given the price point I was expecting a more lasting quality for this stroller.
Also, because of the way it is designed, the piece is not replaceable which means that the only way for me to keep using the product (and the accessories I have) is to buy and entire new frame.
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Upper class child seat!
By Christoff
from Pittsburgh, PA
on March 9, 2020
We have considered many different child seats for infants and we ended up with Cybex for two reasons: Safety and Comfort. Yes, you are paying a little extra but it's like everything you purchase: you get what you pay for. We decided early that we wouldn't make any sacrifices on safety. And with a daily used item like that I wanted to make sure I am not saving money at the wrong place and being frustrated with the product. We didn't get disappointed. The seat is great. The material feels like a step up from base level seats and it's easy to take apart for when you have to wash the seat cover. The combination with the base platform definitely makes sense since the carrier is more stable and it minimizes the time you need to get the seat in and out of the car. Definitely helpful if you have to get more than just one child prepared for the ride. We actually ended up buying a second base for our second vehicle. Overall highly recommended!
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Great features
By Beverly
from undisclosed
on March 5, 2020
When Cybex announced an update to their Aton rear facing only car seat, we were eager to see how they'd improved on a seat that we liked so much! The Aton 2 features a higher weight limit, a load leg, and a unique side impact protection system.Overall Thoughts
The Aton 2 is fairly easy to install with the base. The carrier portion is lightweight and easy to carry. While this seat isn't particularly likely to last larger children for a long time, it's a well-featured seat that's easy to use and fits in some fairly compact spaces
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Great Features !
By BriNicole632
from Eau Claire WI
on February 20, 2020
Verified Buyer
I got this as a gift and im so happy we got one ! i love it so much ... I have had 5 kids and this is by far one of the best items ive ever had gor them ! Would recommend 100%
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Luxurious and Comfortable Stroller
By Mommy2Cuties
from New York, NY
on February 13, 2020
Verified Buyer
The Mios stroller hits all the marks for my family.   It's sleek, comfortable for the child, easy to use for the parent and its light. It's easy to navigate in the street and handles small bumps well.  I found it to be very simple popping the seat off if I want to place the car seat adapter on.  I'm able to easily fold the Mios with one hand in just a few seconds.  The storage basket is a good size an fits two grocery bags without a problem.  There is nothing obscuring the basket so it's easy to reach in on both sides to get whatever I need.  The canopy is a great size and almost fully covers the child during sunny days and has window panel for visibility and ventilation.  My child feels really comfortable in this sroller and has an easy time napping in the fully reclined position while we're out on errands.  I find myself using all 4 positions during our walks depending on my child's needs at the time. The seat is breathable and keeps my child cozy and comfortable during hot and cold days.  I look forward to traveling with my Mios because it is so compact and easy to deal with compared to our other strollers. If you're looking for a well-designed stroller to use for short walks and running errands, this stroller is perfect.
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By Rescue1
from NJ
on September 25, 2019
This car seat surpassed everything I wanted in a car seat to keep my baby safe. It has great protection to keep your little one safe. I love how comfortable and passed this is so my baby can relax. Safe and comfy, you can't ask for anything more.
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Easy and comfort
By Deepz
from Los banos , CA
on September 3, 2019
Verified Buyer
I bought this child car seat one month ago . It's easy to carry and install . Aton 2 have a great features ,especially SensorSafe and LSP system.
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I love it, but...
By Jpaul8
from West Virginia
on August 2, 2019
Verified Buyer
I've been using my stroller for 7 weeks now. I absolutely have loved it until a few days ago. The cup holder has pretty much been useless since day 1. It spins once connected to the frame and tips your drink Spilled coffee all over the floor while out shopping. It wasn't a big deal.. still loved everything about the stroller, but it has developed this creaky noise when turning like there are parts rubbing together that shouldn't be. Almost sounds like it's going to fall apart. And for the price, I expected it to be better quality. I still love it, just think I overpaid.
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Safest car seat
By Magdalena
from San Diego, CA
on July 30, 2019
I made tone of research for my baby's infant car seat, before choosing cybex Aton M, as probably every new parent. I am from Europe and noticed many differences with the safety features. After reading test results of the most respected test agencies (like German ADAC) in Europe and America, I decided for the cybex Aton M, as it is the safest infant car seat available in the USA. There are two major reasons: highest side impact protection (while in USA car seats are only tested and designed for the front impact) and the base leg, which reduces the crash forces pushing them to the floor away from the car seat. I also have the cybex stroller and love the travel system. The car seat with the big sun canopy, which is foldable and UV safe, attached to the stroller looks cosmic, we are getting a lot of compliments on it everywhere.
This car seat has so many additional safety features, I wouldn't even think of. The shell got very high scores in energy absorption, the seat belt threading installation is safe without the base, so we don't have to take the base and reinstall it every time we travel or take a lyft. The base is extra safe due to the anti-rebound feature, which makes sure the car seat doesn't move to the back and therefore protect baby's head and neck from bouncing.
It is easy to install and hard to make a mistake, thank to the clear and movable indicators. We were planing on going to our local police station, where they hold monthly car installation class and check, but honestly with this base, we feel certain it is correct.
I also like how easy it is to remove it with my baby sleeping in it from the car, one click only. I love the fact that it reclines, as it is much healthier for a newborn to be in a more lying down position rather then sitting up, especially for longer rides or when I take him out while asleep in it on the stroller.
There is as many as 11 height adjustments, so it will grow with him for a long time. He was a big newborn, so we only used the insert for a short time, but if you have a premie, there is no better fitting car seat, as far as I'm converted. After they grow, you just take it out.
We picked the gray - black color as I think it's most practical. The inside of it is lighter, so here in California doesn't get so hot, and the outside is dark, so will look cleaner and slick even after a while, I think.
Overall we love this car seat, and I trust it for my baby's safety.
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Stunning stroller, words don't do it justice!
By Seesee1w
from Durham, NC
on July 29, 2019
The first thing I have to say about this Priam 3 in 1 stroller is how amazing it looks! A rose gold stroller, who ever thought up that idea...genius! Once I was able to stop admiring this stroller, I noticed some other features that set it apart from the numerous other stroller options out there. First for me was the basket underneath the stroller, which is a great size and super easy to get to....perfect for shopping trips when the baby is sleeping and you can't get a shopping cart. Next up is the extra large sun canopy. It always seems like the sun finds an angle or crack to make it through to my baby's face. Not with this beauty, the sun shade comes down so low and has spf protection. What more could a mom want? Let me mention again how amazing and unique this rose gold and grey stroller is. It also comes with a rain cover, which is a huge plus. The stroller handles really well and is easy to maneuver even with one hand. Two of the few downsides I found was that folding it down was a little clunky and its on the heavier end of the spectrum as this type of stroller goes. But, did I mention its rose gold! This stroller does come with a baby carrier adapter, but we were past that stage so I can't speak to how well that works. However, the adjustable footrest was perfect for my daughter who is on the taller side....and the adjustable push bar was perfect for me. The look of this stroller and the small details like the rose gold on the harness are just stunning! I would definitely recommend this stroller, its a bit of a price investment, but you won't regret it!
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Safety and comfort more than excellent!
By Mayne92
from Dallas, Texas
on July 27, 2019
I got my car seat few weeks ago and since then have been using and to be honest I am amazed with the quality of this car seat. I have not seen a car seat so comfort and safe for my baby so far as this one. I assure you that as a first time mother, everything that I required for a car seat was safety and comfort and this goes beyond my expectations. I love cybex ATOM M and highly recommend.
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Super Safe Car Seat, great for my newborn!
By Shaby
from Denver. CO
on July 27, 2019
At first I was a little intimidated by this car seat, I got this before my LO was born and it seemed very complicated. The base is different than most car seats in how you unlatch the carrier, you have to press 2 button at once then pull the seat. I was sure I didnt like that and it was gonna be too hard, trying to use 2 hands to do it. But once my LO came I actually got the hang of it pretty quick, I do it with one hand while lifting the carrier and Id say it is actually very easy. This seat is EXTRA padded which makes me feel good about having my newborn in it. It hugs him and holds him very comfortably. My favorite feature on it is the shade, sounds silly, but I love that it extends down really far. It allows me to block the sun from multiple angles. The car seat is also surprisingly light, carrying it and baby has been no problem for me. I have never used the sensor safety feature on this carseat, I actually dont really care about that feature, it was not a feeling point for me. Despite not using that feature, I still think this car seat is worth the price. I get comments on my car seat all the time, people can tell its a nice car seat and I feel good about putting my baby in it.
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Premium safety features
By BrLomb
from Denver, CO
on July 26, 2019
Cybex is known for attention to detail, and that is consistent in all aspects with the Aton M + Safelock base! The seat has a no-rethread harness, making it very easy to adjust the harness height as the child grows. They also have a "LSP" Linear side-impact protection system that pops out to add extra side impact protection on the door side of the vehicle. My favorite feature is the load leg on the base, which significantly slows down rotation on impact in a crash and absorbs energy, decreasing forces on the child by up to 50%! This is a great safety-enhancing feature that is common on European seats, but only found on limited US seats. I also really love the option to use European belt routing when installing the seat baseless- this is another anti-rotation technology that takes forces away from our precious babies! The base has a tensioning lock off, making it much easier to install snugly with less work. The only thing I didn't love was the thick infant body support, which must be used until 11 pounds. It's probably great for very small babies, but based on its fit with my newborn sized doll, I feel like it could be cumbersome for bigger newborns and those closer to the 11 pound requirement for removal. I'm not worried about the safety of the insert since it is crash tested and approved by Cybex, it's just a bit bulky. I did set up the SensorSafe 2.0 receiver in my car and I loved how easy this system was to set up and use. It's an audible alert that plays a little tune when you reach your destination, which reminds you the child is in the car. It would also alert if your child unbuckles the chest clip while driving! I mostly discussed safety features since that is what most impressed me about the Aton M, but it's worth saying that the fabric is very plush and nice, the canopy is large, and the seat is not super heavy. This is a great infant seat!
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Safety and Design First!
By DCDad
from Washington, DC
on July 26, 2019
We're a Cybex family in an UppaBaby Vista neighborhood. We chose a Cybex Balios M stroller and an Aton Q car seat three years ago for our eldest, because safety. Strollers are ubiquitous in our neighborhood in Washington, DC and we love pushing around a red Cybex stroller in a sea of drab grey strollers. The stroller now has a few bumps from domestic and international travel, but it has held up well.

This time around we opted to splurge on a Priam stroller for our infant (and another Cybex carseat). The new Priam 3 in 1 Travel system design is a winner (they should seriously enter it into design competitions). Very easy to use one-handed, intuitive to close and open, smooth movement, and turn ratio. It just works, and looks great doing it! We're happy with the weight, and with the looks it gets.

The only downside is our eldest doesn't want to give up their stroller yet, so we're using pushing around two strollers simultaneously, which is not easy to fit in a car trunk and to store in city-sized housing.

The Prime 3 in 1 travel system is a winner.
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Stylish and Safe
By Twinmom
from Pa
on July 26, 2019
I received this car seat in return for my honest review. Upon opening the box I noticed two things, the weight of the base and the comfort of the fabric. The base is heavy and safe! The leg lock is easy to install and adds an extra safety measure. The sensor safe technology is such an innovative idea that I'm sure people are going to love. Safety is most important but comfort is a close second. The cushions in this seat are thick and plush. The canopy makes this car seat look elegant and trendy while providing full sun/wind coverage. The car seat itself is easy to lift and to snap onto the base. The only con I have is that I wish I had another one because only one of the twins get to ride in style and comfort.
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Very Lightweight & Great Features!
By ElMom
from Dayton, Ohio
on July 26, 2019
I love this seat! My daughter was a little early and we were so happy to have this seat! There is a nice soft newborn padding/insert that was so soft. It helped elevate her in the seat because it is "deep".

We really liked the balancing/locking leg of the base, but it did take up a little more room than we were anticipating. We also plugged in and used the sensor safe plug. I love knowing that I have that backup safety option.

This seat is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. This was huge for us because she was small when she came home, but she had grown fast! Having a lightweight seat has saved our backs! That said, the head part is a little snug and I have concerns about her making it to the maximum weight/height limit of the seat. I do really like that the head positioned moves so easily to bring the straps and head support to the exact right spot. It makes it really easy to move it when they grow so quickly.

I think one of my favorite parts was the shade on the seat. It fits really closely to the seat and is made of nice breathable fabric. It stays exactly where you put it and goes down low enough to keep her fully shaded.

Highly recommend the seat!!
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Good car seat; a bit heavy
By kaylakp
from Tampa, FL.
on July 25, 2019
I got this car seat about a month ago and it is great! I love how far the canopy comes down compared to the previous car seat I was using. I love that the material is a softer and gentle material. I really like the Smart Lock feature and how it sends your phone alerts for multiple purposes if need be. I, however, did not like how heavy the car seat was with and without my child in it. Also, the style seems to be made to fit smaller babies such as newborns. The car seat seems and looks to be too big for my daughter even though she is not quite at the height or weight cut off. For those who do not always use or have access to a car seat base, the seat belt strap hooks seem a little sketchy. It looks like it could potentially come out of the strapping hook. I would definitely recommend using a base and getting an extra base for both vehicles.
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Amazing Infant Seat!
By Mom 5.
from undisclosed
on July 25, 2019
I am so impressed with this seat! It has every feature that a parent could dream of and is so soft and well cushioned for baby! I love the sensor safe as well as the load leg... I think these seats and the sensor safe feature itself will make a huge decline in the loss of children due to being "forgotten" in the car. Thank you Cybex for doing your part to keep our babies safe!
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