Cybex OPEN BOX ePriam Stroller - Chrome/Brown/Fancy Pink (Albee Exclusive)

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Cybex ePriam Stoller ~ BEAUTIFUL!
By Diana
from Virginia
on March 9, 2022
Verified Buyer
This Stroller is SO BEAUTIFUL! The technology is AMAZING! ALBEE is my " GO TO STORE" for all baby gear! Excellent Customer Service ~ Fast Delivery!
Would recommend it
By Jillian
from RI
on September 21, 2021
Verified Buyer
kind of hard to get it all set up, but loved it otherwise.
No replacement
By Felipe R.
from Orlando, FL
on July 1, 2020
Verified Buyer
I bought used an e-priam and don't have battery charger in the store and in the factory, that is I will not have the main function of the stroller!!
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The StrollsRoyce
By Trish F.
from Iowa
on May 19, 2020
Verified Buyer
This stroller is well worth every penny! The amount of features blow me away! But let's start with the couple of things I don't love:
-My husband is pretty handy and it was a beast to put together.
-The first stroller we received had an issue with the battery or charger so while customer service was fantastic about getting us a new one, it was kind of a pain to get the whole stroller back in the box and then assemble a stroller all over again.
-The cup holder is super low and not convenient. I only use it to hold my empty drink, it's too low to easily access it while walking.
-It's heavy and it isn't very compact when folded. It's enough to get it in the trunk of my crossover, but it's not something quick and easy to get in and out of the car.

So now to all the things I love!
-This thing looks boujee AF. Like seriously.
-Obviously the electric assist is quite a perk. I honesty thought it was a bit much before I tried it. I'm a fully capable young woman, I can push a stroller. But when I've got a drink or dog leash in one hand, it's so easy to push one handed!! I'm sure when we take it out to the zoo or fairgrounds I'll appreciate it more.
-The battery life is incredible!
-The front wheels lock or unlock to swivel so that's pretty cool.
-If you have the electric assist on and take your hands off the handle, it starts to brake. No run away stroller here!
-While it isn't super compact when folded, it is very easy to fold!
-It comes with its own rain coat. Seriously, the plastic cover to go over the stroller is genius.
-The seat and footrest are super adjustable for babe
-The basket under the stroller opens and closes magnetically so it makes it easy to stash things and close it
-The handle is also adjustable making it comfortable for my husband or I to push.
-The canopy is HUGE! On windy days we can have him almost completely enclosed and I Love the mesh window on top of the canopy to check in on the little guy.
-I've had strollers in the past that are a pain to get babe buckled in, but these straps and buckle are easy peasy!

The whole family loves this stroller!
Huge thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller.
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The Stroller of the Future!
By ChanelLene23
from San Antonio, TX
on April 29, 2020
Verified Buyer
First of all, thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing this stroller for me to test out. Now to the good stuff. This stroller is seriously awesome!

First off, visually it looks so sleek and luxurious with the leather handlebars and rose gold accents. Honestly, I feel sort of fancy just taking it out and about. It is also not big and bulky and goes pretty much anywhere I need it to. We have taken this out for walks pretty much every day the past couple weeks and I still haven't had to charge the battery again which is really great as I don't want to have to plug it in every time I use it. I absolutely love the fact that I can have my son facing me or facing out and it's super easy to switch. The recline feature is also great to use depending on the situation or time of day. I will say, my husband and I both commented that our son seems to really like being in this stroller because it's more open than others so even when he's buckled in, he can really see all around him without having his sides blocked in when the visor is down.

Now on to the functionality of the battery and electric assist. I didn't know what I was going to think of it, but WOW! It is so cool. You can't even really tell that there is a battery attached as it's so well hidden and compact, so that's great without looking bulky. We have huge hills in our neighborhood and pushing a stroller up them is such a chore, but not with this. Seriously, it just senses it and kicks on and starts helping us up. On those same hills, it slows itself down when we're going down. We actually tested to see what would happen if you let go of the handle while going down a hill (without baby in it of course and still using the safety wrist strap) and it stopped on it's own. Impressive. Finally I really wanted to see if it would help while going over more uneven and bumpy terrain, so we tested it out on those areas too, and yep, just started gliding right over it. My husband has even said on multiple occasions how impressed he is with it, and that's saying something, as he is rarely "impressed" with things like this. Lastly, folding the stroller up is a breeze as well which I appreciate because at the end of an outing the last thing I want to do is have to struggle folding up the stroller.

Now to speak on the topic of customer service. They are fantastic. When I first received the product, there was some sort of issue with the battery or charger, so I contacted customer service. I was asked to send a video of the problem, which I happily did. I got a reply that they would be shipping me an entirely new product and it was shipped out that day. They also sent me a pre-paid label to send the other one back so their engineering team could inspect the issue. I mean, you can't ask for much more than that! I was very thankful for their friendly and quick response.

The only thing I would add onto this stroller would be a compartment or pocket somewhere closer to the handle to hold such things as keys, a cellphone, etc. and be able to have easy access, but that's just me being picky.

Overall, if you're on the fence, go for it! I have already told pretty much everyone I know all about it and how impressed I am and now they all want to come try it out!
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Great stroller for hilly environments
By carterandheather
from Houston, TX
on April 15, 2020
Verified Buyer
I was given this e-assist stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

While we live in a flat neighborhood and the e-assist function isn't something that we need all the time, when we did encounter inclines the function was nice to have. It's definitely heavier than the non-e-assist stroller that we have, but I can imagine that if we lived somewhere that had a lot of hills, like San Francisco, it might be worth the extra weight because it will basically push itself uphill. Just be sure to come a complete stop before turning the e-assist on! We found that if you are moving while trying to activate the function it locks the tires and malfunctions. It works like a dream going over uneven surfaces! Our neighborhood has a number of places where the concrete sidewalks are buckling and a lot of park spaces so we spend a fair amount of time on rough surfaces---this stroller could handle them all. Those big wheels certainly make a positive difference.

This stroller is well constructed with really nice, high end materials. Our only complaint is that the brown leather accents---with everything else being black and rose gold the brown is just not ideal. Whatever material they've used on the seat, however, is so great! Even in the Texas heat and humidity our daughter was comfortable in the toddler seat and enjoyed the large canopy when there was a lot of sun. It comes so low that we really think she'd be able to take a nice nap if we were out and about during nap time. We also loved the way she wasn't completely cocooned when the hood is back, so she could see her surroundings and interact more with us as we walked. All-in-all, we are impressed with this stroller and would recommend it to anyone who deals with inclines on a day-to-day basis!
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Amazing Stroller with unique features
By HeidiHeidiHo
from Poconos, PA
on April 15, 2020
Verified Buyer
I was given this e-assist stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. It is a really beautiful and luxurious stroller. Everything about this stroller from the suspension to the leather handle is perfectly designed.

Setup: The frame is pretty much put together when you receive the item so the only assembly is really attaching the wheels, the seat pack, and the sun canopy. The wheels easily snap-in, but the seat pack takes a bit more effort to get on because the directions are just unclear pictures. You can definitely do it alone, but you just need to take some time and really look at the instructions to get it on in one go (I was excited and tried to rush through it so it took me a few tries) where everything will line up properly. Also, be very precise when zippering to ensure that the zipper doesn't pull apart later.

The frame: The frame is really high quality, lightweight, and worth splurging on. It is very sturdy and the suspension is fantastic. The suspension provides great handling and a smooth ride even on rough terrain (without the adding the wheels made specifically for off-road to the front).

Seat: The seat is very sleek looking with really comfortable and plush materials. The padded seat and harness appear to be very comfortable for the baby. The only con about the seat is that I find it difficult to recline it when the baby is already in the stroller.

Canopy: The XXL canopy is one of my favorite features. The canopy has such a sleek design that you cannot even tell how large it is when it isn't fully extended. It really is XXL - I have never seen a canopy with more coverage.

And finally the most unique feature: the electric assist.
The first tip is to make sure you fully charge the battery before first use. This is another thing I rushed the day I received the stroller and it died shortly into the walk. If the battery dies while in use the stroller will start to resist until you turn off the electric assist feature. I really like the electric assist feature, I can definitely feel the assistance working, but I found it more helpful on rougher terrain than on long steep hills. It made it really easy to get the stroller up grassy/rocky inclines or short steep inclines, but I didn't find that it made as much of a difference on the larger paved hills. To be clear - it still worked no matter the incline, but on paved hills the assistance was more subtle.
The electronic braking support also made going downhill more manageable, especially on steep hills. Using the electronic assist, I didn't feel like the stroller was trying to get away from me.

Overall: This stroller is beautiful, luxurious, and well-engineered. I think saying "making a steep climb feel like strolling along a level sidewalk" is a bit of an exaggeration for the electric assist, but it is a wonderful and super helpful feature.
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Best all in one stroller
By SeattleMamaMiya
from Seattle WA
on April 15, 2020
Verified Buyer
We live in a hilly neighborhood with no sidewalks and this stroller did amazing. We often frequent parks and typically we avoid the gravel and grassy areas however this stroller easily kicked in when the terrain got rough. I was initially skeptical on how much or not enough the elect assist would be but it handled all the difficult terrain and hills that we put it through. The stroller itself looks and feels like it's good quality, it's made with durable fabric and has a sleek design. It'a absolutely perfect for taking it out to the park but also looks nice enough to take it through the mall. The stroller is easy to collapse to fold. My little one seemed pretty happy riding in it, and I liked the fact that it has cushy shoulder straps and the extra zip that allows for more shade when the seat is reclined is perfect for all types of weather. The electric assist on this stroller is absolutely the best feature of this stroller but the streamlined zipper pocket on the back and the expandable magnet storage basket was surprisingly useful. Thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the opportunity to review this item.
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Beautiful Stroller
By cnichols1227
from Los Angeles CA
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
The Cybex e- Priam is a very nice stroller. The quality of the material is amazing. The handles are so soft and buttery. It has a nice ease pushing it around. It is a great stroller. That being said the "e" functioning part of the stroller was a little lack luster. It is semi useful but doesn't solve any real problem. The stroller is a little difficult to use. Like figuring out how to recline the seat was a pain in the butt. It is a lovely stroller and I hope they expand the "e" functioning. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Smart, Sleek Stroller
By willowmom128
from undisclosed
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
This stroller is everything I've wanted but never knew I needed! I'm a part of a few stroller groups on social media, and Cybex is always a recommended brand. My son is 15 months old, and we were still using the stroller from our registry. It got the job done for walks around the neighborhood and short trips to stores, but the ride was rough and the push needed to be two-handed.

When we received our Cybex e-Priam Electric Assist 3-in-1 Travel System Stroller, I was immediately taken with the strong lines and lush fabric. I've admired the Priam frame for awhile, so I couldn't wait to assemble everything. We charged the battery for the recommended 6 hours, and I attached it to the bottom of the rear axle. The switch to activate the electric assist is clearly marked and easy to switch on and off as you walk (pictured).

My son likes to sit up straight during walks and prefers to face me. This stroller met those needs and offered him a cushioned seat which he loved! On sunny days the extended canopy will be perfect if my son wants to nap while we're out and about. I loved the roomy basket that could be accessed from the back. The parent cup holder was a nice feature. I look forward to purchasing the snack tray for my son!

Our neighborhood has some uneven pavement, grass & gravel, and low grade hills. My husband and I would comment on how as our son gets bigger, the harder it is to push him up those inclines. Nothing to the point that we were deterred from taking walks, but we would plan our route to avoid those streets. In the Cybex e-Priam, the Uneven Surface Support of the stroller made the bumps virtually unnoticeable. This is a huge plus for when my little guy decides to nap on walks. When we had to go across the grass or use the gravel trail, the ride was smoother than his other stroller and my son was able to drink his water from his cup without incident.

As I started to go up hills, the stroller handled them with such ease. I only needed one hand to push and navigate the sidewalk. I was skeptical about what the push would actually feel like, but it was better than I could have imagined. At a nearby park, the downward incline on the path is quite steep and the e-Priam made me feel like I wasn't holding tightly onto the stroller, afraid that it would roll away.

Another issue I had with our previous stroller was the large fold in my trunk. I have a smaller sedan and whenever we wanted to take a stroller and other toddler necessities, my whole car was packed. The Cybex e-Priam fit nicely in my car with room to spare. The one-handed fold was, also, very easy to execute when I was holding my son.

Overall, I would recommend the Cybex e-Priam to anyone. Even if you only use the stroller for walks in your mostly flat neighborhood or use it for the occasional trip to the park, it's worth the ease of use and quality that you expect from Cybex.

I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
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Exciting new electric stroller
By Akai12345678
from Los Angeles, Ca
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
I really liked that I was able to try out this new electric stroller. Once upon a time I almost bought the electric stroll that charged your phone, but this one is a whole new type of electric assist. It took a bit of muscle to put it together but once I finished I was excited to give it a try. I live in a residential area with a TON of hills to just go walking so I often don't end up going out. Can I tell you this was amazing! To not have to run with the stroller downhill or push while losing breath just to go a block up was a nice change. The little neighborhood park a few blocks away is usually quite a trek so the new stroller really made the difference. My baby seemed to fit pretty well and seemed supported. I liked the extended canopy. It was a significantly long canopy. Longer than any others I've had. I LOVED that it was a good quality stroller that wasn't a flimsy umbrella stroller that actually had a one hand closing ability. I always didn't like that my other had to take the seat off just to close the stroller and it always takes up a lot of trunk space. I also really liked that the stroller stood up straight in the garage so that I didn't have to worry about potential bugs crawling into it. My only issue was that it was a bit heavy. Overall a really great one and done stroller!! Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the opportunity to test this e-assist stroller.
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Classy stroller for the city mama!
By Cakebaas0302
from Cincinnati, OH
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
The E-Priam is an amazing and classy stroller! It screams luxury, with the pink gold accents and leather handlebar. The seat is my favorite part of this stroller, my 13 month old can sit straight up (vs being slightly inclined) and see everything very easily - she LOVES the child handlebar too, she's always holding it while looking around. It's very comfortable for her and can be reclined nearly flat for when she naps on our long walks. She loves this stroller so much more than our usual 3-wheel stroller! The height of the seat would be perfect to pull up to tables at restaurants (unfortunately they're all closed due to COVID19). The basket is amazing and can fit everything we need to go to the park for a picnic or if I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store. The quality of materials is a 10/10. While I find the stroller somewhat heavier to push than my usual stroller, the electric assist fixes that problem. The electric assist is amazing when going up hills, it will automatically kick in and take some of the force out of pushing up the hill which is AWESOME! I was able to push it up a huge grassy hill with ease! It is also really good at turning on when going over different types of terrain and gravel/cobblestone/streets, it will automatically kick on and "push" the stroller forward for you. I did find it very useful and convenient! I do find it harder to push one-handed than my usual 3 wheel stroller which was slightly annoying at times because I also walk my dog so need a hand for the leash but it's not a deal breaker for me. The fold was super easy, though the stroller is heavy so heaving it into my SUVs trunk takes some strength. I do not like the included cup holder - my daughter often tried to steal my drink or when I would go over a big bump the drink would pop out, and I wish there was a stroller caddy offered to fit the handlebar that I could put my large iPhone in, along with a drink and my airpods case. Overall, this stroller is great if you live in the city with lots of hills or constantly take a stroller on different types of streets/terrain (I'm sure it'd be awesome in sand), and you want something that looks great! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller!
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Stroller Meets Technology!
By MrsSierraaaa
from Dallas, Texas
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
First off, this stroller is beautiful! I love how modern it looks and how sleek the design is. The fabric is beautiful, soft, and I felt like it had great cushioning for my little one. The stroller is easy to push and maneuvers well. I was so excited to try out the electric assist and couldn't wait to take the path less traveled. The walkway up to my house has a fairly steep incline and on our first walk out I immediately noticed how the electric assist kicked on and helped us not go down the hill too quickly. Our neighborhood park is covered in hilly trails as well as has several swing set and playground areas with wood chip pits. Maneuvering the stroller through the rocky hills and the wood chip pits was a complete breeze! I couldn't believe how I could push through them with minimal effort. I took my husband back to the park to let him try and we both had a blast pushing our son through the different uneven surfaces. This stroller truly opens up the possibility of going on more adventures to many different places because it takes some of the strain off of whoever is pushing the stroller!

Things I love:
*Beautiful fabric - Seriously, the fabric on the seat is gorgeous! We took several walks on hot days and my little guy stayed comfortable for the entire walk! He was always happy to walk and genuinely looked so comfy and laid back every time.
* Easy to adjust seat - I love that your baby can face out or in! The recline feature was also a breeze to use.
*Electric Assist - The golden star on this stroller is definitely the electric assist. It made walks fun and most importantly made them a great deal easier! I also felt an extra layer of safety going down hills knowing that I would have help to make sure we did not descend too quickly. Also, the battery life is amazing! After three weeks of almost daily use (1-3 miles/a day) I still have 75% battery remaining!
*Extra long canopy - I love how there are multiple options for how far the sun canopy extends! And when the canopy is fully extended, it provides an incredibly long protective barrier against the sun! The only bummer is that the canopy has to be fully extended to use the peek-a-boo feature to check on baby while he faces out.

Things that weren't my favorite:
Assembly - While the wheels and the frame easily assembled together, I had the hardest time getting the fabric on the frame. There are so many steps involving zippers and snaps, I really wish the fabric could have come already on the seat! I'm big into following the instructions and I felt like I had to do a little bit of trial and error before I got everything correct.
Cup holder - While it does adjust to accommodate different sized cups, it is kind of low and since it faces out my dog's leash got caught a couple times when I was walking her while pushing the stroller.
Weight - The stroller is a bit on the heavy side.

All in all - if you are looking for a beautiful stroller and live in an area filled with hills and various terrains - this is the stroller for you! Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this stroller to try.
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Wow! Seriously the best stroller ever.
By tobyandthejets
from Vermont
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
We recently moved to a new house on a steep, dirt road. I thought for sure that meant that walks with my 11 month old were going to be over--which was a shame because she loves them! Then I came across this electric stroller.

I was super excited to receive the package and couldn't wait to get it up and running. My LO loved the "ramp" on the box and tried to climb while I got it unpacked, which gave me some time to start to assemble. The frame was very easy to put together, and the pictures were clear. It got a little trickier adding the seat, but we figured it out pretty quickly. With the instructions for using stroller though, I would have preferred text as it was difficult to interpret some of the pictures in the manual.

A few comments about the stroller design--this thing is beautiful and full of class! The leather handles, the luster on the blue seat pack, sturdy wheels. There is a real quality to this stroller.

Now for the first run up our hill. It was rainy/snowy so we used the rain cover which kept the little one dry and happy. As soon as we started up the hill, the electric assist kicked in and it was amazing! No effort at all to push her. Even more amazing though was coming back down, The hill is quite steep as I mentioned, and the stroller actually slowed itself to a stop as I slowed down. No more running down a hill to keep up with the stroller! We can walk at a safe and comfortable pace and I no longer have to worry about a runaway.

After we got back home, I effortlessly folded the stroller up. For me, the best part about this is being able to now ENJOY daily walks with my girl, because the electric assist makes it fun and easy.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller!
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Baby and I both LOVE this stroller
By thecaitcat67
from Salt Lake City, Utah
on April 14, 2020
Verified Buyer
This stroller is so awesome. It was easy to put together and even easier to figure out how to use. My baby loves being hanging out in this a little too much and whines when I take her out. My favorite part is just how customizable this stroller is to fit both your and your kiddo's needs. The handlebar, seat, and footrest all have many positions, so you can really find what's most comfortable for you and your baby. The canopy can even be extended so far down there is no chance of the sun getting in your baby's eyes. I haven't had many opportunities to test out the e-assist feature, but I really look forward to putting it to good use in the future. The only nit-picky issue I had was the buckle being all plastic, so it seemed more fragile and actually stuck a little. If you're looking for a great stroller with some fancy features then you can't really go wrong with the Cybex e-Priam Electric Assist 3-in-1 Travel System Stroller. Thank you so much to Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller - I know I will be using it for years to come.
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Luxury and Ease
By MomtoMany171
from Raleigh,NC
on April 13, 2020
Verified Buyer
We have had many, many strollers over the years, but this one takes the cake! I received this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and from one look inside the box I was in love! I have long been a fan of the quality of Cybex products and this stroller is no exception. Some of my favorite features were the large basket underneath with a collapsible magnetic extender, the extendable sun canopy, reversible seat, and high seat weight limit- 55lbs! The feature that absolutely blew me away though was the electric assist. Anyone who has pushed a big toddler around in a stroller knows the sore arms and legs that come with pushing them over any terrain that isn't paved and completely flat. The electric assist on this stroller takes that pain away completely. It has just enough "oomph" to make it feel like you are pushing on flat ground even through pebbles, sand, or uphill. It has a very intuitive and easy (and flip-flop friendly) on and off switch and the battery can be removed for charging. We have been on multiple hour+ long walks and we still have plenty of battery. This is an absolute game-changer. My husband likened the feature to power-steering in a car! You'd have no idea you were pushing a stroller that was any different except it is less work! This is the perfect stroller for city moms who do a lot of walking on hilly and uneven streets, or a suburban mom who loves to walk hilly neighborhoods and trails. I love that it is a stroller I would stroll the mall with in style- and still be able to walk it on a rough road to the park. Versatile, stylish, and so functional!
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Great Stroller with Options!
By nbmasters0924
from Grand Rapids, Michigan
on April 13, 2020
Verified Buyer
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller. I have used it at least twice a day for the past few weeks and it has made an impression on me. My overall experience with the Cybex e-Priam Electric Assist 3-in-1 Travel System Stroller has been above average and I would recommend this stroller to people that are looking for the specific features that it has to offer, but I don't believe that it the perfect stroller for everyone. I am an engineer by trade, so I want to give you a concise opinion and then get more in depth for the reasons why. The e-assist is great if you are walking over rough terrain or up and down hilly areas frequently. It is made from premium materials that look and feel very comfortable plus, my 1.5-year-old really loves it.

Packaging and Assembly - The packaging that the stroller came in was very nice. It was thoroughly protected so that shipping damage would be nearly non-existent. The box was well made, it shows clearly what is inside and each component was taken care to protect from scratches, dents, and dings. As for the assembly instructions, they leave a lot to be desired. It took me approximately 1 hour to complete the assembly, taking my time and care that everything was correct. The entire assembly is done in pictures, but the pictures don't do a very good job at showing what exactly you are putting together. After figuring out what the picture is trying to tell you, it did go together nicely. I had some difficulty getting some of the cloth pieces on initially because the fit is very close to perfect. All the seams pull tight and give the impression of a very high-quality stroller. Once together the stroller is very impressive.

Design and Construction - The construction of this stroller is high end except for a few parts. The metal pieces are very well crafted polished and present well. The plastic pieces are without blemish, and every single piece of leather and cloth on this thing is exquisite. I can't say enough about the fabric, it is very soft and pleasing to the touch, and it seems to clean easily as well. I let my son eat in it on several walks and a damp rag takes the gunk away easily. I also believe that it will be easy enough to pull off and put in the gentle cycle of the washing machine, I however have not done that (nor have I checked to see if they recommend that). My only gripe about the construction of the stroller is the plastic that the electric motors are in. They use a clam shell design that just doesn't hold the side to side motion as well as it should. After about a week, the 2 pieces started to squeak as the stroller moves side to side. I also do have concern about all the joints (where the stroller folds) being plastic as well but so far, they have held up great. My only other issues with the design, is that it does not lock together when folded down. It doesn't take much for the stroller to unfold itself when lifting to put into a car. On that not, it really doesn't fold down very small either. I have a large SUV and it takes up from the bumper to the back of the backseat worth of space. I personally wouldn't travel with it.

Functionality - As for functionality, this stroller functions exactly as expected. It rolls forward and back as you push it. I found it a little difficult to push one handed, but not a deal breaker. It does maneuver well around obstacles. The e-assist comes in very handy if you have to walk across grass or gravel, as well as up and down hills, as advertised. I found the assist takes a little longer to activate then what felt comfortable, but not long enough that I wondered if it ever would kick in. I walk primarily in a slightly hilly (probably 5-degree inclines), suburban area and it does well. The battery life has been amazing, as I have only fully charge it once in 2 weeks. The rear wheels lock very easily with a large rocker that you step on. The front wheels are harder to lock as they lock individually and up underneath the front of the stroller, but the back wheels do a good job at holding it in place when locked. My son loves that the seat will sit almost straight up without and hindrance of view so that he can look and see everything. It will also lay flat if you had a sleeping child too. There is also a bar that goes across the lap of the child that is nice. My son loves to hold onto it as we walk as a feeling of comfort. The straps have a built-in protector to avoid discomfort around the neck, and while it is very nice, I found it difficult to adjust. The stroller also has a storage area underneath the seat. It is easy to access but is limited in size. The cup holder left a lot to be desired. The mount location is very far away, I had to bend over the handlebar to get my drink out of it, and it is narrow and deep. A 12oz soda can leaves nothing to grab onto at the top once it is placed into the holder. The only thing I could see the holder being used for is a tall metal can like an energy drink or such. My last comment on the stroller is that I really missed some sort of storage around the handlebar area. There is nothing to put wipes, tissues, sunglasses or a cell phone in. Not a deal breaker but would be a huge advantage.

Overall thoughts - Cybex definitely made a solid stroller. It functions exactly as you would hope it would with some high end luxury finish and materials. The looks of the stroller are definitely appealing. As for functionality, it does everything you would want it to and more. If you live in a holly area, I think the e-assist is a must. It might also be one of those things that is nice to have just in case. My son loves using this stroller due to sitting upright and having an unobstructed view. My last thought to pass on is to think about how much space you have to transport it because it is not small when folded down.
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The most amazing stroller
By samantha_ann289
from Boston, MA
on April 13, 2020
Verified Buyer
We are currently living in a very hilly neighborhood and this stroller has been amazing as it not only assists going uphill but downhill as well. So you never end up with that runaway stroller feeling when going down a steep hill. My son absolutely loves it too, the seat seems much more comfortable than our old stroller and he actually asks to go in it. I am so thankful to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this to me for review. It's a stroller I would 100% recommend if you are already considering options in this price range or if you are a family that walks for most of your transportation then this is absolutely worth the investment. It's sturdy, well build and will certainly last us through multiple kids.
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Almost an A - Mostly loving this stroller!
By Emily 1.
from Charlotte, NC
on April 13, 2020
Verified Buyer
Now that we've been using the e-Priam daily for about two weeks, I would give this stroller a B+ grade - here's why:

Let's start with the positives - this stroller is GORGEOUS. Ours came in black/rose gold, and the rose gold hardware is sophisticated and elegant - not superlatives I normally associate with a stroller. (I swear this thing makes me want to dress in a cuter outfit when we go for a walk.) The fabric has already withstood a lot of wipe-downs thanks to snacks on the go, and has a nice texture - much softer than our other high-end stroller, but still feels durable. The electric assist, while it took some getting used to, is the main reason I now reach for this stroller over our old one. Our neighborhood is full of hills, with our house being at the top of one, AND a super steep driveway. The downhill support makes me feel safer getting down our driveway, and by the time I'm at the end of our 3 mile walk I'm loving the assist up the final stretch. I tend to turn it off on even pavement since it sometimes seems to activate when I don't need it, but for our particular daily walk it has really proven to be a helpful feature. My daughter also likes the additional space between the seat and the cross bar, and seems to be more comfortable in the angle of this seat than our other stroller.

So here are the reasons why this almost, but didn't quite, earn an A grade from me...first, the out of the box experience left a bit to be desired. The instruction manual is entirely composed of diagrams that are not always clear - there are no written instructions at all, which I honestly found bizarre. My husband is incredibly handy and it took him ages to get this thing together. Once I found an official Cybex video I was able to figure out how to manipulate the seat/fold it, but it was not a straight-forward process. Second, as I noted before, the electric assist definitely takes some time to get used to. I still occasionally feel like it's working against me uphill, and the downhill speed on a slight incline can slow to a glacial pace, to the point I get frustrated and turn it off. While these instances don't negate the benefits, I still feel like the rhythm can be a little "off". Finally, while this could just be a manufacturing issue, my cup holder doesn't work - it rotates so that even the lightest cup goes flying off. My insulated tumbler had to be retired after I found this out the hard way from the top of our driveway.

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller - a welcome addition to our coronavirus self-quarantine routine!
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Beautiful Design & Modern Features
By betsyf022366
from Reading, PA
on April 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
I'm a mom of a busy 17mo living in a suburban area and we take lots of walks around the neighborhood. My husband and I love "smart" gadgets and were really excited to get to try out the e-Priam. We tend to go for higher-end gear for the big stuff with the philosophy that we'd rather invest in a really great product that will fit our lifestyle if it's something we'll use for awhile.

All of that said, there were some things I loved and other things that I think could be improved about the e-Priam. It probably goes without saying that the biggest draw to this stroller is the battery component. It's really an incredible piece of tech. The assist feature kicks in when you're heading uphill and can literally stop the stroller completely when going downhill if your hands leave the handlebars. The assist isn't going to push the stroller up a hill by itself, but it provides enough help that it takes the strain off of pushing 50-60+ pounds up an incline, or pulling back on it when heading down a hill, and the sensors that turn on that function are surprisingly responsive. This is by far my favorite feature of the stroller.

Beyond the tech component, the design of the stroller is beautiful. The fabrics feel luxurious, the padding was comfortable for our little guy, and the leather wrap on the handles and belly bar just give it an upscale look. The design is very sleek and modern, which I love. The seat can parent- or forward-face and lay almost flat, which is great for those coveted stroller-naps! The magnetic closures on the basket and peekaboo window are great and quiet. As a chronic overpacker with a rather large diaper bag, I do wish the basket was just a tad larger and had a higher weight capacity. Height-wise, the seat is great and will allow for quite a few years & inches worth of growth for my son (who's around the 75th percentile for height), however, I wish the seat was just a bit wider. My son is only in the 50-60th percentile for weight and while he's not squished by any means, I feel like the width of the stroller frame could accommodate a little extra width in the seat. He often drapes his legs over the sides of the footrest, which might just be comfortable for him, but this is the only stroller I've seen him do that in.

Finally, my biggest complaint about the e-Priam would be the fold. It's a bit of a two-edged sword. It's incredibly easy to fold one-handed, which I really appreciate. However, it's very far from being a compact fold, which is a bit disappointing. This is largely due to the fact that it will stand on it's own when folded, which I could see being a really great feature for someone who needs to either store the stroller in a standing position, or perhaps if you're folding and unfolding it while getting on and off public transportation. But for someone who is often pulling her stroller from the trunk of my mid-size SUV, I was a bit disappointed to see how much room it took up when folded.

Overall, I think the e-Priam is a great option for someone looking for a really beautifully designed, comfortable, and versatile stroller. It's definitely a perfect choice if you find yourself walking in hilly areas or on uneven ground. I'd recommend it to a friend! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller to test and review.
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A MUST-HAVE if you can afford it!
By katelynLT0420
from Norwalk, CT
on April 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
I received the Cybex e-Priam stroller as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and I have to tell you that it is a GAME CHANGER!

- GREAT suspension (handles bumps and uneven terrain with ease);
- The turning radius is much better than that of our other stroller (a Nuna Demigrow);
- The stroller is BEAUTIFUL! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the rose gold frame (and my husband was ESPECIALLY unsure), but it's not overwhelming. The materials are definitely high-end;
- The electric-assist is a huge benefit, especially when going uphill. I tend to engage the electric-assist when I'm approaching a hill, and am treated to the sound of the motor as I begin up the incline (it's not too loud, and I actually think my baby likes the sound). I can basically push the stroller with one finger up a pretty steep hill, and I'm definitely not feeling it in my legs as much as I used to!
- The buckle is very easy to engage and disengage! I love how intuitive it is!;
- The handle is easily adjustable and can accommodate people of varying heights;
- The stroller has a small footprint, which I love. Our other full-sized stroller is larger and takes up a lot more space in our trunk.

- The assembly isn't super easy (the booklet comes with picture-only instructions, and the Cybex-produced video makes it seem a lot easier than it actually is), but you're really only going to do this once, so take this with a grain of salt...;
- You have to recharge the battery. We have several other strollers, so we pull this one out when we know we're going to be riding on rough terrain or up lots of hills. We also only turn on the battery when we are about to use the electric assist, so this helps to conserve battery life!;
- The downhill electric-assist almost seems too slow. If you're someone who often deals with out-of-control strollers while going downhill will appreciate this, but I don't usually use the electric assist when going downhill (I have a baby who loves speed)!;
- I wish the basket were a bit bigger (our Nuna Demigrow has a HUGE basket), but it's serviceable, and definitely has a larger basket than, say, a travel stroller;
- It's very pricey!
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Great Stroller to conquer hills!
By Winstons_Dad
from Dayton, OH
on April 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
Overall, I really like this stroller! It is really well made and you can tell the company really takes pride in the design. Every detail is meticulously considered and the result is clean.

* The motor assist on hills is crucial if you live in a hilly area. This makes going for walks a breeze.
* My son loved the seat and was very comfortable on every walk we have been on.
* The canopy does a really good job of keeping my son dry and away from the son. The mosquito canopy is a nice addition.
* The design is really, really clean.
* The craftsmanship of the stroller is top notch. The stroller feels sturdy and well put together.
* Setup was simple.

* The stroller is pretty heavy which makes taking it in the car a bit of a pain.
* When the motor assist is not engaged, the stroller is slightly hard to push than a jogging stroller.
* The cup holder is pretty far down the stroller and there isn't a storage option on the handle bar which would be nice.

I think this is the perfect stroller for a parent that lives in a city that has to constantly tackle hills. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller.
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Electric Assist makes pushing this stroller a breeze!
By brieannnab79
from Salem, OR
on April 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
Wow, this is one beautiful stroller! With a premium satin black seat, leather-like handle, and black accent details that stand out against the rose gold frame, this Priam exudes elegance and class. The design is well thought out and sleek. Two features that definitely stand out are the electronic assist and the generous undercarriage basket with magnetic closure that keep belongings secure. Not only is this stroller functional, but eye-catching as well.

The electric part of the Priam is very easy to use. With an on and off switch, power assistance is just one click away. This Cybex stroller is capable of slowing down or speeding up when going downhill, depending on how fast one is walking. It also makes pushing it uphill an absolute breeze. Folding it down for storage is easy to do with one hand and all the pieces work smoothly and seamlessly together. With a variety of accessories that can be bought separately, I am looking forward to acquiring more goodies to accessorize this stroller.

My 18-month-old son really enjoys the comfortable ride and I feel safe pushing him down steep hills in our neighborhood. I've owned other high-end strollers and I was always worried they might get away from me going downhill. I have never felt this way while pushing the Cybex e-Priam Electric Assist Stroller. That right there makes this stroller worth its weight in gold. I want to thank the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the opportunity to test out this amazing stroller. I would give it a 10 out of 10!
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E(xtra) Assist
By Juliaoreilly
from Philadelphia, PA
on April 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
I received this e-assist stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I researched and learned as much as I could before receiving and was extremely excited to use this new tech-forward stroller. The electric assist feature was something I was unfamiliar with but have now used consistently with this stroller. I find it works best in uneven terrain like grass. I notice it does engage during uphill and downhill but not much of a noticeable alleviation. While this stroller advertises an all-wheel suspension feature, there did not seem to be significant shock absorption. It is easier to control and maneuver than my previous travel system but not as shock absorbing as say a jogger.
The styling is sleek and slender but very similar to many high end strollers at competing price points, but it has particular design features that make it stand out from the rest.
It took me a few days to figure how to fold this stroller completely, but once I did it was very easy with the one-handed folding. The seat folds forward and the handle bar collapses for storing.
I really love the reversible seat options as I prefer the parent-facing option but my son prefers the forward-facing. It also allows for one-handed reclining of the seat, most easily done while in the parent-facing position, and the extra large canopy covers extremely well even in the reclined position. The material is high quality and provides sun and wind protection.
My son really enjoys riding in this stroller, all of the seating parts such as straps and buckle are nicely padded and the adjustable foot rest allows for comfort as he grows.
The large surface area of the buckle is so easy to clasp and release.
The whole stroller was easy to assemble, no tools were required, but would have appreciated if the manual included text description in the instructions.
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The stroller you never knew you needed!
By Smfarrar0713
from West Hartford, Connecticut
on April 11, 2020
Verified Buyer
Thanks so much to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with†this e-assist stroller. In all honesty, I was a little skeptical about this stroller in the beginning. I thought it was a really cool idea but I didn't understand how an electric stroller could be helpful or why anyone would need it.. I was SO wrong, this stroller is INCREDIBLE! The design is gorgeous, I love the parent friendly features of the stroller and the e-assist is extremely helpful.

I have had so many people stop me to compliment this gorgeous stroller. The rose gold bars next to the sleek black seat and wheels is absolutely stunning. The leather handle bar (and bumper bar for my son) make everything feel so luxurious and I love it. My son loves the design too- he's constantly resting his feet up on the bumper bar and snuggling into the soft seat. I appreciate the large canopy for sun coverage, but I wouldn't mind more of an extended sunshade.. we still had some issues with the sun getting in my little ones eyes during periods of the day if the seat wasn't completely upright.

The features of this stroller meant to ease the some of the minor inconveniences of everyday parenting are incredible, it's like they thought of everything (or asked some moms who did)! The basket size is not only big enough for a grocery run, but folds into itself when you don't need it to be so large... and it has magnets to keep it closed! I love that this stroller included a cup holder- I know a lot of the other luxury brands offer them as an additional accessory so I love that it was included. The fact that the stroller comes with a rain cover (with air holes) is also awesome, I keep it in a bag in my extra large storage basket! The seat is so easy to flip around, which seems minor but is SO important when you have a screaming baby who wants to face you halfway through a walk.

Last but CERTAINLY not least is the fact that this stroller has the e-assist feature. The e-Priam is all terrain thanks to the electric component... I have never considered walking my stroller on grass until now because it was such a pain. With this stroller it doesn't take any extra effort to cross a grassy terrain to get to where I need to go- which is so useful since I have a golf course across the street. It's a breeze to get across the grass to the cart path! This stroller has zero issues going up or down hills and even slows and stops on its own when going downhill if you aren't pushing it. I only discovered this feature when I tripped going downhill and was trying to grab my water that was rolling away... the stroller stopped on it's own, so cool! Cybex has really outdone themselves with this one! 10/10 would recommend!
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Quite A Unique Stroller
By LoveCookies210
from undisclosed
on April 11, 2020
Verified Buyer
I was given this e-assist stroller to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. As a mom who has a literal parking lot of strollers in her house, this was definitely a new concept and I was intrigued to try it.

We live on a pretty hilly road and our house is on one of the hills. A park we frequent is at the bottom of the hill. Walking home back up the hill is very challenging, haha (especially after having to walk uphill to exit the park) and especially when you are pushing one, sometimes, two, 30 lb kids. My 3 year old and 1 year old weigh nearly the same. I was very hopeful that this stroller would make our walks a little easier.

The Cybex e-Priam did just that! The e-assist engaged and made strolling uphill almost as easy as pushing on flat ground. The e-assist also engages while going downhill, which I was not expecting. I thought it was a little annoying at first because it slowed my pace more than I prefer but at least the stroller wasn't pulling me down the hill like my traditional ones do.

It's a good looking stroller; unique but not outlandish. The basket is generously sized, the handlebar is adjustable and seems to be able to accommodate a large range of heights. It folds easily but is far from compact when folded, and boy is it heavy! Not a stroller I would keep in the back of my trunk for everyday use.

My kids seemed comfortable in it; the fabric has a nice feel to it and the seat accommodated a 1 year old as well as it did a 3 year old. The canopy is enormous when unzipped and extended fully but also provides great shade and protection when zipped and "normal" size.

The assembly was somewhat of a drawback. It's the first stroller I've really needed my husband's help with. All my other strollers I've been able to assemble 100% on my own. The instructions weren't the clearest and I needed more muscle than I had to put together certain parts.

Overall it's a nice stroller, but I wouldn't call it an everyday stroller for me. Maybe if you're looking for an upgrade to conquer hilly roads or if the stroller is your babe's primary means of transport you'd get the most use out of it.
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Makes strolling a breeze!
By Actsparky162
from Issaquah, WA
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
I was so excited when I received the Cybex e-Priam Electric Stroller that I couldn't wait to use it! That said, while putting the wheels and battery on were straight forward, I struggled getting the fabric seat together. The instructions were picture based which wasn't as helpful for me and I found myself searching for worded ones. I was able to get it together, but would have loved a bit more explanation.

I received the black seat with matte black frame. Very classic looking and chic. I've already received several compliments.

My baby girl is 6 months old and sits independently. However, I love that you can use this stroller earlier since it fully reclines! Another bonus was since we have the Cybex Cloud Q car seat, it will attach in place of the seat too! The seat is nicely cushioned and I felt my little one was comfy. Something to consider is there isn't much rise on the sides of the seat if that is a feature you consider important.

The sunshade is WONDERFUL! It has several settings and when fully unzipped covers baby almost completely but her legs. I felt good knowing she was protected from the sun. When strolling it is easy to check in on baby though by pulling back the magnetic peek a boo flap on the sunshade.

Now on to the fun part! It's electric! This does cause it to be a bit heavier overall, BUT I don't mind one bit! I live in an area with an abundance of hills and it is a challenge pushing baby or my toddler up them to get to parks. This stroller eased that burden significantly! I felt the motor kick in and could only hear it when everything around us was quiet. It was nearly silent! It also smartly catches when you're headed downhill, preventing it from speeding up and keeping the parent from chasing it or pulling hard on it to keep it from going too quickly. If you want to pick up the pace, it's easy to push the stroller and it will accommodate the new speed.

It is easy to charge, fold and stroll! I'm beyond thrilled to have something that makes my life easier. Now if only they would make a double electric one! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller.
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Great Sleek Stroller with an Extra Boost
By Anita S.
from Plano, TX
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
I received this e-assist stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. The look and design screams upscale and luxe, I almost didn't want to use it and let my toddler break it in! The metal frame is sleek, and the fabric is clearly great quality. The seat is also very well cushioned, along with nicely cushioned protective covers for the harness straps. I love the oversized canopy, along with the expandable portion that you can zip up when not in use! The basket on the bottom also expands and had a magnetic closure, which was an extra bonus. The foot brake is convenient and sleek looking as well. I love that the seat can fully recline, and how easy it is to fold and store the stroller when not in use. It is also great that the seat is at table height, so when we are able to go out to eat at restaurants again, we can roll our little one right up!

I wasn't sure if I needed or would use the e-assist feature, until I had it and realized how helpful it was! When walking through the trails of a park nearby, I realized I didn't have to worry about the stroller (and my toddler) rolling downhill, and holding on for dear life, since the e-assist helped slow it down for me! There is also a wrist strap, JUST in case. The end of our walk through the trails had a steep uphill climb, which normally would wind me pushing a stroller up, but with this stroller and the extra boost, it was no problem! I do want to say that I am very active, and I still really appreciated this feature! I wish I had this stroller right after my c-section-it would have definitely taken the fear of exercise from me if so! This stroller does also have the option to connect to certain cybex car seats and infant cots, so I will have to look into those for baby number 2!

There are only 2 features that stopped me from giving this stroller 5 stars. The first is assembly-it was not the easiest thing in the world to put together. The frame was fine, but the seat took a little more effort. I wish the seat had been assembled and placed in the packaging folded up rather than requiring assembly. I almost forgot about it all once it was assembled and in use, though. The other feature is that the back pocket of the seat is a bit narrow and hard to fit anything in to when your toddler is actually seated. The large basket at the bottom can accommodate more than enough room, but requires you to bend down to access it. Overall, the benefits greatly outweigh any draw backs, and we love this stroller!!
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Sleek and beautiful electronic option
By Sionann94502
from San Francisco
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
I love this stroller! I received this e-assist stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to try a product like this. It was so neat feeling the electric assist kick in while going up a slight incline. The mechanism is sensitive enough to notice when the sidewalk begins to taper towards the street. My neighborhood has canals and quite a few arched bridges. The stroller made it so easy to push my toddler while also maintaining control on my dog and nursing my newborn.

One of my favorite features is that the stroller will automatically brake/ slow itself if it detects itself moving without a hand on the handle. This is a great safety feature for those slight declines that you might not notice before you look away or something. Another super important feature is that the handlebar adjusts for tall people! I've tried A LOT of options and this is the tallest teaching handle by a long shot. I'm 5'11" and it's taller than I need it to be.

The look and design is gorgeous. It looks and feels expensive and luxury. The rose gold is beautiful against the black and brown. My toddler loves riding in it and keeps asking to take it out. I'm not sure if she noticed the electric assist (it does make a slight sound). She does think it's a comfy ride. In terms of the size of the stroller I definitely consider it kind of a daily stroller. This is something I'd take around town, to a park, on short errands. The basket is okay sized and suitable for a parent traveling or on the go. It expands nicely but IMO wouldn't be suitable for all your groceries unless you go shopping multiple times a week.

The toddler seat adjusts as many strollers do by simply pulling up a level while pushing the incline to the position you want.

The electronics were easy to understand and functioned as you'd expect.

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Perfect for my hilly neighborhood and grassy parks
By AmandaF_1988
from Seattle, WA
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
I received the cybex e-priam stroller from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, to review. I was excited to try it out: I already owned two strollers: a full sized stroller and a lightweight stroller (all different brands), but this one was really different.

I frequently push my 16m old son around in a stroller. In general, my main "challenges" when strolling were:
1. It's really hard to push my strollers on grass or gravel! I didn't realize how much grass I'd have to go over to get to picnic spots and play structures pre-baby!
2. I live at the top of a hill: the last 3 blocks or so are all UP to my home, and I actually avoid walking along the lake because the 3 blocks to get to it are so darn steep that getting home is a nightmare. (My toddler weighs about 25lbs, which doesn't help.)

The cybex e-priam seems to me to have been designed precisely to deal with these two issues, so I was absolutely pumped to get to test it out. I am happy to report that handles both these challenges really well. In both uphill and grassy situations the assist kicks in and makes strollering much easier: it basically keeps the effort required to push the stroller similar to walking on a flat surface.

At first I didn't like the e-assist when going downhill, as I didn't want to move so slowly. But I found it handy when my dog was insisting on sniffing everything on the way down a very steep hill, as it was nice not to have to put in a ton of effort to keep the stroller from pulling me downhill. I also think it'd have been a nice feature when my baby was a newborn: I always had this weird anxiety that I'd accidentally let go of the stroller and the stroller would go racing downhill. Between the e-assist and the wrist strap I think I'd have worried about that less with this stroller. (Though nothing bad ever happened, regardless.)

The stroller itself is beautiful: it's sleek design and wide range of frame and seat colors to choose from are what first catches anyone's eye. I was sent a black on matte black stroller that is not the flashiest option but it does have a demure classiness to it.

The basket below is quite roomy. I like that the basket has a magnetic snap to make it smaller and tidier when you don't need the whole thing.

The handlebar has a huge range of heights, which I appreciate, though I do find that at the height that's comfortable for my arms I do occasionally kick the stroller.

The fold is exceptionally easy, but the stroller is still pretty big when folded. And of course, the stroller itself is really very heavy: not something I'd want to be lifting in and out of my trunk overall. I do like that when folded you can pull the stroller around on the large back wheels like a buggy.

The seat itself I feel is meant for a taller toddler. My kiddo is about 31-32 inches tall, and his knees don't quite pass the bend in the seat. Similarly, the footrest is further from his feet than those on other strollers. Not really a con since he will grow into it.

The little pocket on the back of the seat is a nice detail. The canopy is generous and can easily be extended to huge. The option to go to two wheel mode is really cool (staircases, you've met your match!), though I personally haven't needed to use it.

My only real complaints are the following two. First, the cup holder accessory is frustratingly bad: I had my beautiful black water bottle in there (matched the stroller!) and in the first four blocks or so the cup holder swiveled upside down and threw my water bottle on the ground three times. I tried avoiding bumps, I tried drinking some of the water so it was more bottom heavy, but eventually I gave up and put my now very scratched and dented water bottle in the basket.

Second, assembling this thing was a real challenge. The instructions themselves were simple enough, but the job required a surprising amount of strength. The two hardest parts were getting the fabric on the footrest (which required pulling the fabric very very taut to get it over the plastic parts) and getting the four snaps in the bottom of the seat fabric to snap into the plastic frame: that alone took me forever and my hands were pretty sore by the end. Took me about 45 minutes in all, but after that it was smooth strollering.

All in all I'd say this is a great stroller for anyone who either plans to primarily stroll around their own neighborhood and/or has an SUV so trunk space isn't limited. I love that the e-assist feature makes walks on grassy or hilly terrain so much more pleasant. This has definitely become my go-to stroller when I walk the dog, and with room to grow I imagine it'll continue to get tons of use.
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Beautiful sleek e-stroller
By Brittanyls15
from Seattle
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this e-assist stroller. It is absolutely beautiful and so easy to use. The leather features and rose gold really add to it The sleek design allows for quick and easy folding, easier than any other stroller I've used. Also the electric assist feature is a huge benefit. I live on a very hilly golf course and go for walks daily. I love how the electric assist kicks in when I am going up hill to make pushing the stroller much easier, when I am going down hill it helps keep the stroller from rolling too fast, and when I am going over bumpy uneven surfaces it helps get through those areas easier too. I especially love how the canopy has many different coverages and the patch to see through to your kid is in the perfect spot. My other favorite feature is the basket at the bottom collapses and expands depending on how much space you need to hold things down there. I love this and so does my baby stroller!
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Luxury & Functionality all-in-one
By melbhab62momof3
from Long Island, NY
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
When I first ready about the electric assist feature on this stroller I didn't really think it would be useful - thought it was just another fancy feature that I wouldn't use. Boy, was I wrong! I've used many strollers of all different shapes and sizes - the Cybex e-Priam made going up and down the hills and over the grass and uneven pavement a breeze. At first I didn't really feel the difference, then I shut off the assist and felt the HUGE difference - I didn't need to put any added effort in to pushing a big stroller up a hill or holding on going down. I am now completely hooked on the electric assist technology and don't know how I lived without it all of these years!
The only reason why I am giving a 4 stars vs. 5 is because the assembly was a bit tough and I don't feel this stroller opens and closes as easily as some others (much less fancy) that I have used, plus it's a little on the heavy side, for me.
I do love how it folds down though - relatively compact, considering it's a full-size stroller, and it can stand on it's own when folded too!
PLUS this stroller is the height of luxury - every material used is quality and feels super fancy! From the leather handle bar to the satin-like fabric and the quality base...Cybex did not cut any corners here. The super big sun canopy is awesome for shade and nap time on-the-go and there is a great vent for air to flow on warmer days. The seat reclines easily and the leg support is also easy to move. My 1yo was comfy and had plenty of room to sit back and enjoy her ride!
Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for hooking this mamma up with such an amazing stroller!
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Obsessed with this stroller! Worth the $
By Tsellers1234
from Lehi, UT
on April 10, 2020
Verified Buyer
This stroller is amazing! I received it as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and it's a dream. Glides with ease over all kinds of terrain. Grass, gravel, anything the stroller with the assist makes it feel like you are pushing on flat ground. I tried it with both my 3 yr old and my 6 months old and the weight of the child did not impact the ease of pushing this stroller. The wheels are sturdy and it turns with ease, the design is beautiful and the fabric is cozy for my kids. I would easily recommend this to everyone!

My only criticism would be that it was a little trickier to put together. The instructions lacked words, so it was a tad confusing with pictures only.

Seriously love this stroller!!!
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Makes beach walks so much easier!
By MarieRene736
from Miami
on March 18, 2020
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love my ePriam! I take my daughter on a walk every morning and would sometimes avoid the sand because it was too hard to push but with my ePriam, I can easily push the stroller through sand! It is so elegant and makes people stop to look how pretty it is!
This product review was collected by the manufacturer.
By Joanna
from Santa Maria, California
on February 12, 2020
Verified Buyer
This stroller is not only lux but so convenient. Itís so easy to use and the all terrain tires take me from the beach to the snow without an issue. You need!!!
By Lily2886
from East Hampton, NY
on December 20, 2019
Verified Buyer
I don't know how I ever had a stroller before the ePriam! It makes hills and beach strolling so much easier!
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