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Chicco Naturalfit 8 oz. 0m+ Slow Flow Bottle & Bonus Nipple

This item is discontinued.
NaturalFit bottles have been designed to make bottle feeding as simple, relaxing and natural as breastfeeding and to provide the perfect fit and flow for all baby’s feeding preferences. The angled and straight nipples bio-mimic the breast in form, feel and function to help reduce nipple confusion when combining bottle and breastfeeding.

Made of supple silicone, NaturalFit nipples have a natural feel and movement, like the breast, that is familiar and calming to baby. The wide, rounded base supports a natural latch and the ideal slow flow rate is perfect for newborns. The non-slip texture helps to keep baby from breaking the latch and taking in excess air. Dual, anti-colic valves move air out of the bottle and away from the milk so baby is only drinking the good stuff. NaturalFit bottles and nipples are clinically tested, anti-colic and BPA-free.

Designed with parents in mind, too. The wide opening and base make bottle prep, cleaning and use so easy. The ergonomic shape is comfortable and easy-to-hold, for you and for baby. NaturalFit bottles and nipples are interchangeable so as baby’s appetite and feeding skills develop, parents can move up to the next flow rate or bottle size.


  • Breast-shaped rounded base
  • Extra-soft, satin-textured nipple
  • Dual anti-colic valves
  • Clinically tested, BPA-free, Made in Italy
  • Includes: (1) Bottle, (1) Angled Slow Flow Nipple, (1) Straight Slow Flow Nipple
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