Bumbleride Mini Board

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The Bumbleride Mini Board, a skateboard-style stand that attaches to the back of the stroller, offers a fun and dynamic transitional tool for growing toddlers, while also extending the lifespan and relevance of the Bumbleride stroller. Compatible with the Bumbleride Indie, Indie 4 and Indie Twin strollers, the Mini Board features a slip-resistant deck to stabilize toddlers' toes as they ride in the standing position, holding on to the handlebar; two durable swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability and tracking; and an easy-to-install clamp attachment system.
  • Compatible with Bumbleride Indie, Indie 4 and Indie Twin strollers
  • Easy-to-install clamp attachment
  • Slip-resistant deck
  • Maximum weight capacity of 44lbs.
  • Should only be used on even terrain at walking speed
  • Remove to fold stroller
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New York
Verified Buyer
Not very well designed; still useful
December 25, 2021
This is not easy to take on or off, and is hard for the standing child to fit (they have to go in between the stroller and handlebar). Still useful for multiple kids.
Verified Buyer
Such a great product!
April 19, 2021
This was fantastic for our trip across the States with 3 littles! Worked well for us on our BRIT with the middle little on the board, and the big and the baby in the stroller. Highly recommend.
Julia C.
bay area, ca
Verified Buyer
does not work at all with the design of the stroller
March 1, 2021
This platform board has a lot of problems. First, any toddler riding on it is going to hit their head on the stroller handlebar. The design of the stroller just doesn't allow for a child (even my 20 month old!) to stand upright on the board, and still fit below the handle with and adult pushing it. Second, any average adult's natural walking stride will have them constantly kicking the back of the hover board when it is installed on the back of the stroller. There just isn't enough room for an adult to walk with this board attachment coming off the back. I am kicking it constantly, even when I try to mind my steps and take very small steps. My husband, whose stride is longer than mine, refuses to use it. So you'll even find yourself taking it on and off all the time, depending on who is pushing the stroller. Or maybe you'll toss it aside entirely, since even if you could get over the awkward way the adult pushing the stroller needs to walk in order to not constantly hit it, your older child won't be able to fit on it without hitting their head repeatedly on the handle of the stroller, or not being able to see anything in front of them because their head is buried in the back of the stroller seat.
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Verified Buyer
Not the best
November 11, 2020
This isn't the best rider board. Hard to maneuver stroller and child on board.
Hanson , Ma
Verified Buyer
Over all we love it
February 18, 2020
Over all we love this board, great quality, nice large standing space, seems very sturdy. Only real con for me is that the board can not be flipped up out of the way when not in use or stored on the stroller like other boards I have had previously.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Buyer
Helpful in Disney World!
April 8, 2017
Just purchased this a week prior to our trip to Disney, to use with our Bumbleride Indie Twin. We are still in Disney and have some perspective now that we've put the board to use.Pros: Extremely sturdy - high quality board and wheels ensure a smooth rideEasy access to brake even when attachedOffered our 7 year old (40lb) child a break from walking when she was "just too tired to move"Saved the day - our 57lb 10 year old developed an extreme blister and hopped a ride all the way back to the hotel from Epcot.Cons:1. Heavy2. Brackets that attach to stroller frame locked up on us twice, making it extremely difficult to remove3. The non-slip surface is already bubbling in one section (against, have owned this for about 1 week)
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