Britax Nanotex FAQs

What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotex changes the fiber on a molecular level, becoming a part of the fiber that enables the textile to permanently resist spills and stains. It really is amazing and it really is chemistry ? Nanotex changes the surface energy of the fabric, making it resistant. The lower the surface energy, the more resistant the textile.

Is it Fire-retardant?
Nanotex fabric is naturally fire retardant.

Is it machine-washable?
Britax recommends hand washing and air drying your Nanotex cover.

What is recommended cleaning solution?
½ Tsp mild detergent, such as Dreft®, to 1 cup of water.

Are there more chemicals? Is it less safe again baby’s skin?
Not Greenguard Gold certified (because FR has been added), but still free of PFOS, PFOA, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, odor & skin sanitizers. Furthermore, the Nanotex chemistry does not leach, by design, so nothing can transfer from the textile to skin. It also has silver-ion technology, so they will remain clean and odor-free.

Is it just on the fabric of the seat? Or is it also on the harness?
The Nanotex fabric can be found on the stroller and car seat covers including the belly pads and comfort pads. The Infant Car Seat boot and canopy are also made with Nanotex fabric and the stroller canopy and storage basket as well.