ITEM# K011000

Britax Front Soft Baby Carrier - Black

This item is discontinued.
    Superior Fit and Comfort Features:
  • Carrylong? System with padded waist belt and shoulder straps, distributes weight across shoulders, back and hips for maximum extended wear comfort
  • Multiple Carrying Positions offer parent versatility to face baby inward or outward
  • Removable Infant Insert ensures a comfortable, natural sitting position for smaller babies
  • Padded Leg Openings protect baby’s legs
  • Open and Contoured Design for breathability and temperature

    Superior Ease-of-Use Features:
  • Simple Slip On & Off Design makes use quick and effortless
  • One-Handed Buckles and Snaps allow you to get your child in and out of the carrier easily
  • Harness Straps adjust from front of carrier for proper customized fit
  • Easy-Adjust Waist Belt accommodates 22 inches to 56 inches for the perfect fit
  • Excess Belt Storage Bands eliminate loose straps
  • Machine Washable for easy cleaning
  • 100% Cotton Machine Washable Bib (included) protects carrier from stains
  • Easy to use instructions on inside of carrier

    Superior Safety Features:
  • Adjustable Head Support provides head and neck stability for younger infants
  • Leg Loops reduce the size of leg openings for 8-11 pound infant s for secure fit
  • Secure Harness and Pouch Design ensures that baby will stay securely within the carrier*
  • Exceeds all ASTM F2236-09a and CPSIA requirements
  • JPMA certified
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Dover, DE, United States
She loved it!
September 28, 2016
We just bought this last night and my daughter didn't want to get out of it, haha!
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Richmond, BC, Canada
excellent product
June 12, 2016
Im so happy I found this, its easy to use and assemble. I have major back problems and I can use this and carry the baby without any issues. I have no pain associated with using it. Ive also had to wash it and it came out looking great. I would recommend this anyone.
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Orlando m.
Orlando, FL
Comfy Carrier!
June 4, 2016
I bought this carrier for my baby when she was six months old. Carrier was very comfy for both me and her and she loved being carried around in it! I liked that it was very easy to get on and off. Baby felt very secure in it and I never experienced back pain. When I put my baby in it she was very happy and I was able to get so much done. I was very sad when she outgrew it!
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Salem, OH, United States
Great for front-facing
June 4, 2016
I occasionally use this carrier. It is well-made and has great features like the drool bib and included "infant insert". We use it mostly for front-facing as most ergo-style carriers do not support front facing.
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Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Amazing & great for breast cancer survivors too!
June 3, 2016
I tried many different baby carriers and of all (even the most expensive types) Britax's baby carrier was by far the best (A+). As a young breast cancer survivor I found this carrier was by far the best at distributing the baby's weight. Most of the baby's weight I found to be placed on my hips (the best for women) and little on my back, shoulders, and chest. This was a very pleasant surprise since the left side of my chest, shoulders, and upper back is very sensitive and lacks strength from cancer treatment. Lymphedema also is not an issue, which means my left side isn't affected by any physical demands or experiences any circulation problems when using this carrier. I find that I have no problems at all using this carrier for hours and greatly enjoy using it. In fact I love using it. Works great with or without breast prostheses. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy to use, comfortable (for adult & baby), very secure and safe baby carrier. Britax, I love your products :)
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Pendleton, SC
Love this Carrier
June 2, 2016
I recommend that all expecting parents get a Britax Carrier. Our little one loves facing in for a nap but when she is awake, she wants to see the world. I love that you can face the child either way. It also helps distribute the weight of the child, which has helped save my back. I also like that you change out the "bib" for washing & still use carrier. My husband loves wearing the babies, too.
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Toronto, ON, Canada
Tight fit
June 2, 2016
The carrier fits nicely on small frames but if a large person such as a Father tries it on, it's quite tight and not very easy to get in and out of.
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Liberty, Tx
Very convenient
June 2, 2016
We purchased this as a way to take our baby for walks and keep him comforted by being close to us instead of in a stroller. It's very comfortable to wear (and I wear it often, lol) and easily adjustable. Between me and daddy (I'm 5'4 and he's 6'2) it takes him under a minute to readjust it when he's taking our son for a walk. Our baby has fallen asleep in this very often so he can attest to the comfort and as he has grown, we've noticed the durability as well. We haven't had any issues and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a baby carrier.
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Lansdale, PA, United States
Love this product!
June 2, 2016
I am using this carrier for my second child (2 months). I used this for my first (3 yrs now) until he was a year old. This is a must buy for a new mom. While on leave, I use it while I am getting wash done and cooking dinner. I use it to bring my infant to the grocery store as well. It is just super convenient!! I never have back pain with it regardless of size of the child.
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GA, United States
Baby carriers Great Features
June 2, 2016
We purchased this baby carrier last week and it's the best! Easy to use, clean and very convenient.
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Great carrier
March 21, 2016
We received this carrier for free when we purchased our B-agile travel system. We loved it and so did our baby girl. I love how snugg she fit with the infant insert and how she was able to grow into the carrier. It is very comfortable and distributes the weight evenly so your back or shoulders don't feel stressed. My husband and I both wore it. Super easily to adjust to fit and easy to but baby in by yourself. We also purchased the wide seated insert to give her a more natural seated position. Overall this is a great carrier!
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Rochester, NH, United States
Love this carrier
December 31, 2015
We used this carrier 3 years ago with our first daughter, and I am already using it with my second born daughter, who is now 4 weeks (9.5 lbs). I highly recommend! It's great with the two kids especially. I am able to get the older child ready for and into bed easily while wearing the baby. About 90% of the time, the baby falls asleep instantly in this carrier! She has a cold now, so it is especially coming in handy for keeping her upright and more comfortable while she naps. I couldn't wait to use the carrier again with the new baby, I am literally wearing it while writing this review.
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Washington, DC
Perfect for our city living needs!
March 20, 2014
This carrier is perfect for our city living needs. It's great for hassle free Metro and bus rides. It makes getting to and from daycare, shopping and other outings worry free as you can just get right onto the Metro or bus without having to worry about closing a stroller in time before the doors close.
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