Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Basic Black - Extra Small

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The award-winning Baby K’tan® ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is an innovative blend of a sling, wrap and carrier all in one, providing the positions and benefits of all three. Smart and simple, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is a wrap without all of the wrapping?perfect for first-time parents. Made of 100% soft natural cotton, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes, and contains no hardware, plastic or metal.

Sized like clothing for the perfect fit (XS, S, M, L, XL), the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier slips on easily like a t-shirt to comfortably carry baby from newborn to toddlerhood (8-35 lbs.). Its unique double-loop design is lightweight and compact like a sling, yet supportive like a structured carrier. Offering multiple positions without the need for wrapping or buckling, the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier provides added security for carrying baby and privacy for mom while nursing. Available in multiple fabrics and colors, the Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is machine washable, dryer safe, and comes with a matching sash that converts to a carrying bag.


  • A wrap without all of the wrapping, sized like clothing for the perfect fit (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Multiple wearing positions from newborn to toddler 8-35 lbs. (consult physician for preemies)
  • Innovative double-loop design provides extra security for baby & privacy while nursing
  • Machine washable, dryer safe?no buckles, snaps or hardware
  • Adjustable support-band evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders
  • Ergonomic positioning for healthy infant development
  • Free matching sash converts to handy storage bag
  • 100% natural cotton fabric with unique one-way stretch
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Verified Buyer
Baby loves it!
May 29, 2022
This thing is really comfortable, even for extended periods of wear. My son would snooze away while being toted around. I only wish it supported higher weights so I could keep using it for longer.
San Diego, CA
Verified Buyer
Easy to use
April 21, 2022
Wraps up in a convenient carrying case to a small size that doesn’t take up much space in the diaper bag. Easier to use than most other wraps.
BRONX, New York
Verified Buyer
Easy to use!
June 20, 2019
Super easy to use and it fits well with my body. I got XS and it didn’t have much problem. But one thing is that the fabric is thick so there were times when my baby would be sweating. Probably wouldn’t be best during the summer times.
Verified Buyer
Great Infant Wrap
January 21, 2019
Great wrap without the actual wrapping. I used the moby with my 1st two children but there was always so much extra bulky material to tie once it was on. This is simple, easy to wear and fits comfortable without extra fabric to be bothersome.
Apollo Beach, Florida
Verified Buyer
Life saver
August 12, 2017
I knew I wanted a wrap or some type of baby carrier. My friend but me an actual wrap and I was intimidated by all this fabric. So I came across this wrap. Best thing I bought hands down. I bought it when my son was only a few weeks old. He is now 5 months and I am still using it. One thing that is key is ordering the right size. I was convinced an xsmall was never going to fit me right after having my son but it did perfectly. If you get a size to big the baby will hang to low. The material kinda stretches so it gives and isn't super tight. Once you wash it "shrinks" back up. I found sizing on the baby ktan website.
Haywood F.
Orlando, FL
Verified Buyer
Great Product. Easy to use.
May 17, 2017
My wife loves this much better than the wraps. This is made so you just slip it on and put the baby in, no trying to get the wrap around you and tight when the baby is screaming.
Nashville, TN
Verified Buyer
Non-structured carrier
October 31, 2016
I have a few BabyBjorns, but wanted a non-structured carrier for the first few months with baby. The K'Tan is easy to wear, and very comfortable. Sizing was accurate for me. Very happy with this purchase!
Verified Buyer
Baby Ktan
February 21, 2016
I love it. My son loves to be held and this is perfect for him. I feel safe and secure using the product and it's so easy to use.
K D.
Verified Buyer
Love it! Measurements a bit off.
October 30, 2015
I ordered a large based on measurements. It fits my husband, who is broad and at the top end of the measurements, perfectly but is loose on me and I am the middle. Still love it. Baby has tummy troubles and this makes it easier to comfort her and mother my other two littles.
Best Uses
  • Colicky baby, hands free
Ft Meade, MD
Verified Buyer
A great carrier for the first year
February 17, 2015
This carrier holds your baby similar to the popular Moby wrap, but it doesn't require all the wrapping around. It is quick and easy to put on. It provides a lot of support around my back and shoulders, making it comfortable to wear for many hours. I like how it gently cradles my newborn and seems to hold him just right. I also own a Ergobaby 360, which is also a great carrier, but I definitely prefer the K'Tan for the first few months. An important thing to note is that the fabric stretches out. I actually like this feature, because it makes a more custom fit for me and my baby. After a few months when it gets too stretched out, I wash it and put it in the dryer to shrink it up to the original size. However, the stretching means that it doesn't do well going between toddler and newborn-- it becomes too loose after using it with my toddler to snuggly hold my newborn unless I wash/dry it again.
  • Gently cradles small babies, compact (can easily fit in a diaper bag or around stroller handle), easy and quick to put on
  • Hot during the Summer; is not good to go between toddler and then newborn because it stretches
Pittsburgh, Pa
Verified Buyer
Great Wrap
March 30, 2013
I purchased this for a trip with my 4 month. It is super easy to use and great for travel.
  • Travel easy
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
So easy to use
February 1, 2013
I had tried a number or wraps and carriers before i finally found the k'tan and fell in love. the k'tan is just really easy to put on and i don't have to wrap it and have the ends dragging on the ground and getting dirty. it is very comfortable and soft and can be thrown in the wash will my little one's clothing.
  • easy to use
  • not too much fabric to deal with
  • washable
  • comfortable
  • need more color options
So easy to use!
January 24, 2013
This carrier is amazing. I originally got one as a gift myself and I fell in love with it. Now I am buying it for all my friends who are having babies. It is just so easy to use
  • Easy to use
  • No wrapping
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
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