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Baby Jogger Summit XC Double Stroller/Jogger Hybrid Red/Black

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The Summit XC provides exceptional performance and maneuverability on any terrain. Equipped with one of a kind all wheel suspension, this stroller will go anywhere!
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Irene D.
Oconto Falls, WI
Verified Buyer
Baby jogger summit XC
October 9, 2012
The summit pushes easy in gravel. You can run with it in gravel and all surfaces. It pushes so easliy that you can push with one hand and run with it!
  • My girls can both see when riding in it. I can run with it. The wheels come off with one button to release the wheel for easier travel. It is on the lighter compared to other double strollers. I have both the single and the double baby jogger summit XC. I am extreamly happy with my purchases!
  • I cant say much what i don't like. Because I love my baby jogger summit!
Great Stroller for Jogging
August 7, 2012
This is a great stroller for jogging. It manuvers really well. I don't jog that fast so I don't have to lock the front wheels. The handle bars are high enough for my husband who is 6'-1". I like how far back the seats recline and how far down the shades go. The only down side is just how big the storller is, but I think that is unavoidable with a double stroller.
San Diego, CA
great double stroller
August 6, 2012
I am very happy with the stroller - it is easy to push, set up, fold up, etc. My kids love it and I am very happy I got this. I chose this one over a BOB b/c I read that this one allows for a slightly taller child in the seat and since I'm using this for my 5 year old and 2 year old (my 5 yr old is only 40 inches tall) I chose this one to get the most use out of it before she is too tall. I gave it four stars b/c the bottom storage area is a little tough to get things in & out of and there are no accessories (cup holders, snack trays, etc.) included which I understand are quite pricey to get.
Orlando, FL
Just what I wanted
August 2, 2012
I was looking for a double jogger that was compatible w/ a chicco infant carseat and had a large canopy. This stroller is just what I wanted!!
  • The large canopy, the fact that it will work as both my regular double stroller and as a jogger. I also love the ease of use when pushing w/ 2 babies.
  • It's quite heavy.
Scarsdale, New York
Great Double Stroller with bicycle break for slowing down on the hills of SAN FRANSISCO!
June 20, 2012
This stroller is fantastic! I walk a lot --3-5 miles per day. I have a bugaboo Cameleon with the wheeled roller board that I use for short walks to the park and in the grocery store, so I am used to lightweight smooth strolling. I found that my 3 year old simply couldn't sustain standing on the wheeled board for longer walks (more than 20 mins), and so I decided to invest in a double stroller in time for our trip to San FransiscoI did a lot of research and found that most double strollers weigh between 35 and 40 lbs. That plus the weight of my 3 year old, 10 month old and diaper bag meant I would be pushing almost 100lbs on wheels up and down San Fransisco's steep inclines. This stroller has a bicycle style handlebar break to slow down the stroller when you go down hills. It worked beautifully--I was able to keep the stroller from rushing down the almost perpendicular hills in SF and it helps on smaller hills too for easier strolling! The double wide bar means if you have a friend along for the walk, they can help you push side by side (better than the single file in-line strollers for this reason). I also like this stroller because it is designed like a tent--mostly drawstrings, toggles, heavy duty woven tape and snaps to recline seats, open vents and give extra support to the very comfortable seats in the frame. This makes it almost impossible for any of the "mechanisms" to break--unlike on my beloved bugaboo (I have replaced the chassis once already in 3 years). The Baby Jogger Summit Double It goes from sand/off road to street with a flip of a switch (the front wheels can lock for rear wheel drive or unlock for front wheel steering) easily, and my kids stay cool with the vents on the side and back which can be opened or closed with toggles. I can get into most doorways and down most store aisles with my stroller so even go to the grocery store with it using the under carriage storage space to hold the groceries. It fits fine on sidewalks too. For those of us used to the undercarriage storage of the bugaboo--this is not as deep, and so it is slightly limiting in what you can put under the carriage, but it has deep and roomy mesh pockets on the back of each seat (I put juice boxes, my rain cover, water bottles in these for easy access) plus zipper pockets for cell phone, keys and wallets built into the back or each seat. It folds and unfolds quickly and easily (just unsnap the 4 red woven fabric tapes under the seats and pull up on the woven fabric tape hand loops in each seat). Fits in the trunk of every car I have been in (my small saturn, my taurus and our escape SUV). The canopies can go almost all the way down to your child's lap and provide great protection from the sun. The only drawback I have found--you have to avoid broken glass, nails, etc. because the wheels are air-filled, not foam filled. I went through some broken glass and nothing happened, so the wheels are tough but not indestructible. The wheels snap on & off easily for airplane travel, and I used the large black zipper bag with handles for gate checking (I wish babyjogger would make a transport bag for this--it is difficult to fit in generic travel bags and they don't have the padding I am used to with my bugaboo wheeled transport bag. I also got the belly bar for a little extra protection, and to attach snack cups to. The rain cover is great and folds up to almost nothing. I give it 5 stars--Love Love LOVE this stroller--it's Freedom on wheels when you have two kids and you need to get up and go!
  • bicycle style handlebar break makes it easy on hills
  • smooth strolling
  • sturdy construction
  • good for tall kids--my 3 year old is 38 " and has lots of clearance still
  • vents keep my kids cool
  • traverses most doorways, store aisles easily
  • big mesh storage pockets on seat backs
  • zipper pockets on seat backs for cell phone, keys, etc.
  • rear and front wheel drive for easy strolling on trails, gravel, or smooth surfaces
  • fits in most trunks
  • folds and unfolds easily
  • It is easy to run with, although I am not much of a runner--very smooth and light once you get going.
  • easy to lock up outside restaurants with a bicycle lock in the folded position.
  • no transport bag available for gate checking on the airplane--had to buy generic that didn't fit very well. had to put wheels in separate bag.
  • All doubles I found did not have transport bag specifically for the model.
Milton Ontario
Love it!!
May 22, 2012
Wow, absolutely LOVE this stroller!! We have a 2 yr old toddler that is very big for his age - 4ft and 37lbs and he fits well in it with some room to spare. Riding him around with our 1 month old is such a breeze. Thought it was going to be a very heavy stroller since it is a double, but feels much more lightweight than our single Graco stroller. The turning radius and maneuverability is amazing, I absolutely love taking it out. I also wasn't sure at first about the color red, but it was on sale so we thought we would try it. It actually looks really sharp, and probably much better than the all black one would look. Overall very happy with our purchase. Shipping from Albee Baby was great too.
  • Only thing that would be better is the storage basket underneath- it's a bit small
slbrill@hotmail c.
Sherman, CT
In Love
May 11, 2012
I love this stroller! I use it for walks on our dirt road with my 2 1/2 year old and 15 month old. It pushes and turns so easily. I don't really have many complaints. I keep this stroller at my house, so as far as lifting it into a car, I am not having to do that. Although it is quite heavy. I wish that the handlebar was adjustable like on the elite, but have gotten used to the height. I love that it has two front wheels, instead of just one. Seems to be much more stable, but still turns easily. I just love it.
  • Huge- my kids will fit in it forever.
  • turns easily
  • hand brake
  • big canopies
  • big rear tires
  • two front wheels
  • wide
  • heavy
  • non-adjustable handlebar
Vista, CA
Verified Buyer
LOVE this stroller!
May 8, 2012
Use it for my 2 1/2 and 4 month old boys. We "test drove" A LOT of double strollers and this was the only one that they both fit in comfortably. Also did a lot of price shopping and this was the best deal by far. Anyone that comes in contact with it (friends and family members) are all very impressed. Cannot imagine using anything else.
  • Easy to push.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Opens and collapses quickly and easily.
  • Hand brake is a cool feature.
  • The only thing I would change would be to eliminate one of the front wheels. Two have taken some getting used to, but it was not a deterrent.
Alex B.
Novi, MI
Verified Buyer
great stroller / jogger
May 4, 2012
we are very pleased with the quality and handling of this product, it's very agil and can be maneuvered easily with one hand. Especially how small this jogger folds together is amazing. great product!
charlotte, nc
Verified Buyer
very happy mommy
May 3, 2012
I was very pleased with my new double jogging stroller. It is one of the few that has an infant seat adaptor for Chicco. It arrived so quickly and as soon as I put my 13 month old in she loved it! It's very comfortable and extremely easy to use. People will say it's a bit bulk but it's a jogging stroller. It shouldn't be lightweight. But it does maneuver very easily.
  • Style and quality. Great features.
Provo, UT
Verified Buyer
Love this Stroller!
April 24, 2012
I love this stroller. I've only used a few times but when I have I've loved the ease of pushing. I have a 3 month old and a 2 1/2 yr old. They both fit well and both enjoy riding it.
Mom t.
Queens, NY
Verified Buyer
Best Stroller
April 11, 2012
I absolutely love this stroller! It is stable, easy to push and turns on a dime. The hand brake is fantastic and comes in handy when you are jogging. It really is the easiest stroller to fold (I have 4 strollers) but it is also quite heavy. This is not a stroller you take anywhere with you. I use mine only when I go out running.
  • Easy to push wth one hand, turns smoothly.
  • Very heavy
Northern California
Handles great
February 7, 2012
A really smooth ride for my 2 yo and 2 mo old, and easy for me to push and maneuver.
Kelly M.
fayetteville, nc
Verified Buyer
Love it!
February 5, 2012
It's a sturdy and great double that fits perfectly in my SUV. I have a tall 2 year old and a 4 month old who love to ride in it. I really like the stability of two wheels in front vs one. It is definitely built to last!
Ali R.
Marysville, WA
Verified Buyer
Love this stroller!
January 26, 2012
I absolutely love this stroller. I use it twice a day to walk my kids to and from school, and for misc outings (mall, carnival and so on). To and from the school, I sometimes have my 42 pound 3-year-old nephew in the stroller with my 34 pound 2-year-old while wearing my 6-month-old in a carrier. Even with two heavier children, while babywearing, it pushes and turns amazingly even through gravel and some snow. When I don't have my nephew, my 2-year-old and 6-month-old ride in it and it still pushes amazing. I was worried about fitting through doors, but I have not had any issue yet. It is comfy for the kids, the sun shades are great, and it is really well made, and it folds super easy. Highly recommended.
  • Great for larger/taller kids
  • easy to fold
  • excellent maneuverability
  • sturdy and well built
  • It is a little heavy, but I expected it too be.
Wilton, CT
Verified Buyer
Heavy & heavy duty
January 23, 2012
I am very pleased with this monster. Great for trails and extremely capable stroller. Biggest issue is that it doesn't fold very small for transport. Love the baby jogger signature 1 action for folding.
Verified Buyer
I love this stroller!!
January 11, 2012
I originally purchased the BOB dullie but it did not have enough head room for my 4 year old. So after doing a little research I came across this stroller which has 3 more inches of head room. I have the stroller for about 24 hours and LOVE IT!! Walked to our local breakfast place this morning and it handles amazing, has a great push and can go through basically any terrain (sand, gravel, dirt and rocks). It fits through our front door so that is also a plus I am so glad I bought this stroller just wish I had done so sooner since my kids are 4 yr and 2 yr. They also said it is very comfortable.
  • amount of head room, ease of pushing, turns super easy, super easy fold, quality,
  • Its heavier than our Combi but feel like all of these types of strollers are over 30 lbs. Nothing
Ashleigh M.
Culver City, CA (Los Angeles area)
Verified Buyer
Description of the stroller is accurate.
December 4, 2011
This stroller is AWESOME! So much better than the double BOB. The dual front wheels provides much more balance and makes pushing a breeze. I can make turns just pushing with my fingertips, it's so maneuverable. The seats are very roomy. My 42" 3 yr old fits comfortably with plenty of room to grow. Seats are narrow so that the stroller isn't too wide. It fits through everything that I've tried. Also, the seats lay almost flat. The sun shade can be pulled down really far so that kids can lay down to sleep and sun doesn't get in their eyes. Sun shades have peek-a-boo windows to check if baby is asleep or not, or to let a little sun in. Brakes are strong. The button to release the safety harness is not too tight, and so pulling kids out is quick. I love running with this stroller, and also use it at Disneyland regularly, church, playgrounds, daily dog walks, etc. We have had a couple potty accidents and the seats were really easy to clean, I didn't have to take everything off! Just used hot water to saturate and wiped clean. There was no lingering smell. Lastly, the storage basket has a lot of space, and the net pockets behind the seats can hold a ton of stuff.
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  • Very durable, Very maneuvarable, pretty light, Seats lay back almost flat, sun shades come almost all the way down, undercarriage basket has a ton of space, seats are easy to clean, strong brakes, switch to fixed front wheels very easily.
  • Can't access undercarriage basket from back of the stroller very easily because of one cross-bar, however I figured out its super easy to just access it from the sides. Accessories are expensive and limited! Stroller should come with parent drink holder/caddy. Would be nice to have trays for the kids too, but that would add weight which is not good for running.
Orange County, CA
Verified Buyer
Great Jogger
July 18, 2011
Just had it a few days and it runs great. Very comfortable for my 2 month old and 2 year old. It folds quickly but its difficult to lift onto my suv with the handles. just be sure to lock your tires before putting away in vehicle, it makes it much easier when you bring it down. Not meant for malls, too bulky.
  • canopies, recline vents, easy to re-strap, roomy seats, easy to fold.
  • small basket, hard to tuck things inside. non-adjustable handle, very heavy and difficult to load to suv. Bulky
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