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Baby Jogger City Select 2013 Stroller with Second Seat Kit in Silver

This item is discontinued.
City Select Stroller:
  • The seat of the city select will have an additional 1" in depth.
  • PE Board on the seat for more added support.
  • More Padding on the seat for a more comfortable ride.
  • Some enhanced stitching on the seat for a nicer complete look
  • Unique multi-function design allows you to select your seating arrangement
  • 16 unique seating combinations (with double conversion kit)
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • 12" forever-air rear and 8" lightweight dual front quick-release wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings
  • Multi-position seat recline for passenger comfort
  • Multi-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window and adjustable head height up to two additional inches
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover Multi-position foot well tilt adds leg support for smaller children
  • Telescoping handlebar with wipe clean grip
  • Large under seat basket can be accessed from all sides
  • Secure fold latch to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage
  • Seat is Forward and Rear Facing
  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Easy Hand Brake
  • Foam Tires (no need to fill with air!)
  • 4 Recline Positions
  • Huge Shopping Basket
  • Quick and Easy fold with seat on
  • 2" give in the hood as child grows
  • 22 lbs frame. With one Seat 28 lbs. With 2 Seats 36 lbs
  • Weight: 30.00 lb
City Select Second Seat Kit
  • 45 Lb Weight Capacity.
  • Great Way to add a Second Child to Stroller without having a wide double stroller.
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Ontario, California
Verified Buyer
Push is amazing!
November 19, 2014
This stroller is amazing as a single, but quite on the heavier side as a double. I love the many configurations and convenience of this stroller! The only complaint I have is that it is on the heavier side and when folded, it doesn't stand upright. But no big deal. It's an amazing stroller. Baby Jogger outdid themselves with this one.
Orange County CA
Verified Buyer
Best double stroller ever!!!!
March 24, 2014
This double stroller is AMAZING! Easy to maneuver and love all the different options for seat positioning. The sun visors are awesome as they can cover the entire baby's body!!!
  • Easy to put together and fold up, light enough to go jogging with, easy maneuvering, huge storage underneath for diaper bag (I have a big diaper bag because I have 2 babies and it fits perfectly underneath with both kids in stroller) honestly can not say enough good things about this stroller. Worth every penny.
Best Uses
  • Different seat positions, easy to go jogging with, took 2 minutes to put together and to figure out how to fold up ! Super easy!!
Iowa city, Iowa
Verified Buyer
Best stroller ever!
March 23, 2014
Bought this stroller because of all the options. We have a 6 year old 3 year old and 2 year old and this stroller is able to haul all of them at the same time with the jogger board. Also love how easy the second seat is to remove for times when I only need 1 child to be able to sit.
  • Only con is with the second seat attached and jogger board attached stroller is quite large while folded.
Love it!!
March 15, 2014
This stroller is amazing. It handles like a dream regardless of weight distribution in the seats. The seat configurations are so helpful when Baby must always see Mom and sibling wants to look around! The fold with the seats off is awesome, but a little awkward with seats on.
  • Light, handles well, big storage basket, large canopies, easy to remove/change seats
  • Fold is awkward with seats left on
Verified Buyer
Great Buy!
March 11, 2014
I purchased this stroller after doing lots of research in double strollers. I know I really wanted a stroller that could be a single and a double. I looked at several options before finding the city select. I would definitely recommend this stroller! I haven't had the chance to use it as a double yet, but as a single, it rocks!
  • Easy to clean
  • GREAT LARGE sunshade
  • Large basket thats easy to access underneath
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • easy to apply brakes
  • my toddler can get in and out by himself, doesn't tip over with bags on the handle or child climbing around/in/out of
  • Easy to steer
  • Fits through doorways
  • Takes some time getting used to how it folds-doesn't stand on its own once folded
  • no parent tray/cup holder
  • you have to buy all the accessories
Brooklyn, NY
Verified Buyer
Life Saver for a young mama
March 8, 2014
With a fear to drive with my newborn and 21 month old, this stroller proves to be a life saver when traveling. I was afraid of the weight but it is better than expected, especially for a double stroller. This stroller has everything I was looking for the first time around! A beautiful, sleek frame, an enormous canopy that provides complete coverage from weather, a child tray or child bar option, durable frame, smooth ride, great wheels, easy fold, reversible seat, beautiful style of seat, ridiculously huge basket, adjustable everything. I'm a young, full time, mother who does school, and will be going back to work. My husband works 12 hour days so I try to travel alone as often as possible. I'm so happy I have the option to not drag my one year old by an arm on long trips or be forced to use two seats on short or one kids trips.
  • Everything
Best Uses
  • Everything
  • None. Everything is much better than all of my horrible stroller experiences, so no complaints.
Logan, UT
Verified Buyer
March 2, 2014
I have had my city select for two months now. I had been researching strollers for about two months, and this one was awesome. I was also fortunate enough to see it and play with it before I purchased, my friend has one, and I went to a local retailer that had one on display, but Albee had the best price by far. It is a high end stroller, but not as pricey as some, but I feel that it is definitely a high end product. If you are thinking about this stroller, go to you tube and watch some reviews, baby gizmo does a pretty thorough one. I love all of the options for how the seats can go, some complained about how they wish they didn't both have to be rear facing to recline, but in comparison to other strollers that give you few or no options, this is great! I have loved it so far, and my kids who are 3 and my skinny 40 lb 6 yr old. My six year old is getting a bit tall, but it sure is nice when she gets tired of walking, but I did get it, because we have a third baby on the way. At that time she'll loose her seat to the baby and I will probably get the glide board accessory. I have seriously read over a hundred reviews, and while this stroller has a few things that are not optimal, it is a fantastic stroller, and in comparison to others that I saw, the features for the price have made me not regret it one bit. I gave it four stars, because I do wish that it stood on its own when folded, and because I am not looking forward to spending more money on additional accessories such as glide board, car seat adaptor, belly bar, parent console, and child console. But I know they will just make me love the stroller that much more. So worth it to get a good stroller, wish I would have done it three years ago when I had my second.
  • - different seating positions
  • - can be a single or double
  • - color is great, light so it doesn't get too hot in summer
  • - compact for a double
  • - great amount of storage underneath and you can get to it from all sides
  • - both seats are the same and are interchangeable
  • - smooth ride and steers well with one hand
  • - great canopy
  • - weight limit for each seat is 45 lbs
  • - very sturdy, my kids can climb in either seat, or I can hang bags on the handle bar without it tipping over
  • - doesn't have cup holders or a little compartment to put things in
  • - accessories are sold separate and are not cheap
  • - does not stand on its own when folded
Verified Buyer
love this stroller.....
February 12, 2014
Expecting second child in the fall so purchased this now to use with my 13 month old son. Wish i knew about this stroller for my first child, love. Only con is it's a heavy stroller, being able to take seats off help but frame is still much heavier than my full size stroller. This however does not bother me too much as i feel it will carry the weight of two toddlers later.
  • Seats must be very comfy as my son falls asleep in this carrige, nevet slept in my chicco carrige.
  • Versatile, love the seat combinations.
  • Large storage basket
  • Can fold down pretty small being a double. Easier with seats off but can with one seat in regular forward facing
  • Heavy
  • Steering must be with both hands
  • No parent console. Sold separately need to purchase and try
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