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Avent Natural Newborn Starter Set

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The most natural way to bottle feed

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A Blessing!
By Hkf90
from Pensacola
on December 12, 2016
I received this gift set as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. My daughter see m s to take to it better the then most of the brands of bottles we have introduced to her. The Avent bottles have a wider opening and nipped which allows easier input as well as success in latching. We love it all in all aspects much as the little one does.
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Awesome bottles
By Thomas201639
from Union springs
on October 29, 2016
I love these bottles I bought them for my little girl an she loves them the look an feel of the bottles is great an she has no problems latching on to the nipple the look an feel of the nipple is similar to the breast which is great.
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Great bottles
By BMom123
from Verona, NJ
on March 10, 2016
I`m really happy with this set although there are some caveats. I should mention that I was a sent a free sample to use and review. I`ve used several different types. Some other bottles have way too many parts to clean which is annoying. My baby isn`t particularly gassy, just a normal baby so I didn't feel like I needed special gas-resistant bottles. I`m very happy with Avent bottles. I prefer the glass Avent but overall, great bottles. I always make sure the lid is very tight adnd check for leakage (by tipping it) before every use though because if the lid isn`t on perfectly, it`ll definitely leak. That`s the only thing but as long as I check when I cap the bottle, it's not an issue. Overall, very happy with these bottles.
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Excellent Value!!!
By RyanF
from Olathe, KS
on March 2, 2016
Loved this set. It is full of lots of useful products that you need when you first have a baby! I did receive these in exchange for writing this review but I would definitely purchase these if I had the chance.
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Solid product
By MithR
from San Francisco, CA
on February 29, 2016
I received a free sample of this product to review. Overall, my little one liked it and took to it quickly. Cleaning the product was easy, and it proved durable to repeated use. One feature that could use a slight improvement was the ergonomics of the bottle, which at times seemed a bit too curvy
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Everything you'll need
By CamryC
from Minneapolis, MN
on February 27, 2016
I received this Starter Set for free in exchange for a review. This starter set includes everything I could want. The four-ounce bottles and newborn nipples are great to introduce my son to the occasional bottle feeding. He nurses most of the time, but while my inlaws babysit he takes a couple bottles. He has responded very well to both the newborn and slow flow nipples. The nine-ounce bottles have proven especially helpful as he grows and likes to eat more than four ounces at a time. I use the dishwasher to clean most bottles, but when I don't the brush has been helpful. I could really do without the brush, but that's just because I have a dishwasher. The brush would be invaluable if I didn't. The formula container will be most helpful to me as snack storage as my son grows. We use formula in premeasured packages and don't need the cup, but the lid stays on nice and tight and will be a great tool in the coming months. My very favorite part of this set is the silicone soothie pacifier! My son absolutely loves it. He can calm down instantly when we offer it to him, and even if he doesn't need extensive soothing he seems to really enjoy chewing on it. He prefers the newborn soothie to the 3+ month soothies also made by Philips. It's so soft and malleable.
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Nice set!
By CarrieN
from Chicago, IL
on February 24, 2016
I received a free sample in exchange for agreeing to write a review. My baby (and I) really like these bottles. The shape of the nipple is great for breastfed babies who also may need to supplement with formula. My baby didn't have 'nipple confusion` when using these bottles/nipples. Easy to clean with the included bottle brush. The Formula dispenser is a nice addition - no need to travel with an entire container of formula.
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Highly recommend
By MistyG
from Inver Grove Heights, MN
on February 7, 2016
I received this product in exchange for my review. I like that it comes with two different size bottle and a bottle brush. My little one is only a few months old so we only use the small bottles at this point, but will eventually need the larger ones, so it is nice to have them on hand. I like the design of the bottle and the curves. It doesn't feel awkward while feeding or make my hand sore because the bottle is narrow. My son has no issues with the flow of the nipple and doesn't get gassy while using these bottles as the nipple does not colapse when there is too much suction. I would recommend this product to those interested.
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By DAshby
from Phoenix, AZ
on February 6, 2016
I received this starter kit free of charge for an honest review. This kit is amazing! It has five bottles: three small and two large bottles. It also comes with a pacifier, a bottle brush for cleaning and a formula dispenser. I primarily breast feed but occasionally for various reasons I need my baby to take a bottle. He was really struggling transitioning back and forth until using these bottles. The easy flow nipples are great for a more natural transition and the extras are definitely an added bonus. We had the same problem with our baby taking a pacifier too until we tried this one and it's the only one he doesn't gag on and spit out. The brush works great cleaning with a small plastic end for cleaning out the tips of the bottles. The formula dispenser is very handy too. Overall this set was a huge blessing for our family and I highly recommend it!
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A True Bottle Feeding Starter Set
By MatthewB
from Richboro, PA
on February 4, 2016
Overall, I like the Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter Set and find it to be a high quality product that is perfect for a new baby as it includes everything needed to start bottle feeding. I like the construction of these bottles as they do not require multiple in-bottle pieces to assemble and clean like the other bottles we have. The best part about the bottles is how well my daughter eats from them compared to other bottles we have tried. I also like the fact that the set comes with two different sized bottles as my daughter is currently eating more than 4 ounces at a time. Prior to receiving this set as a sample, I had received (2) 4-oz Philips Avent bottles so I knew my daughter liked these bottles. My wife and I are planning to buy more of the 9 oz bottles which we would have done the same with the smaller bottles if a family member didn't give us a bunch of bottles. I highly recommend this Newborn Starter Set for anyone expecting.
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It's a great starter kit, we love it!
By Teegan
from Minneapolis, MN
on February 1, 2016
I received this set for free to review. This would make a great shower gift! The bottles are our favorite, they are easy to use and clean, baby enjoys drinking out of them more than others we've tried and they are appealing. I like the easy to read measuring units on the side.The brush is easy to use and good at cleaning the bottles and comfortable to hold. The rubbery pacifier is our all time favorite pacifier! Baby prefers it to any other. I like that I can hold my finger in the back side to help keep it in his mouth. We thought the formula container was nice but not necessary because if we bring formula bottles out we tend to just pre make them of put the formula right into the bottle and then fill it with water when we're ready so it seemed like one more thing to have to clean but maybe it would be good for traveling? Overall it's a great starter set!
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Great product but bottle shape could be improved
By SusanP
from Columbus, Oh
on January 25, 2016
I was provided a Philips Avent Newborn Set and have been using it for two weeks with my 6 week old twins. The pieces are BPA free and very good quality. The set is all inclusive and has different age nipples so it will be usable as your baby grows. I like everything about this set with the exception of the bottle shape. I find that it is difficult to hold because it is short and wide. I have a harder time controlling the bottle when feeding than I do with other bottles that I've used. P
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Great Starter Kit!
By BetseyL
from Prince Frederick, MD
on January 23, 2016
I received a free sample of this Philips Avent Natural Newborn Start Set and love it! I love the different sizes and how easy they are to disassemble/assemble and clean. Another positive is that my newborn seems to love them also!
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Great, comprehensive starter kit!
By AnnaB
from Garland, TX
on January 20, 2016
I received this natural newborn starter set free in exchange for a review. This set came just in time for my son to start daycare. The larger bottles won`t be used until he is older, but I tested them out. Both the larger and smaller bottles are easy to assemble (nipple goes into ring and twists onto bottle - no internal pieces to place inside) and so far, no leaking. Each nipple has a number designated to indicate the flow level. My son took to these right away (0 and 1 sizes) and we haven`t had any nipple confusion when he is nursing. These bottles are wide-mouth and fit my specific breast pump parts perfectly if I need to use them. The only improvement for the kit would be to add the sealing discs used when milk is stored with the cap (sans nipple). If I want to use it for pumped milk or to travel, it would take up more space and I`d be more afraid if I dropped it, the cap would come loose and milk would spray/drip out of the nipple. The formula dispenser is handy to have. Since my son goes to daycare, I can`t always predict how many bottles he will need so I send formula just in case he needs an extra bottle. It looks like it can hold about 3 scoops of powder (= 6 oz formula) in each compartment for a total of 9 scoops. Before sterilization (as instructed), the cap would twist easily from one compartment to another, but after, it takes a lot of brute strength to twist. I`m assuming the plastic warped somewhat. I didn`t sterilize the outer container since it wasn`t touching formula, but I may try that to see if maybe heating it will make it align with the lid once more and make it easier to turn. Even if not needed for formula, you can get crafty and use it for other storage ideas (food and non-food). The soothie pacifier is just about the only one my son will use (for a minute or two). He seems to prefer this design other all others, especially if I keep my finger in the center hole. It has a couple of small holes where you can attach a pacifier clip. The bottle brush does what it says. It has a good long handle to get the larger bottles. I would prefer something though that had a thinner head to fit in tighter spots or maybe two-ended with a nipple brush on the other end as this won`t get close enough to the deepest part (in my experience). Overall, this is a good set I would recommend to a new mom (though you won`t need large bottles for a newborn, but good to have on hand for storing pumped milk in the meantime).
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This product has a great design.
By CrimsonPixie15
from Philadelphia, PA, USA
on November 8, 2015
The ease of handling of the bottle as well as the nipple flow worked well for my baby.
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It's great the very natural way
By Snowstella
from Sunnyvale, CA, USA
on September 2, 2015
The nipples are very like mom's so even though we introduced bottle early, baby doesn't have nipple confusion cuz it's not easy at all for baby to suck the bottle nipple. The brush also helps clean the bottles a lot.
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By CSJmommy
from CA
on January 18, 2015
When i got pregnant people would tell me my baby would pick his own bottle. I didn't believe that. However going through different brands, lots of money, lots of aggravation I found these. He would only use these. So amazing, so easy. Now that he is older he still stick avent products. Ill defiantly use theses for the next baby.
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