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Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier - Black/Camel

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Carrier Positions: 4
Weight Capacity: 7 to 33 lbs
Waist Belt: 25 to 55"
Material: 100% Cotton

What's Included:

Tuck-away baby hood

What's NOT Included:

Teething Pad

Four Carrying Positions

Choose from four comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip and Back carry positions.

Ergonomic Bucket Seat

Keeps baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips, with baby's spine in curved "C" position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby's size & position.

Cushy Shoulder Straps

Helps evenly distribute baby's weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.

Extra Wide Velcro Waistband

Exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn high or low on the waist depending on preference and provides extra support for the low back.

Brought to you by the brand you love and trust, Ergobaby’s Four Position 360 Carrier offers you the ultimate in flexibility of wearing your baby in the ergonomically supported front -inward, back, hip and now front-outward carry positions.

The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier’s innovative design features a structured bucket seat to support your baby in an ergonomic seated position and for recommended hip and spine positioning. The revolutionary carrier seat is designed with buttons for an adjustable width that grows with your baby to ensure comfort and ideal hip positioning in all four carry positions.

The carrier features an adjustable back panel to provide added height and neck support for your baby with a stowable hood to support baby’s head while sleeping, protect baby from sun and offer mom privacy while nursing.

The Four Position 360 Carrier also features a newly designed waistband that easily and securely fastens with velcro and can be worn high or low on the waist for wearer comfort and provides extra support for the lower back.

The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier is usable from day one with your newborn with an Ergobaby Infant Insert (sold separately & for babies 7-12lbs/ 3.2-5.5kg) and through 36 months (up to 33lbs/15kg).

  1. STRUCTURED BUCKET SEAT - Keeps baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips, with baby's spine in curved "C" position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby's size & position.
  2. EXTRA WIDE VELCRO WAISTBAND - Exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn high or low on the waist depending on preference and provides extra support for the low back.
  3. EXTENDABLE BACK PANEL - Can be rolled down for front-outward, or upwards for the inward facing positions to provide extra head, neck and back support for baby.
  4. PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS - Helps evenly distribute baby's weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.
  5. SLEEPING HOOD - Provides support for baby's head while sleeping, protection from sun and added privacy while nursing. A parent favorite features.

By Steve
Los Angeles, California
Good Baby Carrier
June 19, 2017
Multi Position, Plus Mesh Keeps baby cool
By Li Chen
Oak Ridge, TN
I like it very much.
June 15, 2017
It's good and convenient.
By vermontwoman
Addison County, Vermont
Two Person Job
June 13, 2017
Loading and securing your baby requires an extra pair of hands. It is fine once secured, but without my husband's help I could not have placed my infant in this carrier in back. When the baby is in front, I could not secure the closures because they are in the middle of the back. Only if I were double jointed could I secure these without help. It does take the load off my shoulders and redistribute weight more onto my hips--unlike my Bjorn carrier which rests very heavily on my shoulders. The Bjorn, however, is very easy to secure because the closures are on the front sides when the baby is in front.
ProsDisributes weight between shoulders and hips
ConsVery difficult to fasten back straps with baby in front without a second persons' help. Difficult to load baby in back without another person's help.
Best UsesCarry baby
By Dana
Great carrier
June 8, 2017
Love the Ergo 360. I am excited to use it more as my son grows. I've used it with the infant insert so far. It's a bit bulky with the insert, so I'll probably use it more when my son is a bit bigger and I don't need the insert. I love that you can use it forward facing. I bought it to replace my 3 position Ergo bc I wanted a carrier that I could use in a forward facing position.
ProsForward facing option. Baby is snug and secure. Waist belt is supportive.
ConsBulky with the infant insert. It takes a little bit of times to get used to putting it on. I used a you tube video to learn how to use it. The directions included are confusing.
Best UsesCarrying my baby and still being able to use my hands.
By Paulina ferrari
In love
June 3, 2017
I actually had bought the all black for myself and once I purchased my sister wanted one also so we purchased the blue !! This carrier saved my life I purchased mainly to use at Disneyland for my 8 month old and she is a tuff one and she loves it and when she falls asleep I just turn her around and cover her and she will take an hour if not more nap in it!! It literally saved my life and love how adjust it to your pleasure
By Krystie
A most!
June 1, 2017
This is a most! Your baby can chew on it without you worrying. And the best thing is that if it gets dirty just throw it in the washer.
By cici
I love this carrier.
April 23, 2017
Cool and light. very good for my 18lbs baby.
Proslight, cool
Consthe waist band is a little too narrow.
By PGusmano
Orlando, FL
Nice structured carrier
February 12, 2017
We used a wrap for our little one early on but as he grew, we needed something a little more structured. I like that the Ergo has four different carrying options. The only challenge is getting it on and buckled while managing a baby.
By mrs.AlwaysRight
Good carrier
January 12, 2017
I had a original ergobaby carrier however I cannot turn baby to front facing position so I got this 360 carrier! This is absolutely great!
By Maggie
Must Have!!
December 19, 2016
This Carrier is awesome. I recommend watching the video for instructions. I'm the Grandma, and I recommended the my daughter start using it right away to get the baby used to it, because my grandson is at the right weight and their going on a trip. I was the first to test it out. It's so easy to adjust, easy on your back because of the durable strap that goes around your waist. The baby fits right in a lil seat bucket that's created by adjusting two buttons; one for inward facing and one for outward facing. It feels like your not holding extra weight and you can move around very easy. I highly recommend this for every new parent...and grandparents. Maggie/Califronia
By Melissa
Auburn, Alabama
Best carrier
December 15, 2016
My baby is so comfortable in this carrier and allows me to get things done around the house. Thank you Ergo for creating such a great product!
ProsLightweight and easy to adjust
Best UsesParks, work around the house, and just bonding time with baby
By Shere
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Love it!
December 13, 2016
Was looking for a carrier for my grandson who is 5 months old. He likes to face forward at this point and my last carrier did not work well when he faced forward as it left marks on his inner thighs even though is stated that it could also be used for forward facing. I love how adjustable this carrier is as myself and my daughter, the baby's mother, are very different in size. This carrier is very comfortable for both baby and wearer!
Best UsesWorks wonderfully for shopping purposes as the baby is not big enough to sit upright in a cart yet and gets bored sitting in his car seat in the cart. This way he is happy and I have both hands free.
By Hannah
Favorite Carrier Yet
December 12, 2016
Bought this to use with my 2 month old daughter. She loves it, and I do to! I can't wait until she has enough head control to face forwards, as the only thing limiting how long we stay in the carrier is her desire to see more. Comfy for me, comfy for baby!
By Bo
Fairfield, California
The best baby carrier available hands down
December 10, 2016
Love that you can carry your baby in multiple positions without hardly changing anything or needing any additional attachments. Goes from me to my wife with just a few tugs even though we completely different sizes. Baby is so comfortable in this carrier and seems to love it and falls asleep so easily.
ProsFabric is soft but durable Multiple carrying positions Ability to feed baby
By Amanda
December 9, 2016
I bought this for my baby that hates facing in-she is happy and my arms are free. The Velcro took a couples tries to get straight and tight and now I like it better than the original clip
Oxnard, CA
The Best Ever
December 8, 2016
It is a great carrier, I especially love the green we selected but it also comes in over 6 other color choices. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and it is easy to put on and take off, as well as easy to adjust. My husband and I would take turns wearing our son, easily loosening and tightening the waist and straps each time. There are convenient elastic rings meant to hold the extra strap that hangs past the buckle, for a neater look, but we honestly didn’t use them often though I think I would if only a single person were using the carrier, at least most of the time. My son never had any issue staying in the Ergo 360 for long periods of time and was happy to take his naps there too, even in busy/noisy places which was a life saver!
ProsWith the infant insert it can be used since birth.
ConsThe hood is smaller than the original ergo which makes nursing less discrete.
Best UsesWhenever you need to bring the baby for a refresh air outside.
Like the regular Ergo better
December 5, 2016
I haven't used the carrier with the baby facing out yet (the baby is too young) but so far I like the regular Ergo better for a couple of reasons (I ended up buying the regular Ergo too because I used to have it with my first two kids and liked it a lot). I personally don't like the Velcro on the Ergo 360 and I also feel like the buckle on the back is so low you pretty much have to do yoga to buckle it yourself. I feel like it's a bit easier with the regular Ergo. I will try using 360 with the baby facing out soon and see how that goes.
ProsCan use it with the baby facing out
ConsVelcro, buckle on the back is too low
By Emily
Austin, tx
Good for dad
November 23, 2016
I use a thinner baby carrier but this is great for my husband to use
By Kristen
Good Quality, comfortable for baby and ergonomic
October 24, 2016
I have a 5 1/2 month old who is 15lbs and she fits perfectly front or back facing. I like all the features although have not used the sun shade part yet. There are buttons to adjust the sitting position (Width) which is nice to accommodate a forward facing baby. My little one seems to like this carrier a lot. I wish I had gotten it sooner. The only drawback is that its not 100% perfectly comfortable for me on my upper back. There is a slight strain if I don't hold perfect posture.
ConsBack strap can be hard to get to by yourself
By Lan
Seattle, WA
Works Great
October 15, 2016
We owned a original version Ergobaby 360. When I know this one came out, I think I have to move to this one. Never disappointed. It works great. Give baby some cool when he had fever in this summer. Recommended to every mom I know. And love shopping here. Albeebaby offers the best price.
San Diego, CA
Useful for teething, drooly babies!
October 5, 2016
My baby chews on the carrier as soon as he's buckled in. Having a removable bib that can be thrown in the washer/dryer is much more convenient and practical than having to wash the whole carrier. It's nice that the bib covers the entire top front part of the carrier and the bottom half of the straps. I wish it came in colours that matched the carrier better so it's not a big white/cream coloured bib attached. Also, the bottom of the bib tends to curl up away from the carrier and doesn't lay flat very well.
Prosremovable and can be machine washed and dried in the dryer.
Consbottom curls up and doesn't lay flat no colour choice to better match carrier
Best UsesTeething, drooling babies or babies that spit up frequently.
By Mijon
San Diego, CA
My baby loves facing out
October 1, 2016
The cool mesh option is nice as I live in SoCal where it's hot most of the year and my baby tends to overheat easily. I wish it came in more colour options. I have lower back issues and even though this distributes the weight well, my back will still start to hurt if I wear it more than an hour. My baby hates facing inwards so he absolutely loves being able to face out and has so much fun when I wear him that way. The mesh material is definitely scratchier and not as soft as the regular 360, but it's not that bad and my baby is always clothed so his bare skin doesn't get irritated by it.
ProsFacing out option Mesh helps keep parent and baby cooler
ConsDifficult to buckle the top strap without assistance
Best UsesCarrying baby around an airport
By Helen
Madison, WI
Best ever for Ergobaby 360
July 31, 2016
I have thought about purchasing Ergobaby 360, however, I am concerned about the material is not cool enough and I personally dislike the Velcro. Now, the new version is much cooler than previous one and I like the buckle. I do hope it can be as cool as the air mesh version of Baby bjorn, yet, the design of ergo baby 360 helps relief the pressure on my back and it can be used for a long trip, which is better than Baby Bjorn. By the way, I do like my new carrier have a back carrier design for my future use.
Proslong trip back carrier cooler than previous version
Consnot THAT cool for summer
By Erin
New Zealand
Great carrier
May 12, 2016
We've gone thru many carriers as my daughter grows. This one seems to be a great fit for both of us currently. Bernie is 11 months, about 22 lbs. She seems very comfortable for good lengths of time in this carrier. We needed to have an outward facing option for our social butterfly. We also wanted one we will be able to carry her on our backs with for hikes and long walks. The carrier is sturdy while soft and comfortable with great back support. The only downside is it really takes two people to fasten the buckle across the back when wearing as a front pack. I travelled from NY to New Zealand using this carrier and many helpful people along the way were happy to buckle us up. My partner loves it too, not too girly and comfortable for his larger frame.
ProsComfy Supportive Sturdy
ConsNeed two people to fasten clip in back
Best UsesFront outward and inward, side carrier and back carrier
By Kristina
The Woodlands, TX
I've tried a lot of carriers...for my big baby!
May 2, 2016
I make big 6 month old son is over 20 lbs! And I'm only 5'3". A handful of carriers he doesn't even fit in because he is so long and heavy. I tried a friends ergo, and was HOOKED! The price is great for something I can use for a long while to come! I totally recommend this carrier to anyone!

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